Submissions from 2015-02-09 to 2015-02-16 (5 total)

This one's really short. As expected, I had little time for it.

I've been listening to a lot of Spyro the Dragon music, so this is kind of loosely based on that. At least with the rhythm and mixolydianness - I can't step to Stewart Copeland's percussion.

I'd like to go back to this piece. I feel like there could be more to it.


Short thing. Listen with headphones :)


Pretty short again but I think I'm improving.

Week3 - 14:02:2015 13.55.mp3943kb

I went for a much slower BPM this week. My track selection was all very close to 100BPM so instead of adjusting up/down throughout the set I just locked Traktor at 100 BPM and ran everything at that rate. One track was near 120 but it wasn't beat matched, so I just marked it as 100 BPM and let things go.

For track selection I started with some ambient / downtempo stuff, I ended up with a lot of 2/4 tracks so I rolled with it.


1.Welcome To Soulshine by DJ Cam

2.Jaded by Lone

3.Right Now (feat. Black Thought Of The Roots and Styles Of Beyond) by Fort Minor

4.Down Tha Rabbit Hole (Instrumental Mix) by Mat Tha Hat

5.Into The Fourth Dimension (Essenes Beyond Control) by The Orb

6.Versivo by BOLA

7.Paris (Dalton. Remix) by |M|O|O|N|

8.Until You're Worth It (Andrew Weatherall Remix) by Mugwump

9.In My Dreams (Cudder Anthem) by KiD CuDi

10.Consensual Worlds by Delerium

11.Barramundi by This Mortal Coil

12.Vacant Winter Day by Lycia

13.Floor Face Down by Ian Pooley

14.Her Face Forms in Summertime by The Future Sound of London

15.Avalanche (Live) by Prince

For my third week streak I present Beginding (the name comes from focus being on the beginning and ending of the song for this weeks attempt).

I'm pretty proud of this one. Good mixing, lush sounds and a switchup between the 3/4 time sig. intro and the 4/4 time sig. outro. The ending could have been a bit more fleshed out but I think the ramp down in tracks suits it nicely.

Soundcloud link:

I finished this a few days ago. It would be nice if I could outdo my expectations and upload more then once every cycle.

Beginding streak.mp36mb