Submissions from 2015-05-25 to 2015-06-01 (7 total)

Work in progress. Maybe i'll finish it next week


This is a piece of fan music I've been working on for a little while now. It's inspired by a piece of fanfiction written by my girlfriend, and musically based on a few themes from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (Violent Orca, A Strolling Orca, and Thoughtful Tatsumiya).

Weekly Composition WIP
Week 18
KORG M01D Composition

Thanks to some mishaps at Microsoft's service center, I've been without my work computer for the entire month of May. They sent my computer back to me broken and had to take it back once again! It's been rough, but the advantage of doing my actual composition work on my 3DS is that I was able to keep my weekly schedule up, even if I couldn't upload the recordings until now. Take a look back and you'll see the replaced entries!

I wrote this song to practice working with a 12/8 time signature. I wrote it live as a demonstration for the students I work with at my day care job - I'm going to be teaching the kids how to use the M01D and make their own music (along with my efforts on YouTube!). I'm stumped about how to continue writing this song, so I'll toy around with it later.


I was just playing with the sounds harmor could make and this just kinda happened...

Though I was trying to record some guitar for it but for some reason all of the chords I played sounded off-key... made me a very sad dragon...

Some kind of tropical loop thing. Debating whether or not to use for future songs...


Guitars! Guitars everywhere! This time recorded with Rocksmith Real Tone Cable :P.


I wanted to make a music loop by mixing multiple instruments I recorded and do I have a bad sense of tact! I learned that to compensate, I must use short clips for looping, as longer ones have too high variation in BPM to be acceptable hearing material.

Recorded with Zoom H2n, Mixed in Audacity. Preview made with sox/gnuplot.

I will probably use this in my next one-game-a-week.