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made a trap drop

im retiring from streak club. i found it overall motivational posting here. found it both fun and challenging trying to upload something in a frequent schedule. achieved a max streak of 17 on daily art club, 7 on daily music dump, 1 on meditation. i like the lil number at the top of each streak that says how many posts are in the streak, i think its up to 23 thousand on daily art club now. reminds me of the giant mechanical clock that counts down 1 year each year for 10 thousand years. and i like the feed where you can scroll through all the posts... did i see improvement in my work? idk maybe sure. i guess the main thing was lizard ppl may or may not exist... if they probably do exist then its something about a blacklight torch or the sun or somethign music



i think its mostly too shitty trying to type in an input system on qwerty hardware. or i have too much elbow damage one of the two. im probably gonna switching to only making input systems for voice-to-text or building specific hardware.

voice-to-text has the advantage of no muscle memory time really... so its a good choice for that reason. the talon voice recognition of the 1-9 digits is really great from my testing with it... you can say 15734823 really fast and itll get the correct string every time pretty much. other options with voice-to-text as well

the specific hardware could look like anything. i might try build the thing in this video its a regular qwerty keyboard just stripped down for parts and then attached to a giant metal plate that you type on. the guy who made that video used the metal plate keyboard for some chording input system. ive said before im not that interested in chording. but the single-press input systems i usually work on would work well on that metal plate hardware probably. id probably make two plates, one for each hand, each at a more comfortable angle than a flat surface. possible downside of this method is you're typing on a hard surface, idk how comfortable that is for long periods of time. another possible downside of this method might be accidental double registering of presses? idk this seems unlikely. dont know what other downside of this metal plate keyboard for the type of input systems i build would be. the gloves might be hard to get the tack for each finger all in comfortable position, dunno. probably more comfortable than typing on qwerty for these input systems but maybe still not as comfortable as not typing at all what. the dude who made that metal plate keyboard has a link in the description of the youtube vid detailing how to make the keyboard

made a trap drop. starting to enjoy sound design in serum a bit more. still probably want to move more into phase plant caus phase plant has so many modulation options, but enjoying the serum. the lead in this had some 'hyper' and 'dimension' whatever the f those serum fx are... dont usually use them. if i remember correctly one of them is basically unison voicing the whole patch and then duplicating it out and then detuning the copies. cant remember what the other one is doing. but yea i guess its a cool effect maybe ill try it out some more. also used a lot of multiband compression which i dont usually use sound dessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss iggggnnnnn

and theres a couple layers in this. theres the brite piano layer. theres a vocal layer that just plays one vowel over and over again and its so quiet you cant even hear it but it sounds different if i turn it off. i think i really like that about electronic music... you can stack so many layers in and then you can barely hear a layer but it sounds shit if you turn it off. theres not really an equivalent to that for just playing piano imo. i mean maybe in some slightly similar way but not really... edm you can stack 20 layers in. but nah this was only i think 7 tracks so not that many layers. sound dessiiiiigggggsometimes i do 10 layers but not on this one. it would be good to be good at sound design and then it would be good to not have to look thru presets. i think somewhere between 5 and 300 layers would be the goal eventuallru. well it wasnt many layers but there was lots of modulation on the lead and bass and then lots of distortion after that so sort of like layers but not rlly. the lead has 7 or 8 dry wet knobs bass has 3 or 4 dry wet knobs so thats 2^7 = 128 + 2^3 = 8............ 136 layers just for the lead and bass if u count dry wet knobs for each parallel chain


finished a build design for a simple 4bar drum midi inputter. the code is finished too. the muscle memory is simple enough for this system that im learning just by inputting notes and listening (using the system)... so the training game i uploaded couple days ago is pretty pointless. the system has an 'active16th' token that's displayed onscreen as an overlay over the top of ableton's 4bar midi clip.... and you move this token around with a 3press chain... then notes are inputted into 1 of the 12 drum sample options with a 2press chain. so fairly small chains for inputting notes. i wanted to do some sort of 'relative movement' 1press chain but found it would probably have to be a 2press chain... and then absolute movement is only 3press chain anyways so i got rid of the relative movement of the 'active16th' token in time x-axis. so this input system prioritizes having multiple drum hits at once with the way its built. im hoping this is an interesting way to learn some more complex drum patterns with multiple drum hits occurring at once. idk maybe in a week or 3 ill know if this system is good. it might have been better to put more time into designing and have a proper relative movement system i.e. 1press chain that moves the token forward 1-4 16ths in one press but idk maybe the absolute movement with the token will work. the nice thing about prioritizing an absolute movement system instead is that editting existing patterns is far quicker. and then this is kind of a hybrid between absolute and relative anyway, caus the token can stay at e.g. one 16th location and 3 drum hits can quickly be inputted in 2 * 3 = 6 presses

