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Compose and produce a new piece of music each week. Your submission is due every Monday at 04:59 UTC (Sunday 11:59EST). You should aim for at least one minute of music, and should be created that week.

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Guitar trio again, but this time with Danelectro baritone. There's some high- and low-pass Auto-Filter with drive on the bridge pickup, and some EQ-8 with low-end reduction on the neck pickup. And two convolution reverbs, in addition to the usual Wide&Warm preset for finalization. No outboard effects.

The title comes from US Highway 491 (formerly 666), which gives access to Shiprock, NM.

There's no indefinite article (a) in the Welsh language.

I was watching a pretty cool youtube video about the use of Mixolydian in video games and that inspired me to do this chiptune track using Mixolydian, to capture one of these good old heroic fantasy games, a la Gauntlet 2, etc. I added some sounds of children playing, to simulate the kids around the arcade game. Overall, it was fun to make.

Ah, I also started it earlier this week - I really loved how it allowed me to ruminate on it and improve it. Need to do that more!

Went a little faster this time. I really like droney stuff.. but In my recent music listenings, I heard some tricks to make droney stuff sound less droney.. like layering different patterns that are partial drones and such.

I think I could have expanded on the core of this track more honestly.. and I would have enjoyed that.. but time wasn't my ally this week.

The name probably isn't a real word.. but I guess it's close to the word for "intruder" in latin, and also if you put a space in it for "Intru Serram" it would mean: Enter the Saw.

So I liked that. and found it fitting. Thanks for listening!

EDIT: I re-uploaded the track after adding some length and making some of the transitions smoother

Two very late, very short tracking sessions of three tracks of PureSalem Mendiola. Still similar working methods, but a slightly different harmonic/melodic approach in places. (Still with the barre chords, not that that's a bad thing.)

Convolution reverb and the Ableton Wide & Warm compression/eq setting on the stereo bus.

The title comes from Carthaginian navigator Himilco, who apparently reached the northwestern coast of Europe from the Mediterranean in 490 BCE.

Just rushed this off because I pulled a muscle in my neck and staring at a screen for anything longer than 20 minutes is really uncomfortable. It sounds okay but it really feels like my default "just put some notes down" style.

I feel like I am really struggling this year with inspiration and with the discipline of getting started earlier in the week.

I don't know what you're talking about. I've never made a music.

Much of my free time over the last week has been directed toward migrating my websites to a new cloud instance, which also (due to the age of the codebase) means redeveloping them. So it's a work in progress.

Even so, I found some time to track a little guitar-and-pedal-steel thing. PureSalem Mendiola and no-name 10-string 1970s pedal steel in E9 tuning. There's the usual convolution reverb and mastering plugin, but otherwise no funny stuff.

The title comes from the minor planet 489 Comacina.

Keeping on with the krautrock experimentation, just getting a nice groove going.

Earlier in the week, my intent was to make a swing track. This is definitely not a swing track.

I wanted to make something faster paced. I also notice recently that I have a lot of sketches that I don't really love.. and just move on without really fleshing them out.

But this one I made today, and liked.. I did pull the drums for this off of another sketch.. and I was playing around with some effect swells, and panning.

Idk, overall it's fun and has emotion. Nothing crazy, but I like it.

EDIT: I re-uploaded the track because I realized that I messed up the EQ'ing pretty badly on the initial upload.. it made the whole track sound muffled due to a specific high/mid frequency being cut a LOT. Like instead of just lowering the volume on specific instruments or effects I tried to lower the volume on the whole frequency. I'm a genius xD

Mellow, chugging lo-fi house groove. Experimenting with melodies and counterpoint. I think it's ok. Comments welcome.

An exercise in bringing a piece together with edits. I'd tracked a number of compatible melodic and chordal bits against each other, but there wasn't a defining idea, other than the first theme's emergence in 3/4. (Surprisingly, that theme does appear near the middle.) There are the usual choices here: three parts, no inline effects, but a send to a convolution reverb, and the stereo bus compression/eq.

The title comes from NGC 488, the Whirligig Galaxy in Pisces.

King Charles III's coronation this weekend in the UK, but I'm not a big fan of monarchy. At least we get an extra bank holiday tomorrow.

Not the sexiest track and a bit plain in some ways.

I am happy with this track. Not necessarily saying that the music quality is better, but I was able to reconnect with the approach of making a track based on an image, a feeling. I am reading the book Mother of God, by Paul Rosolie, explaining his quest to preserve the Amazon and wildlife worldwide. The depictions of the Amazon, of the giant anacondas in the untouched sections of the jungle, are mesmerizing. I wanted to try to evoke in music the feelings the book gave me.

WIP. Deep,dark and dirty. Low-fi chugging house with a retro vibe. Comments always welcome!

Here we are. Look man. I can't think of a way to describe every one of these damn things. I spent some time. I worked on it a lot, honestly.. I was going to call it done.. and then I cut 30 seconds and added another minute.

The cool thing about this one is that it goes to some different places.. The weird thing about this thing is that I did a lot with the EQ'ing and mixing.. and honestly.. I don't know if I ended up doing more damage than good. but you know, this is how we learn folks.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy! I had fun making it!

(I am re-uploading the song after some further tweaking to the volume levels on some things.. and I also added the main melody into the 2nd half.. which ties it all together a bit more.. but also just has a generally pleasing vibe)

Glitchy, groovy and a week late. Comments welcome.

Another intensely busy week, so here's an attainable three-guitar piece. PureSalem Mendiola, a bit of convolution reverb, the usual compression/eq on the stereo out. This one has a middle section with a chord progression that's five beats long, which mixes things up a bit.

The title is from the minor planet 487 Venetia.

Next week has a lot of holidays, no excuse to not spend more time on a track. This week's track started on Sunday morning, this is becoming a bad habit. I went with my usual recipe when short on time - layers of breakbeats, insistent electro bass, dynamics, lots of arps, and sound effects. Not original but it does the job, like a good cheese omlet.

This may bump but it's more to do with the fact it's the May bank holiday weekend in the UK - no work tomorrow!

I wanted to reel myself in a bit with this one, and just stick to more basics.. I focused a little more on the balance of things, and keeping it like.. not overwhelming. As a result this track is pretty straight forward and chill. I listened to it on repeat a bit though and it's enjoyable to me.

This was mostly written late Saturday night, when a little arpeggiated figure came to mind. Turns out it was in 7/4, so the next several parts followed suit. Then I came up with some other parts in 3/4, so there's a different time signature in the middle. It pretty much works, I think.

PureSalem Mendiola, one track for bridge pickup, on neck, one both. A little convolution reverb, and the usual wide & warm compression/eq on the stereo out.

The title comes from the minor planet 486 Cremona.

Another speedtrash (i.e. a filler track done with little time, in order to continue the streak, but really is not very interesting).

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