Totally didn't remember the little versions were called "Nerdlucks"

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Those walls are 15cm thick.
Even giant monsters are ever so easily trapped in here!

Ancient people believed that the pattern on Bronzor’s back contained a mysterious power.

Small Valentine's Day gift I made for my girlfriend!

Wanted to draw 400 of something, then realized how much of a pain that was.
So it ended up being a lot of tiny emoji-ish dudes and dudettes.

Happy Valentine's Day to my significant otter!

Who would have guessed I'd have TWO pop-tart posts?
At any rate, another Valentine's Day box because I'm an adult.
Pop-Tarts for scale.

Original art via FunkyPepe on Newgrounds.
He sorta looks like Nathan from Drawfee?

Finished Valentine's Day Box, err Tube.
One roll of duct tape and several cardboard boxes later!

Took an amazon box and turned it into a tube!
It's my in-progress Valentine's Day box.

Super cheesy and generic design for temporary tattoos in my office

Sending out a letter to someone who happens to be Pokemon GO friends with me!

Done with a slightly modified version of the "leon soul" preset palette.

A friend started drawings daily snails for "Februail" - so here's my homage to his project. Also, 'meow'

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