Submissions from 2015-02-16 to 2015-02-23 (6 total)

Really rushed this. It's a bit rough


kind of a little busy in places and I think some parts are fighting with others, but I still feel like I'm learning and getting stuff out of it so... yay I guess.

Week4 - 22:02:2015 18.25.mp31mb

Here in week 4, I can't seem to get away from a slow tempo and a broad mix of genres. Guess that might be my thing. We'll have to see how things shape up in the weeks to come!

I again had some issues with normalizing volume between tracks. I wonder if I should attempt to post-process in Audacity to increase or decrease the levels of various parts of the mix.

This one's pretty short but I'm really happy with how it turned out. My focus for this was on varying the tempo and volume throughout.

This is the first one I've actually written while playing an actual instrument. I'm not all that great at playing though, so I didn't actually record it.


This week's streak is in a different style then the others, mainly 8bit.

Similar to @Paulgami, I've been listening to a lot of game music recently, primarily NES. I wanted to try my hand at some vsti for NES chip emulation and I think it came out well. It's also a chance to try out some gating effects!

Soundcloud link:

Gating streak.mp33mb

Streak club failed to accept my uploads, so now this is showing up on week 4 instead of 3. I am actually quite frustrated about this.