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Compose and produce a new piece of music each week. Your submission is due every Monday at 04:59 UTC (Sunday 11:59EST). You should aim for at least one minute of music, and should be created that week.

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Pretty quick and dirty as far as compositions go. I have less time than usual because I'm in a wedding this weekend.. so I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve.

I also, feel sort of disconnected and chaotic right now.. so my adherence to any sort of structure feels diminished.

I think normally I might try to expand this out, or move things around to make it feel like it has a more natural start and finish, and flow.. but like.. I guess the feelings are reflected in the less predictable thing we have here.

Deephouse groove. Needs mixing and a better arrangement. Comments most welcome.

Another three-guitar/no-drums thing, which fit into a busy weekend in two quick tracking sessions. Some weeks, I'll generate a lot of little motives that could fit in with something stronger, but end up being tossed. This one had only two bits that didn't get used: they could have worked, but I ended up tracking stronger lines over them.

PureSalem Mendiola into the UA Volt 1 (not on the vintage circuit), no pedals. A little convolution reverb, and the usual compression/eq on the stereo out.

The title comes from (again) the minor planet 509 Iolanda.

Best month of the year at the best time of the year, autumn.

A submission for Weekly Music 2023 39

[Volume Warning] NOT MIXED bit suddenly loud in a couple transitions, esp drop

another unfinished sketch ill prob never finish

liked the progression on this. its about as simple as it gets. bassline is 6-6-1-1.... anything with 6 and 1 always gonna be a progression i like. i might stick to a few simple progressions like this and make a lot of ideas.... need to add more elements and flesh out these more

idk if these type of melodies work that well with trap drums... might try make more 4/4 drums. i always think the melodies i write work better with 4/4 drums, then i get bored of making 4/4 drum music so ill prob just keep swapping back and forth between 4/4 and trap drum. or i could try and learn to write specifically melodies for trap drums

[Volume Warning] NOT MIXED bit suddenly loud in a couple transitions, esp drop

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The first half of this song, came pretty quickly to me, and I instantly Loved it. I would say that the 2nd half is mostly just trying to carry on with a similar vibe or something.. I think it worked out really well, but I'm sure you may be able to tell that the first portions felt more solid to me. I'm not extremely happy with the last like, 10 seconds.. but it's an outro, probaby to a vibe that I didn't really ever want to leave. lol

Then it got to a point where i kept working on this.. multiple times after being like "OK ITS DONE".. so I feel like I would just keep refining this over and over forever if I don't just stop here.. Also, I'm not really certain that the quality of these refinements are necessarily as good as the initial 2 minute creation. Not to say they are bad, or making things worse. .but I just think the initial shot and composition was really good.

After a long hiatus, here's a quick and dirty slice of dubbed-out acidic house techno.
I needed to upload something as it's been too long. Let me know what you think.

In and among a busier than usual weekend, I've managed to put this one together: a pleasant little all-Mendiola piece. Some of these figures were surprisingly difficult to nail, though they sound simple. (This was a balance between fingering choices and occasional converter drift distortion ruining the occasional take.)

The title comes from the number 508 apparently being the number of graphical forest partitions of 30.

Best time of the year, getting the big coat back out.

I started the track on Saturday morning. I wanted to first try out making a set of percussions using FPC, and setting a wide panning of the different instruments. The percussions ended up being a set of traditional sounds, so it felt appropriate to dig into my Native Instruments library for a set of traditional instruments. I went for the middle eastern package, and used the Oud (a guitar like instrument) and the Zurna (a type of flute). I have a great love for the complex harmonies and rhythms of middle eastern music! This started reminding me of the band Secret Chiefs 3, so I went in and dug some electronic samples and arps to get into that. Some additional vocal samples, shake it, 30 minutes in the oven, and here you go.

A submission for Weekly Music 2023 38

trailerish music, open to roast.

dunno bout the high pitched oboes.... the way the drums come in kind of shit... drums in general kind of shit... chords could have used different voicings in places esp in lower-frequencies... piano in intro prob been better as different instrument... melod/ies fairly trash... liked making the drums and fx arrangement

using a randomizer to decide chord progressions. the randomizer picks 4 chords. has 3 paths. either 1 - 1 - x - x, 1 - x - x - x, or x - x - 1 - 1. decent amount of the music i listen to fits in one of these 3 progression formats, maybe ~30-60% idk. the x's can be any bass note. but usually have to run the randomizer 1-4 times before it spits out a decent chord progression... this is just for minor chord progression songs... 1 being root note of minor scale

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So.. I feel like.. when I started this track, I hit something I really liked.. and it was a great like "jumping off point". Often times when I feel this, I get excited but also nervous.. because I feel like I'm not fantastic on taking a good phrase and expanding it into an entire piece.

Further, I've felt a little stagnant lately, which means that I'm trying to get a little more experimental.. I'm sure everyone wishes that means I would try new instrumentation.. but no.. in this case. it manifested in me fucking around with the key and notes more..