ableton's drum rack defaults to one-shot sample mode... which means whenever a 16th of a sample is played... it plays the entire length of that drum sample (even if the sample is longer than one 16th of time)... unless the sample is retriggered, then it immediately stops playback of the first instance and starts a new instance from the sample start-point. should be a decent way of having the drum notes play

play and stop are just hardcoded onto 'g' and 'h' keypresses. idk if ill keep this later on.

in the below image LH1 is 't', LH2 is 'r', LH3 is 'f', LH4 is 'd', LH5 is 'e' keypresses

RH1 is 'u', RH2 is 'i', RH3 is 'j', RH4 is 'k', RH5 isnt used atm, i guess its 'o'

spacebar is 'go-to-main' layer... on all layers...

almost all presses (95% presses) are happening in 4 keypress-locations for each hand for index finger. 2 by 2 grid of keypresses for each index finger

idk how adaptable this system will be into melodic notes e.g. 5 octaves * 7 notes fixed-in-key = 35 notes of piano in y-axis.... probably i can reuse something (the entirety?) of the absolute time movement and then learn some different muscle memory for the y-axis

no velocity options at all... might add something later on. probably more going to use automations over 4/8/16 bars than using velocity though


go to boring option 4chord piano quarter stabs. it turned into not quarter stabs but some weird rhythm in this. i dont rlly like starting from quarter note piano stabs but i always find it easy to start from but nyh dunno that i like starting from it. and then instruments like flute are always nice. maybe i should do it more often and then ill find some other way to start something easily. maybe starting with an arp or something. arp takes effort to make tho. piano quarter stabs takes no effort just needs fifths and maybe a couple other chord notes come in and then the rhythm easy to change. harder to have rhythm implied by an arp maybe


wrapping up the input chains i mentioned ages ago

im back to working on input chains. if anyone was interested in that concept, i have a 1000 line version of the training game im using. its just the old code with me going in for 20 minutes and cutting out a bunch of it and tacking on a training game, but maybe its easier to read than the (4000?) line old version. pretty much im building and learning muscle memory for a simple 4bar drum inputter for ableton. mostly based on 4 presses for each index finger, always swapping left-hand to right hand. i might add a bit more than 4 presses for each hand for lower percantage presses (<5% presses etc.) and then hopefully extending it out from there to do enough in ableton to write full edm tracks. or my elbows explode and i have to switch into writing it for talon voice-to-text input software. anyway im probably not going to talk anymore about these input chains. i might keep using them might not. dont know. theres some post where i talked about them for 30+ comments, about an hour long-read in one of the posts i made if anyone wants to know more.

heres a link to the 1000 line partial training game for simple drum inputter, i just uploaded:
this might be easier to look at than 4000 lines if you wanted to build your own input system in ahk/take the same concepts into another programming language. it has a basic training game hooked in/tacked on, where gdip displays a rectangle on the screen and you have to type in the correct 16th. (4 bars of music = 64 16ths). but i mean you could do it different... you could do 8 bar sections and then theres 64 8ths or 128 16ths....) eh ffs idk how to explain all this. the training game, i run the script then i open up ableton so i have the ableton 4bar grid so i know which rectangle im meant to be inputting. since that gdip garbage stays on top of all windows. then i type whatever 3press combination for the 16th the game has generated. if i get it right, it creates a new random option from the 64 possible options. if i get it wrong, it moves back to main layer automatically, ready to attempt typing in the correct sequence again. spacebar can be used at any time in this build to go back to main layer, e.g. in case any erroneous presses were made, or just if you come back to keyboard and want to make sure youre starting off any press from main layer every time etc

cant figure out how to link to the post where i talked for an hour about them. it was the post on 2023-02-08 where i mostly talked abou the input chains ideas

