Submissions from 2015-03-02 to 2015-03-09 (5 total)

Weekly Composition WIP
Week 5
FL Studio Composition

I lost a week here because of an upload error, so I will keep my numbers one behind from this point forward. This song is a stage theme in progress for a game project I'm workign on. Unlike everything else I plan to post here, this was made with FL Studio, not the KORG M01D! I'm actually remaking this song on my Nintendo 3DS but ran out of time because of other responsibilities. I will be teaching folks to use the M01D on YouTube all the same!


I wanted to write some sunny, tropical sounding music. I really don't have a lot of knowledge of the genre or the instruments used, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out anyway.


Was busy this week at GDC, but I still managed to put together (what I think is) a great mix! Inspired by conversations with a friend I went for a much longer transition length than usual. 3 minutes on average, where previously it was probably half that!

I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think?

I rarely make music so this is my first effort to practice weekly! Naturally it's all terrible. Meant to be loopable, but Bosca Ceoil .wav export is terrible. I tried to minimize some of the weirdness, but it's still not right at all!