Submissions from 2015-03-30 to 2015-04-06 (9 total)

I found this site through Lifehacker, made an account, and saw that I only had 30mins to submit something. So instead of just deciding not to submit this week, I quickly jumped on the keyboard and worked this out. Then saved it to a memory stick, bounced it from logic to a mp3 and uploaded.

Not my best ever work, but it's better then putting this off.

If you like the idea of it, please let me know.


(Adding description later)


This is a weird dissonant thing. For the main part of it, I actually started by placing random notes and then cleaning it up a bit afterwards.


Heya, I found out about this place via Lifehacker, I was doing a once a week song routine on my own, but nothing like going with a group to force one on schedule.

Anyway, I finished this song two hours ago on my tablet. I think its ok, but it does need some work. I apologize in advance for the bedroom voice as neighbors get cranky about noise at around 9PM. I will need to resing it anyway.

Off to listen to other submissions. Enjoy, and leave feedback if you would like.

©2015 yada yada yada..

Haven't made an orchestral in a while, so I decided to make one.

The song feels generally rushed and I'm not super happy with it, but I couldn't come up with any melody past what I did. But for an hour and a half it's okay.

Edit: I've made a few improvements to this track and uploaded it to my Soundcloud if you care to listen.


Simple short guitarless thing


Look! No guitar!


Woops, looks like I forgot to submit last week. I did a mix but then forgot to submit it.

The weather has started to get hot here in the Bay Area. I started this mix off with a summer feel and expanded into a bit of techno. This mix also has almost no vocals, I think there is one vocal sample and then the final track does have vocals.

I'll update this once I do my week 10 mix.