Submissions by Ashedragon tagged orchestral

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 10

I've just used Soundfonts recently and I've neglected my VSTs. I decided to play around with Miroslav Philharmonik and I made a short loop.

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 8

I started doing a remake of Goblin Fort from Shining Soul 2, but the chords man. @_@ For my first remake (for practice), it might not have been the best starting point considering it had so much noise/artifacting due to the low quality so I can't even really hear what's going on properly, but oh well! I made some decent progress and I'm relatively proud of that.

But instead of that I'm going to post something entirely unrelated! kbye

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 7

Randomly wanted to make music and this just kinda happened. It's not quite done yet, but eh.

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 5

Aww I just realized that I missed last week. Perfect streak failed already! ):

Oh well.

A submission for Weekly Music 2015 42

Started making this as practice.

Something I realized I lacked and wanted to try to get better at. Also some new sample libraries.

Made the basics of a possible pirate-y track for a friend to show him what I meant.

Piano melodies are fun.


I had a lot of fun. Its beginning is sort of reminiscent of an older, classical piano piece that I can't recall, but oh well.

Soundcloud link:

Just a little song I made in an hour with some neat orchestral soundfonts.

Haven't made an orchestral in a while, so I decided to make one.

The song feels generally rushed and I'm not super happy with it, but I couldn't come up with any melody past what I did. But for an hour and a half it's okay.

Edit: I've made a few improvements to this track and uploaded it to my Soundcloud if you care to listen.