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russian sitcoms and drawing

A submission for Daily Art Club

line work page. new goal is to do 10 thousand pages. my new goal is to quit drawing. i enjoy drawing but i think its boring af to look at or do drawing. art is a waste of time. i think buddha was right

pitched down hihat in first 8 bars. iZ trash amp drainer distortion on all melodic channels with crossover. also distorted the kick. impacts and reversed impacts in the background all the time. flute piano bass supersaw are the main instruments. reversed piano. probably a lead in the drop would be good. bored with this. melody not that good. probably want to cut up the drop so it has bits of silence. probably want to change the chord changes timing in the drop. probably want to add a better drum fill before the drop. want to try transient shapers on the drums but cbf yet. want to use kick2 more, used vengeance. wanna make new supersaw sound, too tingy. maybe should set up a layered supersaw instead of just one patch. wanna do more of this just 4chord progression repeated over and over. maybe 8chord progression occasionally. or just 4chord progression with bassline that changes and repeats in 8bar chunks. 8bar melody and bass with 4chord progression. or maybe 16bar with super long bass notes

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