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Compose and produce a new piece of music each week. Your submission is due every Monday at 04:59 UTC (Sunday 11:59EST). You should aim for at least one minute of music, and should be created that week.

Late submissions: Late submissions are open. If you miss a deadline you can still submit by clicking the week on the calendar to the right. If you submit late, your post will get a big Late tag, but it will still count for your streak.

(Description lifted from Leafo's 2017 description--thanks, Leafo!)

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52/52! A return to three tracks of PureSalem Mendiola, recorded in two quick late-night sessions Friday and Saturday. It's been...a week. But here we are.

There's a bit of line hum audible in places; it's weird that that's not typically been the case for a while with this guitar. Bridge, neck, and both-pickup tracks, with some convolution reverb and the usual effect rack on the stereo out.

The title comes from a little town in Pennsylvania, on route 522. (Not far from week 475's namesake Meadow Gap.)

Last track of the year! I went back to good old breakbeats and glitch!

For those who join on Weekly Beats 2024, see you there! :)
For the others, hope to see you around!

A Christmas noodle on the Op-1 Field. I'm still getting used to the field but am starting to enjoy the places it can take me. It's rough and ready and I like it, warts and all.

I really wish I could have done better on this one.

There are plenty of things I could blame.. but eh. I did what I could. I tried to get a little experimental. It came together ok.

Thanks for listening and feedbacking! This has been really fun doing weekly music this year. I imagine most of us will be jumping back into weeklybeats 2024.. So I hope to see you all there!


A submission for Weekly Music 2023 52

im opening a drum school, pick a random 2 limbs (6 options total) and play drums over music u listen to. (probably trap music for best results caus trap got only good drums these days)

by limbs i mean pick right arm and left foot pedal and just play left foot pedal and any drum with right hand for 5 min over trap music, then switch the 2 limbs to another of the total 6 combinations

if youre playing e.g. left hand and left foot, put righthanded drumstick on ground and take right foot off right pedal and place next to pedal on ground so you dont throw in right hand and right foot without thinking about it while doing exercise. exercise is jam abstractly over edmtrap music mix etc. helps if youve listened to the music before, school for abstract drumming. think with this method you learn rudiments naturally and you get really great coordination between each 2 limbs around all the drums, coordination and speed between each pair of limbs


A couple late-night tracking sessions and a bit of aggressive editing resulted in this brief four-track piece. All PureSalem Mendiola, neck pickup, bridge (two tracks), and both. The starting point was moving around an arpeggiated 7, and it developed from there. Unlike some recent ones, there are opportunities for full rests here and there.

The title comes from the minor planet 521 Brixia.

I find looking back too much is harmful to your mental health, so just march slowly forward.

The title is from reading Max Tegmark's Mathematical Universe. Where science is more mind blowing than the wildest SF.

Not unhappy about this track, which goes into weird wild directions.

Very rough and ready track entirely on the OP-1 Field. Not much time this week but need to keep the streak alive.

I spent more time than I care to admit on this one, but I am feeling kinda frustrated in general so. idk.

I felt like this maybe had some decent potential somewhere but I don't really know where it went lol.

I guess because my last submission felt pretty fresh, this one feels much less by comparison.. Also, the new tools are still helpful.. but I just want to be making better stuff than this lol.. Perhaps it's just general stagnation.. but I want to change up my sound more.

Three tracks of $60 Univox hollowbody in modified Fahey tuning (Bb F Bb F Bb C, compared to CGCGCE). Fingerpicking, with the barred sections being played as one finger moving a barre around. Somehow this came together quickly, over two short late-night sessions. There's the usual convolution reverb and compression/eq on the stereo out.

The title comes from the interesting galaxy cluster Abell 520,

I am changing a bit my workflow to reignite inspiration. I decided to start finding some riff on guitar and build from there. I kinda like the result, and I like that it was a fresh approach for me.

