Submissions from 2015-03-16 to 2015-03-23 (6 total)

Weekly Composition WIP
Week 7
KORG M01D Composition

This song is a stage theme in progress for a game project I'm workign on. Like everything else I plan to post here, this was made with KORG M01D on my Nintendo 3DS, an app I will be teaching folks to use on YouTube!


Starting with Storms In Africa and Little Fluffy Clouds, this mix grew to expand on those themes and then finally bring them back near the end.

Tried to make a fast paced rockish song. Not sure what it really is and it has some structural problems, but it was fun to make :)!

It is LOUD so keep that in mind before you listen to it :)!


I'm genuinely really happy with this. It's the first week I've really felt like I've finished a piece.