yea so im not really going to talk about these input chains anymore. theres enough info if you want to build your own input system now i think. i mean personally i think the image with the thing about the dog and the fish and the mammals or whatever was enough information to go off so uploading code is just waste of time really

made a beat and drew a picture

this isnt april fools thing. also why are companies all doing april fools. i propose burning all companies to the ground that participate in april fools. companies are not ppl. company does not make jokes. its not an entity capable of making a joke. if companies start making jokes they also have to start cooking food somehow.... making other types of art maybe. idk why is companies doing april fools. idk why companies doing april fools pisses me off. theres something extremely wack about it almost every time ive seen it. also why does my microsoft login screen talk to me. i dont care what microsoft corporation has to say. i wake up in the morning WELCOME TO THE NEW DAY FROM MICROSOFT CORPORATION, MICROSOFT CORPORATION BELIEVES IT IS A BEAUTIFUL LMORNING LOOK AT THE SUNRISE IT HAS BEAUTIFUL TINGES OF PURPLE REMINISCENT OF ROSE FLOWERS PSYCCCCH APRIL FOOLS DIPSHIT, THE WEATHER IS MISERABLE, YOU JUST GOT APRIL FOOLED BY MICROSFOT CORPORATION DIKHEAD


30 second track

quite like the 30 second time frame atm, especially combined with omnisphere random preset button


found a process that might work well for me

the process is to make a minute of music in about 15 minutes, then listen back to it while drawing for 15 minutes

ive always found drawing assists with music-making... usually always ive drawn to other peoples music. i feel like it works well making the music because ill make quick decisions... making music that ill want to draw something to. and then after 15 minutes of either, ill want to switch to the other. i generally prefer always drawing to music. maybe the music feeds into the drawing and then the drawing feeds into the music. i might stick with this process for a while, see if it keeps going. this music might have taken longer than 15 minutes, might have been 20 or 30, dont know. the times are probably more of a rough guide

tried out major key again... tried out the deadmau5 thing i was talking about yesterday... it might be called polyrhythms. it reminds me of triplet arpeggios.. and then you just put them on the 4/4 grid instead of triplet grid... then the timings are all messed up it'll be running slower/faster than the main chord-changes... whenever theres a chord change you figure out a way to transition it into a different arpeggio for that new chord. in this upload its the piano throughout the whole thing doing this. idk if its a sound im really into that much. it kind of makes everything trippy/washy. but im bored of making 4/4 edm atm so need to try out some different things. i think these could be cool mainly in buildups... but they do kind of suck the intensity out of the track and maybe make the track more trippy..washy.. might try it out some more and see if it works, maybe theres different ways to use them in tracks

need to learn more sound design... lead sound design. cbf looking through presets every time... the lead in this was made from saws in serum, with some filter/pitch/gain envelope automation in the sound design. barely any pitch automation really, just a tiny lfo that keeps it from sounding bland really. and some distortion and compression delay reverb and then a phaser on the end of the fx chain... maybe if i made 100 more leads id know how to make a few different styles of lead. might use the serum waveform editor to edit a saw wave's first few harmonics and then put that into filters/distortion. idk exactly what type of lead id even want in a track, ill probably try a bunch of things while working on future tracks


trying out major progressions


triplet edm intro & buildup


5 second edm song

did some distortion/volume modulation over time in this, using abletons modulation pages instead of automation. modulation might be easier than automation in ableton for some things like drop automations maybe... add midi notes and then just click 'envelopes' and it automatically puts you into editing the last-modulated parameter. i guess it counts as sound design. kind of confusing how to mix everything when theres so much automation/modulation going on, but this type of automation complexity feels like progress towards modern edm/dubstep sound. still the same instruments im using all the time. vowel sample, 808, supersaw, brass stab. but everything is overdistorted... so doesnt really sound like any of those things maybe idk. the 808 has notes playing from 3 octaves at once at some points. getting a little bit more complex with 'sound design' maybe even just using these basic instruments

idk mostly just modulating volume and eq and distortion amounts in this over short sections of time in this (2 beats-ish). i distorted the kick so much that i didnt use sidechain. maybe instead of sidechaining, from now on ill just add more distortion to the kick/snare. semi serious. i need to learn about mixing mastering etc. i dont know if i can just put everything through a limiter and its done. also what limiter settings specifically for mastering or whatever

