Submissions from 2015-01-26 to 2015-02-02 (7 total)

a short 2 min song i made for a small private game! i like how i used the glissando little synth thing in the beginning. using a lot of acoustic-like synths with Live.


A short track made in sunvox. Would've liked to make it longer, but ran out of time :]


Weekly Composition WIP
Week 1
KORG M01D Composition

I'm not exactly happy with the ending bits of this song, but I am excited to start committing to posting music on a weekly schedule again! I started this song during a livestream with KORG M01D, a music app for the Nintendo 3DS. I want to sharpen my skills with the app so I can teach other people to use it! I'll probably tinker with this song on and off when I can come up with a proper ending section...


This will be my first submission. It's mostly just me playing about with jazzy melodies on different instruments. I'm pretty proud of it considering I can't remember the last time I actually FINISHED something, music or otherwise.

For next week I'm going to try and get a handle on volume. I never feel like I know how loud to make a note or part. Same with envelopes, reverb etc. Basically I can make nice little tunes (I hope) but my sound skills are lacking.


Uploaded on SoundCloud so you don't have to download:


I'm a little pushed for time so I just found some notes I liked, improvised a little and called it done. Everything is just as I played it out live so the timing is probably bad and could barely be called a "composition" but if I'm going to start making more music I need to start somewhere, and I don't totally hate this so that's cool.

Week1 - 29:01:2015 10.10.mp31mb

First of a hopefully long list of weekly mixes. Took 4 days to organize the 87 tracks bought from Beatport that was then selected from for this mix. So some of that other stuff will hopefully show up in following mixes.

I can't seem to upload large files so you can listen here:

My first submission to the streak! I wanted to start off with something simple but cool sounding. I figure with these Streaks I will try new things and learn new techniques. This one is about mastering and glitching drums and some choirs.

(Soundcloud link if you just want to play it right away)

vocal streak.mp31mb