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A submission for Daily Art Club

following junichiro horikawa youtube tutorials. dont think theres a better way to learn procedural than this... he has a whole series on VEX in houdini.... blender will take another ~3yrs (made up number) to catch up to houdini for procedural... houdini only good procedural graphics software for 3d atm afaik.... horikawa has a playlist of 26 vids with length of about ~50 hrs on VEX in houdini

im getting closer to halfway through this 50 hours... this n word not english native speaker so can speed video speed up to 1.25x to make it what... 40 hrs... and then my advice for how i learn from youtube is to have either 2 screen, or 1 screen. and have youtube vid on left half and copy every single action into your own houdini program as you go. often pausing the video and pressing left-arrow-key to rewind time by 5 seconds. this means the 40hr of content will take maybe a total of 50-80 hr depending how much u want. but i cant recommend junichiro content enough... i am only amateur at procedural but he really showing me a lot of ways to make fundamental building blocks of how VEX work in houdini... like i said.. blender not there yet for procedural for another few yr... then blender probably overtake houdini but u gotta know houdini for procedural for next at least 2 yrs in my noob opinion and no one gonna show it better than junichiro. he then has around ~250 hr of livestreams on youtube, divided into 2hr streams where in each stream he'll recreate some 3d graphics implementation of algorithm.

i think along with choosing some of these might need to learn some python->houdini, python also has implementation in blender but python->houdini + VEX looks pretty good to me... future of 3d graphics is prob largely procedural and no one do it better than houdini and junichiro san so jump on this hype train today... i am noob this is financial advice. most u guys probably into 2d. i dont know if theres much interesting work to be done in 2d with procedural... prob not... this more for 3d hype train

A submission for Weekly Music 2023 46

mucking around on drumzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

lately ive exclusively been drumming over the music i listen to, this was a bit weird for me


A submission for Weekly Music 2023 39

[Volume Warning] NOT MIXED bit suddenly loud in a couple transitions, esp drop

another unfinished sketch ill prob never finish

liked the progression on this. its about as simple as it gets. bassline is 6-6-1-1.... anything with 6 and 1 always gonna be a progression i like. i might stick to a few simple progressions like this and make a lot of ideas.... need to add more elements and flesh out these more

idk if these type of melodies work that well with trap drums... might try make more 4/4 drums. i always think the melodies i write work better with 4/4 drums, then i get bored of making 4/4 drum music so ill prob just keep swapping back and forth between 4/4 and trap drum. or i could try and learn to write specifically melodies for trap drums

[Volume Warning] NOT MIXED bit suddenly loud in a couple transitions, esp drop

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A submission for Weekly Music 2023 38

trailerish music, open to roast.

dunno bout the high pitched oboes.... the way the drums come in kind of shit... drums in general kind of shit... chords could have used different voicings in places esp in lower-frequencies... piano in intro prob been better as different instrument... melod/ies fairly trash... liked making the drums and fx arrangement

using a randomizer to decide chord progressions. the randomizer picks 4 chords. has 3 paths. either 1 - 1 - x - x, 1 - x - x - x, or x - x - 1 - 1. decent amount of the music i listen to fits in one of these 3 progression formats, maybe ~30-60% idk. the x's can be any bass note. but usually have to run the randomizer 1-4 times before it spits out a decent chord progression... this is just for minor chord progression songs... 1 being root note of minor scale

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A submission for Weekly Music 2023 37

havent been producing lately

ive found new love for playing electronic drumkit........ playlist of 500 songs and i abstract play drums over the top of it. i have about 200-500hrs experience with this type of learning. i would say its a good way of learning percussion but i like abstract. mostly, i skip songs in the playlist that are 4/4 drums. anything hip hop or rap or trap is a lot more fun to play along with. it carries over into my piano playing a lot, i noticed last night after playing half hour of drums then into piano... the piano playing was way different, playing some weirder or completely new rhythms on the notes

i need to cull the playlist into hip hop songs i think caus its not 500 songs its 10000 songs or something im pressin N ON VLC a bit too much...

i listened to russian pop top hits playlist today... it was all shit. why is russian pop music crap on youtube playlist i was listening, used to be good maybe i got the wrong playlist

has anyone heard any real good music released in last 2 yrs? i cant think of much. i liked 10:35 by tiesto but thats some pop. has a cool music video too. im down for any genre id just try and shoe horn it into the last 2 yrs

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A submission for Weekly Music 2023 36

more bad

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A submission for Weekly Music 2023 35

lazy post took 20 minutes sounds like shit. only thing i liked bout this one was the cinematic buildup like dsh dsh dsh dsh d d d d....... just from cinematic sample pack but lots of those cinematic riser/woosh/impact samples fo pretty hard. actually was cinematic sample but then just cut it up with silence for the d d d d part. apart from that critique on this one is boring track added 10 seconds of garbage at the end to make it one minute long. the garbage at the end might be the part i like more bout htis

3rd and 4th file upload was gonna be trying to make a zeropass type track... ended up just sounding like what i usually make, but with triangle wave. not used to portamento, might be good for arps. used everywhere theres an artist called mitis uses lots of portamento in his arps... and leads... havent got the hang of writing for portamento leads. liked the vocal quality of triangle wave

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A submission for Weekly Music 2023 33

making lots of 16bar intro 16bar buildup 16bar drop 140-165bpm atm. probably almost jumpscare on drop caus of silence. want to work more on drums. might try make these with no instruments and just drums and fx. feel like if i made 100 16bar intro buildup drop just with drums n fx would probably learn a lot

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A submission for Weekly Music 2023 32

apparently aliens exist grusch is prob alien too im prob alien we all prob alien or monkey frog. idk why the audio print of this came out so low volume rip. been using spitfires free 'labs' plugin for things such as the glockenspiel, choir in this. its pretty good has low ram usage and a couple cool lil packs u can download for free

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A submission for Weekly Music 2023 28

[VOLUME WARNING] not mixed

Tried to stick to what comes easiest - basic chord progression with piano.

I've been using the valhalla shimmer reverb frequently, finding it inspiring with the long reverb tails from this plugin. Also being inspired by trailer music.

Open to roast. I can't really figure out how to MIX everything... EQing in general... maybe also if i tweak even one of the track volumes itll mess up e.g. a grouptrack saturation etc. probably need to plan out tracks more as i make them and make sure things arent clipping more often. the grouptrack saturation is something i saw in a fox stevenson stream. saturating the lead and bass together and it sounds pretty gnarly having them both go into the same saturator... but then makes mixing harder maybe. i mean ive already got reverb and other distortion on the lead before its getting this saturation with the bass... might need to rethink signal flow to use this technique. anyway im happy with this small step of progress making a 1min 45 track. the chord progression is 6-7-1-1 if 1 is the rootnote of minor scale... think its used quite a lot in modern electronic music. pretty sure theres a lil nas x song with this progression... virtual self porter robinson song has this bass progression... i guess its just a bassline so the chord progression might be something completely different... but its a nice simple bass progression. the 1 doesnt hit til the end of it its always moving forward


A submission for Weekly Music 2023 25

first post, made a small track. i liked the lead in this (square wave with saw wave 1 octave higher then distorted reverbed).... and had some fun pitch shifting the drop and low passing the drop at the end of 4 bar sections.

looking ideally for constructive feedback... whats the weakest aspect of the track... what needs improve... these are the types of feedback id ask for

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