By the way, unfortunately, no - large sauropods could not whip their tail at supersonic speed, even though some paper of 1997 claimed they could. This is fortunate, as the aforementioned tail would have snapped. Have no doubt though that a good tail whip could still hurt unreasonably well.

Latest paper about this important subject

A submission for Weekly Music 2023 50

sad piano, made by clicking into computer. i felt a lil inspired while making this

this is weird track because it was clicked in piano notes but theres a lot of automation for just one piano. theres overdrive automation from 0-4% at one point. theres ott automation. theres eq peak automation. utility automations as well. some velocities. had the 1 minute loop going and automated stuff to taste! valhalla shimmer reverb


I've isolated a pattern of mine where if I create a song that is more than 2 minutes long, it is often of higher quality.

Anyway, I really enjoy this track I've come up with.. Definitely a stand-out in my own opinion..

It also is very likely no coincidence that I recently got a new tool for mastering that seems to be a like "cheating" way to make everything I make sound a LOT better. So this is cool because I find myself a lot more excited about the sounds and melodies I create when they sound more clear.

I keep trying to improve the song slightly from my first bounce, in order to get the mix better.. but then I keep adding stuff, or finding it still imperfect. So I just decided to stop and submit this right now as is, and move on for now.

But I really think this is one of my best tracks to date, so I hope anyone who listens enjoys! thanks!

Slow, dub techno jam on the Push 3. A bit of a departure but why not?

I'd wanted to do something slower with a bit more space. This one again is three tracks of PureSalem Mendiola, straight into the UA Volt 1. Slow, but there's a vibe. There's the usual convolution reverb and compression/eq on the stereo out.

The title comes from the minor planet 519 Sylvania.

More faintly krautrock sounds, which I like so there.
Two versions, with and without drums. Lo-fi as hell.

Sup! I like the melody I got going here. It's pretty neat. Most of the experimentation here is with modulations and such.. Had some overlapping melodies going with similar frequencies to blend and resonate.. to me its interesting, but I could see it being too much or chaotic.. Also the lead's melody is mostly the same throughout, but then it has some additions and some specific note changes in the last half that make it sound different without altering the vibe.. it's like it sounds familiar enough to follow, but not literally repeating forever.

At this point I'm like kind of "over" editing it, and the track has a very structured beginning middle and end, so it's fine. Not my best, not my worst.

Exploring a similar vibe on the Maschine Plus this time. Got a little breakout and a hint of 303-esq going through it. Love using the Maschine (the workflow is way better than the Push).

A submission for Weekly Music 2023 49

wrote a track bout staying up late

many thanx to onezero for hosting streak... many thanx to streak participants for inspo... many thanx to overlord leafo for creating website...

2 minute track which im gonna count as normal length track. the tutorial for this track is make a 1 minute track, copy and paste all instruments and change a few things... not that anyone on this streak needs a tutorial on making trax!

all night.wav20mb
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The three-guitar-piece series continues. This time it's low-tuned Univox hollow body, in a variant of Fahey C tuning (in this case, Bb F Bb F Bb C--the same tuning, but a whole step down). I tracked this in two short sessions--one late Saturday and one Sunday afternoon...though finding the right through-line took a while. There's a sparse gentleness to this one.

No inline effects, but some compression/eq on the stereo out, and convolution reverb.

The title comes from the asteroid 518 Halawe.

My hands are freezing.
Anyway, I will revisit this and change some sounds as I like the vibe and progression.

I was pretty good this week at finding good excuses not to work on a track. I spent a grand 44 minutes on this one, and it does feel like it. Ok, especially for the upcoming Weekly Beats 2024, I need to get back to start a track early in the week, put more love and inspiration in it rather than a quickly produced simple track.

A submission for Weekly Music 2023 48

vocal from eliminate cyber vocals vol 1 pack... mostly still drumming atm... got bored of drumming over music so now i just drum to the sound of quiet... i think its better... can really flex without music...

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