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klaypex - sleep to dream remix [130bpm, Am] v1.wav22mb
50 cent - just a lil bit remix [96.901bpm, F#m] v1.wav16mb
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jessie murph, jelly roll - wild ones remix vid.mp4262mb
jessie murph - wild ones remix v1.wav22mb
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feel like fm8 is greatest synth of all time... fm synthesis sounds too good cant make ting like this with subtractive. why isnt there fm9... fm8 came out 20 yrs ago now still best synth of all time. probably gonna try make a billion sounds with fm8


become edm broducer



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could probably make the piano in this better. dunno bout splice vocals i cant work with vocal prob rather do instrumental only but vocal fun to get new ideas


nice to be writing slightly longer ideas lately. this one 2 and half minutes

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rubbish but 3 minute


splice vocal. splice has 23k results atm if u search 'vocal hook'. sort by popularity works pretty well

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favorite thing i wrote so far shout out nicky

nicki minaj - starships remix [125.008bpm, Bm] v1.wav6mb

A submission for Daily Art Club

drumming to haterade

A submission for Daily Art Club

i am calling it as corporate dystopia for now for muh country shitpost in comment

A submission for Daily Art Club

remade input systems shitpost

A submission for Daily Art Club

ppl on this streak be giving texture to things with shading

[VOLUME WARNING not mixed - drop too loud]

DUBLE UPLOAD i like the melody in 2nd upload

hate ppl posting art on internet and saying 'this is trash' but this is trash. enjoyed making it... but became trash maybe halfway thru process of making it. maybe start with better chord progression next time. writing 2 minute track about 1000 time harder than writing 1 minute track. having made 1 minute trax helps. lol i feel like i enjoyed making a 2minute track tho so im happy wit it

starting with piano and bass and laying out a 2 minutes of audio worked pretty well to start it off. want to improve the drums and vibes of next one esp in non-drop parts. maybe have some kind of different section or different bass notes in a section or 2. might lay out bass and piano for similar thing but with chord progression i like more

[VOLUME WARNING not mixed - drop too loud]


tried a couple new thing. automated volume of bass down at end of intro... automated some high end out of bass on a higher note... dont use tremolo strings that often... lead from a future rave preset pack for serum

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