Submissions from 2015-05-11 to 2015-05-18 (4 total)

It's still exam time, but since I (annoyingly) missed last week, I feel like I should try to get back on track. So I finished a piece I was working on before. It didn't really come out like I wanted it to, but it is last minute, so I'm not too surprised.


Hi all,

Had a super busy week, and was only able to get to it tonight. Right now, it is admittedly a glorious hot mess of loops and riffs that I utilized in both Band In a Box and FL Studio. I think I like it enough to do some further work on it (new beats, add further chords, etc). In the meantime, here it is.

song 27 2015-sample.mp31mb

I had a lot of fun. Its beginning is sort of reminiscent of an older, classical piano piece that I can't recall, but oh well.

Soundcloud link:

Innocence in Chaos.mp38mb