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Compose and produce a new piece of music each week. Your submission is due every Monday at 04:59 UTC (Sunday 11:59EST). You should aim for at least one minute of music, and should be created that week.

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(Description lifted from Leafo's 2017 description--thanks, Leafo!)

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This week's track started out of an impulse to do something sparse and improvisatory like the last couple of Talk Talk records, but inevitably I made it denser. I'd started with a sparse syncopated drum line that didn't make it to the final mix, but the guitar parts are in response to that.

Saturday brought us the awful news of Tom Verlaine's passing, so one of the guitar parts has a heavy vibrato in tribute. (Tom's playing is a fundamental influence for me; I've been a listener and fan for decades, and I've been fortunate to attend several performances over the years as well.) RIP, Tom.

Guitar: inevitably, it had to be the Jazzmaster-shaped PureSalem Mendiola.

No inline effects, but there's a room-sized convolution reverb on everything, and the usual Wide & Warm audio effect rack for compression/eq.

The title comes from the galaxy NGC 474, which has dramatic glowing shells that might be tidal tails.

A dreamy ambient piano piece, with me actually playing it this time - many times I do generative pieces but here I just wanted to have a bit of a "hands on".

I think there is an interesting idea in this track but unfortunately, It's only about 40% done. This is as far as i'll go this week, a track is a track.

we've fallen

not my best, not my worst. I took the opportunity to experiment with some strange transitions in tone.. and just, writing melodies.

This one's an example of what happens when I'm not feeling as though there were ideas, and then finding at arrangement/mixdown that there are musical ideas here.

I'd started late Friday night by tracking some bass, which...didn't work. Saturday night, I tracked three different tracks of baritone guitar parts (bridge pickup, neck pickup, both pickups) and wasn't sure how they were working--the 6/4 meter seemed good, but there's a pause at the end of some phrases, and some parts played with that start/stop quality, coming in at different beats, rather than regularly.

Listening back to it all just kind of works. So I'm going with it. It's kind of an unexpected gift from the process of sitting there and tracking.

The title comes from the Ōmiya district of Saitama, where Hikawa Shrine was founded in 473 BCE.

While I gather ideas and techniques for more electro-orchestral piece I like to just chill and play some guitar. Here a software called Wotja does the background while I freely improvise on top.

I love brass and horns and have always wanted to recapture the magic of 70s motown. There are also some fantastic Japanese music featuring outstanding horns like Tank! from the Cowboy bebop soundtrack. But I have always struggled making horns sound good when using VSTs. This track is an exercise trying things out, layering horns one octave apart, having a track of staccato horn on top of a vibrato horn, etc.

There are things I like about this track but it's still a bit rough. It is missing something. Some transitions are very abrupt, and the rhythm in some sections is a bit approximative. But I feel I learnt a couple of things with horns, so missing accomplished!

Happy year of the Rabbit everyone!

Although this track is pretty basic by my own standards, I like the balance it has. In the past I would over complicate compositions and have too much going on the mix. I had sort of an emotional week and weekend last week as well.. so I'm glad that emotion shows in the track a bit.

In the end I was mostly focused on making sure the track was loud enough because I think my previous submission was probably too low. You live and learn.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for listening!

For this week, I'd thought of doing something with bass and percussion to switch things up a bit. Having put down some MIDI drums and tabla, the bass parts were suggestive of some guitar I added two tracks of PureSalem Mendiola for something more fully arranged than recent pieces.

There's EQ-8 on the bass to roll off low end, and a touch of M4L humanizer and M4L velocity randomizer on drums. Everything gets a bit of send to convolution reverbs, and there's the usual Wide&Warm preset for compression/eq on the stereo.

The title comes from Octoraro Lake, over which PA-472 travels.

This one blends orchestral and electronic instruments. I started in VCV rack with two synth patches using Euclidean Rhythms which I then blended with a bass synth, Strings, Piano (played live on the midi keyboard) and some timpani.

A submission for Weekly Music 2023 2

Had not much time this week, made this one very quickly purely in the box with keyboard and trackpad. Don't really like it but hey, I finished something 🥳

Another track that features Koto, the Japanese traditional instrument. I feel I have started being a bit formulaic with my approach to creating tracks in the past weeks - find a couple of chord progressions and milk them as much as possible with simple variations of instruments. I have hit a local optimum and will have to kick myself into the wilderness to be a bit more experimental in the following weeks! Until then, here's a synthwave symphonic koto based track!

The name means "I fell in love with hell". Which feels super appropriate to me atm. But it's the beginning of 2023, and my main goal is to keep this streak going. I'm super grateful that this is happening, and I'm really excited that others are doing this as well. I'm feeling really good about where my music is going and I just want to keep going that way.

It was honestly a little more of a time crunch than the rest of my tracks should be- but that's fine. I got kinda lucky this week and hit on a great vibe really quickly. I hope you enjoy it! But it's cool if not. I'll be making even better stuff to come. No worries. Thanks for listening!

some track to get this started.

So here we go again :) For this first week I used VCV Rack to sequence most of an orchestral track: the percussion, choir, staccato and accented strings while freely playing the flute in the beginning, the brass in the main track and the short strings towards the end. The samples I used all come from the East West Hollywood Orchestra library.

This is just the second take on the patch (I like to keep it as improvised as possible), the only difference from the first one being that I added the cymbal "rise" because the transitions were a bit too abrupt (also because I don't have a proper midi keyboard around and I used a Launchpad Mk3 to both play the notes and fade the instruments in and out).

If you want to see the patch:

First track of the new streak! Welcome, everyone!

This one continues the one-guitar approach from last year: this past week and weekend have been rather busy, and a one-guitar approach helps me finish a track. For this one, I tried a faster click tempo, and on initial recordings used a pick. I used to play with a pick exclusively, but I've come to dislike the tone of them with my recordings, so much of this is fingerpicked. (Though the pick is audible on some sections.) The guitar is my very comfortable PureSalem Mendiola in standard tuning, with a track for the bridge pickup only, one for both pickups, and one the neck pickup only.

There are no inline effects on the guitar lines, but I've used a convolution reverb as a send, and multiband compression (via Ableton's audio effect racks) on the stereo mix.

The title comes from the venerable 741 op amp.

A track about taking the bicycle on sunny Sunday morning in spring, with the birds chirping, dogs and cats. And then stopping at a terrasse to have a cup of coffee which adds some funk to the day. It's a track about enjoying a beautiful day, even though it actually started as a noir detective track inspired by the Wes Anderson movie The French Dispatch. Go figure.

Not much more than a sketch but I think it has something. Constructive feedback most welcome.

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