I found this site through Lifehacker, made an account, and saw that I only had 30mins to submit something. So instead of just deciding not to submit this week, I quickly jumped on the keyboard and worked this out. Then saved it to a memory stick, bounced it from logic to a mp3 and uploaded.

Not my best ever work, but it's better then putting this off.

If you like the idea of it, please let me know.

I started getting into Deus Ex: Human Revolution recently and immediately realized, "Gee, I haven't done anything ambient." Most things I do tend to go all out.

So here's something that I tried to keep subtle. And then failed not even a minute in.

This will be my first submission. It's mostly just me playing about with jazzy melodies on different instruments. I'm pretty proud of it considering I can't remember the last time I actually FINISHED something, music or otherwise.

For next week I'm going to try and get a handle on volume. I never feel like I know how loud to make a note or part. Same with envelopes, reverb etc. Basically I can make nice little tunes (I hope) but my sound skills are lacking.


Uploaded on SoundCloud so you don't have to download: https://soundcloud.com/paulgami/01-alt

I had the idea for this comp like a year ago, but it wasn't until after multiple attempts at scoring this sucker that I'm actually getting somewhere. I suppose the fourth time's a charm.

Though it's just a little over a minute, I'm totally looking forward to expanding this with multiple sections and variations and whatnot.

Is it technically cheating if I'm taking old sucky comps from years back and completely reworking them to not suck? Meh, I suppose it's fine.

Anyway, I don't normally condone breaking and entering, but if you need to infiltrate some super secret base somewhere to retrieve the shiny thing from the bad people, you'll probably be like 7% more badass with this track running in the background.


a short 2 min song i made for a small private game! i like how i used the glissando little synth thing in the beginning. using a lot of acoustic-like synths with Live.

Think I finally balanced the mix out a bit better so your eardrums don't get instantly shattered by gross low-mid frequencies. All it takes is a multiband compressor on literally every track that emits anything below 200Hz. That's how this works, right? Surely everyone does this...?

Wish I could upload more often, but ya know, college. :/

Was playtesting a game for a guy and it inspired me to make this. Sorta like menu music I suppose. I kinda like it.

This one's pretty short but I'm really happy with how it turned out. My focus for this was on varying the tempo and volume throughout.

This is the first one I've actually written while playing an actual instrument. I'm not all that great at playing though, so I didn't actually record it.


I haven't been able to work on my computer much, so I had to write this on my phone, export to MIDI, and use Synthfont to insert some half decent soundfonts. I'll probably come back and clean it up next time I'm home.

That said, it was a lot of fun to write. Gratuitous solos are my favourite.


A desperate try to make something...

Not something I'd normally write, more just messing with some of the new synths in Komplete 10. Heavy use of Rounds, which is unexpectedly cool, and Polyplex, which is nice once you look past the fact that it will randomly revert back to a default kit when opening the project. Bleh.

Anyway, here it is, my first submission. Hopefully this keeps up for a while. :P

Weekly Composition WIP
Week 5
FL Studio Composition

I lost a week here because of an upload error, so I will keep my numbers one behind from this point forward. This song is a stage theme in progress for a game project I'm workign on. Unlike everything else I plan to post here, this was made with FL Studio, not the KORG M01D! I'm actually remaking this song on my Nintendo 3DS but ran out of time because of other responsibilities. I will be teaching folks to use the M01D on YouTube all the same!

For my third week streak I present Beginding (the name comes from focus being on the beginning and ending of the song for this weeks attempt).

I'm pretty proud of this one. Good mixing, lush sounds and a switchup between the 3/4 time sig. intro and the 4/4 time sig. outro. The ending could have been a bit more fleshed out but I think the ramp down in tracks suits it nicely.

Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/aeronic/beginding-streak

I finished this a few days ago. It would be nice if I could outdo my expectations and upload more then once every cycle.

A submission for Weekly Music 2015 22

I'll just submit what I was supposed to for last week. Not sure what direction it's heading in or what it's doing... Maybe some kind of dilapidated toy shop area music?

Also, I'm thinking of getting into FM synthesis. Anybody got suggestions, ideas, advice, (non-scary) tutorials, etc.?

The thing I was working on last week still isn't finished, so here's something else! It's a bit messy in places, but I'm pretty happy with it.


Yeah I started from zero, but you can't fight the system.

I kind of finished this last minute, and worse - without headphones. So the quality might not be fantastic, but I still had fun writing it.

Next week is going to be super busy for me, so I'm not gonna set any lofty goals this time. Just gonna finish something.


Uploaded on SoundCloud so you don't have to download: https://soundcloud.com/paulgami/02-snark

I'm a little pushed for time so I just found some notes I liked, improvised a little and called it done. Everything is just as I played it out live so the timing is probably bad and could barely be called a "composition" but if I'm going to start making more music I need to start somewhere, and I don't totally hate this so that's cool.

Just a little song I made in an hour with some neat orchestral soundfonts.

Streak club failed to accept my uploads, so now this is showing up on week 4 instead of 3. I am actually quite frustrated about this.

Heya, I found out about this place via Lifehacker, I was doing a once a week song routine on my own, but nothing like going with a group to force one on schedule.

Anyway, I finished this song two hours ago on my tablet. I think its ok, but it does need some work. I apologize in advance for the bedroom voice as neighbors get cranky about noise at around 9PM. I will need to resing it anyway.

Off to listen to other submissions. Enjoy, and leave feedback if you would like.


©2015 yada yada yada..

This one's really short. As expected, I had little time for it.

I've been listening to a lot of Spyro the Dragon music, so this is kind of loosely based on that. At least with the rhythm and mixolydianness - I can't step to Stewart Copeland's percussion.

I'd like to go back to this piece. I feel like there could be more to it.