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A submission for Weekly Music 2015 17

uh I really need to start making music again, tried out sunvox to make this.

I like the built in synths, but I think renoise has spoiled me. I think renoise is the best tracker interface I've used. None of the other trackers I've used have let me play along with my composition on midi keyboard and record at the same time without any sort of latency.


I don't have it in me today.. just a quick square wavey sketch

Weekly Composition WIP
Week 17
KORG M01D Composition

Thanks to some mishaps at Microsoft's service center, I've been without my work computer for the entire month of May. They sent my computer back to me broken and had to take it back once again! It's been rough, but the advantage of doing my actual composition work on my 3DS is that I was able to keep my weekly schedule up, even if I couldn't upload the recordings until now. This is one of the entries that was replaced!

This song is actually quite old, written for my game project as one of the earliest test songs. I transcribed, re-arranged and touched up this song as a live demonstration for the students at the day care where I work. I'm going to be teaching the kids how to use the M01D and make their own music (along with my efforts on YouTube!).


Another one I had to do on my phone because I've been I've had exams and stuff. They're all done now though, so hopefully next week I can get back to the stuff I was working on before.


Sometimes I try to make melodies with the uke to be used in games. This time I made a really short and simple loop. Sounds like waiting.

Simple Uke Melody Loop.ogg199kb
Simple Uke Melody Loop REPEAT5.mp3493kb

A submission for Weekly Music 2015 17

Not sure what to do with this anymore...





Composing music for a short film consumed my weekend and I forgot to submit this yesterday :(. Nooooooo....!