Game developer, web developer, guitar player, artist, father. But not always in that order.

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This is a preview of a small comic project I'm working on.. plan to publish July 18

One day I'll spend more than 40 minutes on a drawing and actually finish it.

I've finally arrived on the other side of tax season. Stress is returning to normal levels. (Cities Skylines can take some of the blame for my absence, too.)

I started drawing textures but that was painful and since I'm only making smallish 2D sprites I think I can get away with basic materials and procedural textures (like the camo texture here). Anyway, I'm pretty happy with this result for now and I think I'll follow this process for at least the next few buildings I need to make.

Here's an improvement on my earlier factory concept. This version reads better at smaller resolution and overall I like the design better. Influenced by Starcraft 2 Terran models. Next up: materials and textures.

Trying to find an art style with a near-future aesthetic. It's a 2D game but I have a hard time drawing architecture by hand so I modeled this in Blender.

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