oh there was no eq automation in this, just static EQ. need to do EQ automation for the next one

i think in general with making edm atm i need to be adding as much shit as possible... then later i can strip it back to the elements that work.... or EQ everything better... etc. so probably everything going to sound messy and complex for a while. dont know tho

another thing i need to try out is automating the detune knob of supersaw in serum. more for longer-type fx probably though. but maybe also in a drop


audio of two piano exercises


bad piano playing

bad bcaus there was some fraction of input delay while recording midi into the computer. i used to noodle on the piano like this a lot. i do it a bit less these days. its a good hobby i guess. gotta use a lot of pedal.... thats probably the number one thing about piano.... use a lot of pedal, thats pretty much all you need to know about learning piano. i sometimes do educational content on this page but i cbf going over how to learn piano. jam to music you listen to. repeat basic chord progressions in left hand and improvise with right hand. thats the end of my piano school youre now set with knowledge to learn to be penist. yung lean - afghanistan s a good track to jam to

lots of space to add melodies in. doesnt really matter what you jam over just turn it up down until the levels are right and jam over

id go with yung lean yoshi city for another choice.. yung leans recent track with fka twigs was good too... dont know if that ones good for jamming. or lately ill jam over beatstars trending page. thats another good choice..... beats are missing the top melody alot so you can really go ham with those i guess... i cant remember trying to jam over piano music. i dont really listen to piano so not much point... jamming over the radio can be good if theres not too many ads. idk probably learn something like drums... drum teachers probably know the most about how to make music. i dont think music education is very good but i have these alternatives. idk how good my music school is. mostly it involves listening to yung lean


not a very good beat

anyway not really enjoying making so much edm.... enjoy listening to edm but making it kind of feels like a bunch of chores... make buildup better than last time, make drop crazier than last time etc..... whereas beatmaking feels more like making music....... with that in mind atm i might try and focus on making beats then over time add more and more edm songwriting structures to. buildups, drops, vocal pads/cuts. a loose endgoal could be eventually make tracks like hudson mohawke - play n go or any other trap tune really......... idk i find making edm so boring compared to making beats..... but probably can learn songwriting through beatmaking. mostly i listen to rap/pop atm.... i like the general philosophy of beatmaking. theres never really a beat where u can say alright THAT was THE beat... whereas making edm it sort of feels like the goal is more to make like a pinnacle of sound design and an emotional peak. gets boring trying to write in that style all the time... beatmaking is more like the jamming on piano to me... consistently enjoyable consistently motivating. probably works different for other people. thats the thinking atm for me.... focusing on some kind of beatmaking-type songwriting maybe. wave edm... i kind of like some of the 'wave' subgenre of edm... sort of close to beatmaking with the kicksnare patterns etc. idk that im superinto wave music... more enjoy trap. maybe once i get better at beatmaking/songwriting. yea maybe trap bang gers might be a good goal. i like playing 4/4 on piano but 4/4 kind of boring to make in the computer... every time i try make 4/4 in computer i get bored pretty quickly. most of my piano playing the last few months has been 3/4 timing.... not really into trying to make 3/4 drum patterns. hip hop type drum patterns hip hop beats in the computer more something i consistently enjoy making. cant say im that good at making beats yet.... but learning making beats alongside adding song structure to the beats might be what ill try for now

in technical news, found 2 small features in output - exhale (vocal plugin)... (the vocals i use are these vowels... has every note in bout a 3 octave range... bout 8 different single-vocalist options... dont think theres another plugin like this..) the 2 features i found recently were 1) you can change the sample start point for wherever these vowels start at... since they loop indefinitely. this is nice caus the same attack all the time can not always sound great.... then you can also reverse the sample as well within the plugin. so this just gives more options for using these vocals........... main goal i have is to master this vocal plugin.... i just like these vowels everywhere. can be leads, can be plucks, can be pads.... can be fx. just started e.g. using highpass on a single 4bar note and the highpass sweeps down, maybe amp sweeps up and overdrive sweeps down. in the below tune i used utility modulation to get the volume pumping effect where a note starts off -5/10db and sweeps up to 0db towards the end of the note. still havent gotten into using vocal chops/plucks that often... need to get more into that. i think other effects type things you can do is put delay and reverb on, bounce that out, reverse it for a riser. might try this. also need to find or probably make some good flute patches in omnisphere. flute and vocals are pretty similar instruments... flute pads used a lot in beats... mixes well with piano... theres one flute in omnisphere ive found already thats pretty nice... its not even a flute, the main part of the sound is a choir bank has some processing maybe and another quieter layer that might be a flute. maybe choir processing is something for making flute-like instruments. also need to use brass stabs more often really dont know how to write for brass yet

