Submissions from 2015-02-23 to 2015-03-02 (5 total)

I thought i'd try to do something with sunvox's FM synth :)

This is so last minute oh my god. I ended up doing it on my phone, and then rendering it from a MIDI file like 2 seconds ago.

So I'm not totally sure how it'll sound.

Listening to it back, some things bother me. I think I'll clean it up a little tomorrow and reupload. (Even if that's maybe cheating? IDK.)


Reuploaded with a few minor adjustments. Tried to make it sound more old-timey. No idea if it really works or not.

Weekly Composition WIP
Week 4
KORG M01D Composition

I lost a week here because of an upload error, so I will keep my numbers one behind from this point forward. This song is a stage theme in progress for a game project I'm workign on. Like everything else I plan to post here, this was made with KORG M01D on my Nintendo 3DS, an app I will be teaching folks to use on YouTube!

This weeks inspiration was to stick to about 128 BPM and see where it goes. I also ended up limiting myself to tracks made before about 2003 (woops, all except one track). The earliest was 1981, but most were from between 1992 and 2003.

Look forward to next week where we turn it up to 140 BPM and see what happens!

Oh, and this was the first mix I edited the volume envelope post-mix to try and deal with some loud and quiet tracks that weren't quite dealt with by Traktor's autogain.

I looked into doing more (compression, etc) but the consensus seems to be that EQ / Volume envelope should be more than enough to make it sound good.