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Like a lot of my tracks this started as something else and ended up being this private-eye glitch tune.

There are other things in real life I'm having to deal with which are slowing my productivity down but I'm still making tracks.

I took a very rash decision and zipped up all my unfinished tracks and put them away. There were so many, some had been there years and not been completed. I wanted to try and see what happens if I had limited tracks, and tried to finish them before starting a new one. Here's the first one.

Did another drum and bass track this week, mainly do these for a weekly stream compo. It's been good fun to try out some new styles.

An apt title as I'll be taking a break from this for a few weeks as I'm moving to a new flat. Should really be packing up right now but couldn't resist. Hopefully the break will get me into a position where I'm gagging to get all the creativity out.

(I have now fixed the issues with the reverb on this. For some reason the plug-in I was using was glitchily 'gating' the tail)

One of the things I love about living in the UK is we get interesting weather, sun and rain at the same time, varied clouds, drizzle, damp sunny days. I couldn't live somewhere where it was sunny all day every day, would drive me mad.

Was making a track for something else and began messing with the samples and ended up having a bit of fun with this instead. Serendipity!

This one got away from me a bit but I still like the thickness of the sound. It was a nightmare to separate out the frequencies when mixing so I just gave up. Enjoy the mess.

More lo-fi easy-going sounds inspired by this time of year. Experiencing a mini warm spell in the UK, dusty sunshine through still-bare trees. Beautiful time of year.

Still working on VCVRack bits elsewhere, so for a break here's a more traditional production. Mastering, as ever, leaves a lot to be desired, bit too much high end that needs taming, but generally I like the grittiness and fullness of this. Proud of the beat too, all individual samples, no breaks.

Busy week but enjoyed making this.

It's been a hectic week and I've not been able to lavish much time on my submission.

This came together quickly but fell apart in the final mix, but by that point I'd decided this was not 100% but as with anything creative it's all good experience. Better to do something than nothing.

Not sure why, not feeling very Christmassy at all this year.

Unexplained hardware issues, computers are too complex.

I like to thinks most things are, but I have my doubts.

Love autumn and winter, plus I've been listening to a lot of stuff on the 12k label at work, and I'd been wanting to do something a little more free-form and live than previously. Really like this if I'm being honest.

Sadly had to break my streak last week due to an ear infection that, sadly, I'm still not quite over. In fact my hearing is borked, everything sounds out of tune, almost chipmunk-y. Hopefully that'll sort itself out soon. Anyway, made a simple 90s thumpin' beat to get through the murk in my middle ear.

Yes, it's November, it's cold, it's raining. It's great!


A submission for Weekly Music 2019 44

This was a surprisingly difficult tune to pull off and towards the end I got really fed up with it, to be honest, hence the rough bits.

Will never get the hang of subtle mastering, sorry.

I'll need to remaster this at some point as I made this with a heavy cold and am literally deaf in one ear. Anyway, .been wanting to an epic chunky amen track for a while.

In some ways it doesn't feel like a year but in others it feels like a lifetime.

I am crap at track titles, they're always a last-minute thing, and they're always rubbish, so I said you should think bigger in the future. Anyway, more of a groove than a track based on this rusty bass arp. I actually quite like it. Might develop something similar later.

My attempt at a straight dance/breaks track. I find it difficult to cope with more than a few elements, they all blend and create the sonic equivilent of brown.

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