i used to listen to this beat quite a bit

i generally like whatevers trending on beatstars... some of those guys really know how to make beats. idk that id be able to compete with that id probably have to put edm into my beats definitely. beatmaking is a worldwide phenomenon now... really competitive. idk i think it works... i like a lot of the modern hip hop beats atm. cant say i follow rap music much or the financials of how it all works so cant say much on any more than that. i guess its a worldwide competition to make beats and lease them to rappers... idk if competition is the right word. some of the guys sort of pick a specific sound for their beats and make hundreds in that style.................. idk i only check beatstars. i think plenty of beatmakers on instagram too. i dont really know anything about rap i mostly just like whatever gets popular and the abstract quality and the music of the beats....... all the crazy intricate percussion and combined with the 808s and melodiesssss. edm with 4/4 drums the percussion is kind of limited. hip hop you can put the kick anywhere and have as many kick hits as you want and then all the other percussion can have ridiculous patterns......... everyone pitches hihats etc different pitched snare rolls all sorts

i read the autobiography of gucci mane a few years ago. id recommend it. i guess a fun fact is gucci mane dropped out of college computer programming to pursue cocaine trafficking/inventing the genre of trap with zaytoven. so it was a good book... thats about the limit of my knowledge on rap music... i would agree with others and say the war on drugs has been lost a long time ago, the drugs did win i think... cartels in mexico now are even getting farmers to pay them off to grow avocados, i would propose shifting the focus of the war on drugs into the war on avocados. is it okay for a citizen to consume avocados. high in healthy fats... low in something.... should law enforcement have the abilities to arrest someone they claim to smell the scent of avocado fruit on.... i would say idk. im going to vote in the election is what im going to do... im going to vote for the good guy, i wouldnt vote for the bad team. theres two teams you gotta vote for the one that you think is the good one...... i would say question your avocadoes avocado where do you come from avocado were you grown on farm overseen by cartel armed ute of soldiers. avocadooooo avocado why do you taste so good


edm with 3 instruments no drums

theres probably jumpscare in this, the piano is meant to be really quiet so the other 2 instruments come in loud and jumpscare fast ... dont turn it up high when its just the piano playing

was relaxing to make. nice having 3 instruments and not looking for samples/think of new instruments to add in. not having drums i guess makes it relaxing to make

for process, same as the process for intro-build-drop i usually make id say. its probably worth mentioning i work pretty slow... pretty much every time i make a change i have to listen to the entire track from the start, or from the start of the nearest bar/4bar section... but often ill have to listen from the start of the entire track. so idk if speed challenges are much point for me to do. id probably try and do a buildup-intro-drop in 60 minutes instead of a full track. feels like im learning a lot just making the first half of a track. feels like i can sort of plan out a bit of longer ideas now, this 1 minute thing was one sortuv long idea, instead of the usual lots-of-short ideas together, dont think i used to be able to jot down 1 minute in this way. reminds me of piano jamming... when i first started jamming on piano my ideas were all short... eventually became longer like imagining a few bars ahead of time etc. but with this edm i can sort of imagine what im going to put later/sooner in the track now... maybe have more of a feeling for how the ideas can progress... making this kind of reminded me of that, felt like the edm idea was a bit longer than it usually is. talking bout this i guess i can imagine other elements in this track..., since it was the same sort of intro-buildup-drop i usually make just without all the different instruments. same sorts of melodies and harmonies i usually make,, idk if that means just tracking down melodic parts is a quick way to practice melodic songwriting structure, maybe. maybe ill do some more of this basic sketching of a tracks melodic structure. really would like to learn more drum structure though. maybe ill try make a track with only drums and fx.