I'm not really sure. I would be shocked if nothing in this piece is out of key.. but I basically just went with my feel and vibe and hearing.. so I sincerely doubt that it's all in key. I'm pretty sure that if it is in key, the key changes.. but if not, I'm sorry. I tried, but my ear is not super trained unfortunately.

Anyway. That being said.. on a personal level, I really like how it came out, and I enjoy hearing it. I'm glad I was able to create something this cool, and I'm happy with the sound quality and note choices.. Any feedback is welcome, and I appreciate everyone who listens and reads! I persist. Cheers!

Still with the guitar-only, this one four tracks of PureSalem Mendiola (bridge, neck, both, with one going through Uni-Vibe), This one's rather pretty, and has a bit of a vibe.

The title comes from the asteroid 507 Laodica--we're back to the celestial objects for this week.

Back on my computer, for a nostalgic and moody track. Not very happy with the violin part (it's off here and there) and this track would benefit from some additional work

A submission for Weekly Music 2023 37

havent been producing lately

ive found new love for playing electronic drumkit........ playlist of 500 songs and i abstract play drums over the top of it. i have about 200-500hrs experience with this type of learning. i would say its a good way of learning percussion but i like abstract. mostly, i skip songs in the playlist that are 4/4 drums. anything hip hop or rap or trap is a lot more fun to play along with. it carries over into my piano playing a lot, i noticed last night after playing half hour of drums then into piano... the piano playing was way different, playing some weirder or completely new rhythms on the notes

i need to cull the playlist into hip hop songs i think caus its not 500 songs its 10000 songs or something im pressin N ON VLC a bit too much...

i listened to russian pop top hits playlist today... it was all shit. why is russian pop music crap on youtube playlist i was listening, used to be good maybe i got the wrong playlist

has anyone heard any real good music released in last 2 yrs? i cant think of much. i liked 10:35 by tiesto but thats some pop. has a cool music video too. im down for any genre id just try and shoe horn it into the last 2 yrs

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this one is pretty strange.

Not sure. Maybe I'm conflicted on trying to stay consistent.. I feel like I've lost the song structure that I had in 2018.. oh well. I persist.

With a very busy end-of-week and weekend, I was able to wedge in just a couple short tracking sessions, and a late arrangement/edit cycle. This one's just three tracks of PureSalem Mendiola into the UA Volt-1, with a touch of convolution reverb and the usual stereo compression.

I'm kind of neutral about this one--the stronger theme only came about in the last Sunday afternoon tracking, and earlier sessions had a bunch of wandering things that didn't make the final cut. It has a pleasant enough vibe, though.

The title comes from IC 506, an elliptical galaxy in the constellation Hydra.

I am at an airport waiting for my plane so I recorded this filler of a track, using a drum, simple synth and a recording of the waves on the Mediterranean Sea.

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I did sort of want to make this one longer, but I didn't want to just end up repeating it.. so I decided not to. I think it maybe is a little repetitive.. but since it's pretty short anyway, it's not that big of a deal. The longer notes coming in at the end is the direction I would have taken it in if I made the song longer..

Still, pretty cool imo.

A submission for Weekly Music 2023 36

more bad

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This week's track came together in one quick Saturday-night tracking session with the PureSalem Mendiola and...a new-to-me stereo Uni-Vibe pedal.

There are four tracks of guitar, though the Uni-Vibe track is itself (of course) stereo, with chorus on the left and vibrato on the right. One can sum these down to monaural with the width control, but I kind of liked the stereo separation. Since I needed two inputs, I went into the Focusrite Scarlett instead of the recent UA Volt, and the slightly different sonic profile is a neat change.

As I usually do, I started with one little motif (the Uni-Vibe at the beginning) and responded to it on multiple tracks, then going back and repeating the process for new sections. There's even a bit of a key change in here, which is nice. Also, as usual, there's some convolution reverb and the wide & warm preset audio rack on the stereo out.

The title comes from the number 505 being the magic constant for the magic square and n-queens problem, for n=10.

This week I was in a hurry so I gave myself a hard constraint - 45 minutes to start a track from scratch and upload it. This was a fun experiment. No time to think, embracing absolute randomness.


A submission for Weekly Music 2023 35

lazy post took 20 minutes sounds like shit. only thing i liked bout this one was the cinematic buildup like dsh dsh dsh dsh d d d d....... just from cinematic sample pack but lots of those cinematic riser/woosh/impact samples fo pretty hard. actually was cinematic sample but then just cut it up with silence for the d d d d part. apart from that critique on this one is boring track added 10 seconds of garbage at the end to make it one minute long. the garbage at the end might be the part i like more bout htis

3rd and 4th file upload was gonna be trying to make a zeropass type track... ended up just sounding like what i usually make, but with triangle wave. not used to portamento, might be good for arps. used everywhere theres an artist called mitis uses lots of portamento in his arps... and leads... havent got the hang of writing for portamento leads. liked the vocal quality of triangle wave

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