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This one stuck a little closer to a single genre/speed than my last one. Some of the transitions seemed to work better in practice, I think I still need to work on getting the gain right on everything, some are louder than others.

Yeah I started from zero, but you can't fight the system.

I kind of finished this last minute, and worse - without headphones. So the quality might not be fantastic, but I still had fun writing it.

Next week is going to be super busy for me, so I'm not gonna set any lofty goals this time. Just gonna finish something.


Uploaded on SoundCloud so you don't have to download:


wanted to do more, but didn't. ah well.

Week2 - 08:02:2015 21.37.mp31mb

Anyone else get that lingering doubt sometimes when you make music that you're unintentionally plagiarizing something you heard once but can no longer consciously remember? :p

Anyway, i've been struggling with a track for the past week, but it's not going anywhere, so i abandoned it last night and started this one instead. It's a bit different from the sort of thing i usually make, i think. Would've liked to work more on it, but i have to run out into the snow now.

Weekly Composition WIP
Week 2
KORG M01D Composition

I had quite a bit of trouble making the second bit of this song at first, but managed to get something going after experimenting for a while. I'll definitely need to extend this song at a later time... this isn't much more than an introduction. Like everything else I plan to post here, this was made with KORG M01D on my Nintendo 3DS, an app I will be teaching folks to use on YouTube! This song is still rather early, so I won't be posting it on my website or my soundcloud for now.


idk if it fits here but oh well...


This week's streak was focusing on using a limiter to sidechain the drums into various sounds and on adding atmosphere to make the song sound less 'samey'. I don't feel I mastered this one as well as last week's entry but I'm still happy with the result.

Soundcloud link:

Sidechain streak.mp32mb