Submissions from 2015-08-03 to 2015-08-10 (5 total)


A submission for Weekly Music 2015 28



A mess. Quantized Orchestral Hit sounds... QY70's Drum sounds are kinda nice and dry. Maybe I could combine it's sounds with Volca Beats's sounds for a little bit more bass...


I had the idea for this comp like a year ago, but it wasn't until after multiple attempts at scoring this sucker that I'm actually getting somewhere. I suppose the fourth time's a charm.

Though it's just a little over a minute, I'm totally looking forward to expanding this with multiple sections and variations and whatnot.

Airship Battle.mp32mb

So it took me way longer to get back to this than I really intended. But here we are!

I wanted to be more ambitious than this piece really, but I did leave it until last minute as usual.

Nevertheless, first time I've written accordion music, so I have learned things.



brilliantly sunny_2.mp32mb