Submissions by vim tagged tracker

Found this bit of piano noodling knocking about so built this slow, languid beat around it. That's it really.

Another track that sort of just happened, started out with the underwater plonking noise and went from there really. Yeah.

Busy week but enjoyed making this.

It's been a hectic week and I've not been able to lavish much time on my submission.

This came together quickly but fell apart in the final mix, but by that point I'd decided this was not 100% but as with anything creative it's all good experience. Better to do something than nothing.

First track of the year is some click-n-cut action.

In the middle of moving my production stuff over so here's a 4-channel Protracker module I made recently.

broke ur game.mod19kb

Just smashing a piano* and chopping it up. I really like the sound of this even if it's been done to death elsewhere.

  • the piano in this instance the absolutely superb Arturia PianoV 2 VST.

Smooth and mellow sounds this week. I'm working on another project that might take my time away from this but I should have a few more tunes soon.

This was going somewhere but would really need more TLC. I like the idea though and will explore this style further down the line.

A submission for Weekly Music 2019 2

Really need to master these mastering plugins. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with this. Came together really quickly.

My first track is a post-festive mess that I struggled to master.