Submissions from 2015-07-13 to 2015-07-20 (4 total)


A submission for Weekly Music 2015 25


I got my Yamaha QY70 (music workstation? Walkstation?)! So here is first thing I made with it after couple of hours of reading the manual and fumbling around in the a bit weird menus. After those couple of hours I had figured out how damn fun this thing is.

It eels very different from using your computer/guitar to compose (which was not a surprise). Everything you do feels like a "task". Not necessarily cumbersome, but you have to know which buttons to push. Most notably figuring out that you should always remember to push that Menu-button where those "Jobs" (copying phrases and such) are hidden in was very helpful.

I hope you like it even though it is a bit simple!


Is it technically cheating if I'm taking old sucky comps from years back and completely reworking them to not suck? Meh, I suppose it's fine.

Anyway, I don't normally condone breaking and entering, but if you need to infiltrate some super secret base somewhere to retrieve the shiny thing from the bad people, you'll probably be like 7% more badass with this track running in the background.