really like the ambient space piano from omnisphere atm. its the first instrument that comes up when you sort by 'keyboards' and have the sorting set to 'featured'.... a lot of the omnisphere 'featured' instruments are pretty decent... yea like this space piano caus its a sort of reverby wash piano i guess... its similar to regular piano so im used to writing for that type of sound.... and it kind of works well as a bridge between edm and piano sort of sound... can be used with or without distortion maybe, can be used as a pad or more of a lead sound. i think it works well with all the other instruments im using atm... yea probably use it a lot. also want to get into using lots of harp sounds. omnisphere sort of has some harp-like instruments so ill probably just look through all of those....... also maybe i should get into making omnisphere patches.... omnisphere has the huge sound library and some nice effects and you can easily layer patches together so maybe ill try it out. probably not ill probably look at all the presets first.

in ableton you can save an entire track as a preset in a folder. including any midi clips in the track, including any plugins and all the settings of those plugins, including any fx plugins on the audio of the track.... so dont even have to save presets within the plugins itself... just drag the whole track into an ableton folder and name it something... been using this feature lately

i work pretty slow in regards to the having to listen to the track from the start fairly often but other than that i work pretty quickly....... try lots of things out and go with whatever feels the best or whatever the process of making music is..... still feel like i know nothing about electronic music. piano music is pretty simple you have one instrument and a note is either off or on at a certain volume.... electronic music is a billion instruments and how you mix all the instruments together and then one instrument can have a volume it starts at but then that volume can change depending on FX like distortion or EQing or automating EQ movement or the billion factors that go into sound design etc................................................................................................. mostly think electronic music is about which instruments you mix with what and where you have different instruments come in or out. nice thing about electronic music is you can layer so much crap. and you dont even hear the stuff thats layered underneath but then when you turn one of those tracks off the whole track doesnt feel the same.......... altho i didnt do that with the upload today... just 3 tracks. i like david guettas description of electronic music as about tension and release. or he might have been talking about music as a whole. or he might have been talking about dance music. i guess minimalism is something i could try as an exercise


tried to make a (2minute+) track in 75 minutes. ran out of time.. made it to about 1 minute of audio. felt like something different to what i usually make.

dont think ill finish this, might try the 75 minute challenge again. i feel like 60 minutes isnt enough, 90 minutes too long, 75 was a pretty good amount of time for now. what did i spend 75 minutes on in this? the first 45 minutes it was sort of an ambient track... which ive never really made before, so was taking a bit longer to make everything. then in the last half hour it morphed into the sort of thing i usually make with buildup and drop. i was thinking while i took a break, it might be an idea to have an ambient track that somehow drops into a dubstep-sort-of drop... without jumpscaring too much. another idea would be to not have the drop at all... just keep it kind of ambient but still have like a 'drop' that doesnt really sound at all like a drop. dont know what instruments would be used or anything but it was just what i was thinking in the break. yeah 75 minute track challenge with 10 minute pause to roll and smoke a cig i guess is part of the challenge. maybe next time i do 75 minute challenge ill start with piano chords and 8 bar piano melody... then morph that into cheesy edm. pretty sure i could do 2 minutes of that in 75 minutes, might be a better place to start


did a bit of phase plant sound design. made a keyboard and a bass. cant see phase plant window in recording. the bass has ring mod with phase plant 'midinote' modulating the frequency of the ring mod (gets rid of the unpredictability of ring modulation... pretty sure only phase plant can do this thing where you can use the individual note's frequency.... ) idk too hard to explain but basically phase plant pretty much best subtractive synth easily probably, can modulate almost everything by almost everything else and audio rate modulation too. wish it had a matrix view like fm8 for fm synthesis tho. fm synthesis in phase plant looks like shit caus theres no view set up for it so you just have loads of oscillators stacked on top of each other

well another thing you can do with phase plant to explain the midi note modulation... you can build phase plant patches where each individual note in a chord stack can have a lowpass filter at the exact frequency of the fundamental. dont know of any other synth that can do things like this. its a type of synthesis i want to try out. caus it sounds like fm synthesis sort of combined with subtractive synthesis. i think its fairly cpu intensive to do this much processing on e.g. individual notes in a chord stack


copied the structure of tule - grind


disconnected perc loops


piano tune


omnisphere random preset button tune


remade the start of the track Ben Gold & Tritonal - Apex remade the start of it then remixed that remake


taylor swift type beat

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