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Short intro for a piece I'm working on as part of another small project. I've never wrote music in this kind of style before so I don't really know what I'm doing? I'll need to listen to some similar stuff and make sense of that.


A submission for Weekly Music 2015 35

I really don't feel like making music today :(. I'll try harder next week

Something I realized I lacked and wanted to try to get better at. Also some new sample libraries.

An ominous sounding march this week. Wish the end was a little less abrupt though.

Sometimes lack of motivation can act as inspiration i guess

Ahhhh so little time again. Add this one to the pile of short things to finish later. I still like it though.

A submission for Weekly Music 2015 33

Having fun with sampling. Also having fun with layers.

Played around with a few features I'd never used before in FL Studio. It's quite a short thing, but I think it sounds different to my usual things.

Made the basics of a possible pirate-y track for a friend to show him what I meant.

Not much time this week, but I wrote a little intro thing that I might continue later.


A submission for Weekly Music 2015 30

threw this together at the last minute :p

This came out of an experiment where I overlaid a bunch of major scales offset by five beats. It sounded kind of calm and pleasant, so I filled in the rest of the piece around that. I think it came out pretty nice.

So I'm playing with it. Granted I only used the pitch bend once, but it's really nice that one time!

Something Quick Here Thanks

I wrote this week's piece for a PyWeek entry (which we completely did not finish) so it has a kind of weird structure.

The game was going to be a sort of twist on the Patapon games (which are fantastic). Every second bar of the music, the player is inputting commands, so the music has to tone it down for those bars.

A mess. Quantized Orchestral Hit sounds... QY70's Drum sounds are kinda nice and dry. Maybe I could combine it's sounds with Volca Beats's sounds for a little bit more bass...

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