Late sub because it's been my daughter's first birthday this weekend and I've had literally zero time with my gear.

Made this little ambient thing now for her while she's napping. Only had about an hour so excuse the roughness.

Nord Rack 2X

A submission for Weekly Music 2019 2

Really need to master these mastering plugins. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with this. Came together really quickly.

Love autumn and winter, plus I've been listening to a lot of stuff on the 12k label at work, and I'd been wanting to do something a little more free-form and live than previously. Really like this if I'm being honest.

Built around a chopped up sample of ambient sound effects from Dungeon Keeper (DOS).

WB19 04 Imp Rally TAPE MASTER CDDA.wav49mb

All VST's here. Diva, Hive x5, Arturia's Arp 2600, Gmedia Oddity 2 and Various random Loops.

This originally didn't have a beat, then I dropped the heavy drums in and it took me back to the late-90s.

Full blown space rock, with apologies to Dave Brock for biting his guitar riffs.

My ears were pretty shot by the time I mixed this, listening back to it now I think the bass and kick are too deep to translate well and compete with each other too much, but over all I'm OK with it. Not like I can hear anything down there on my monitors anyhow.

Mostly overdubbed in Reaper in single long takes, with a little bit of step sequencing in obvious parts. I'm also not a drummer even when I'm not dealing with interface latency so I had to tighten up the timing of the drums (which are a sort of haphazardly cobbled together early 90s electronic drum kit made from some free triggers a friend traded to me, a kick pedal someone left in my parents' basement when I was in high school, and the cheapest old Yamaha drum brain I could find on eBay) but I tried to keep them as loose as I could get away with, mostly just moving everything back a few ticks to keep it on the grid, and fixing a few late snare hits; the kick was programmed separately on a DR-110 and doubled as a click track.

WB19 02 Plasma Engine TAPE MASTER CDDA.wav54mb
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A really upbeat dance song made with my latest gear thingy, the Synthstrom Deluge.

All of the sounds and arrangement is done with that single box.

I haven't fully figured it out, so the sound design is not exactly ear-popping, but I was able to compose and arrange the entire thing using that box (with some EQ and Limiting post-processing in software after recording).

Considering that I got the Deluge a week ago, being able to compose something using only that piece of gear is actually pretty amazing for me.

BTW, as I mentioned last week, I released an improvisational album at If you like listening to the Eurorack jams that I post here check it out.

This was going somewhere but would really need more TLC. I like the idea though and will explore this style further down the line.

I wasn't going to submit this track this week but like most of the others it came about really fast. The strings give it a retro Detroit techno vibe but it kind of sounds like the old UK Tomorrows World theme Circa late 1970-80s. Probably as its done in a major pentatonic scale. I suppose if anything the drums could have a touch more drive in em.

edit Made a few wee changes and added a lead line, think I prefer this version.

I'm kinda channelling Massive Attack or someone like that here, but I'm quite pleased with it.

Nord Rack 2X
Volca Beats

Submitting early since I have to work all weekend.

Minimal drone/glitch recorded live to stereo with no editing or processing.

EHX Freeze
Digitech MIDI Vocalist
Akai MFC-42
DOD R-825 compressor/de-esser
Ibanez AD-202
Behringer Virtualizer Pro
Cross-feedback between two mixers

WB19 03 FRB (second take) CDDA.wav81mb

My first track is a post-festive mess that I struggled to master.

Don't know why I typed 150 into tempo field when I started this track, but I like the energetic result. Usually I go for much calmer type of music.

I still don't know whether I like melodies and arps at the second half or not, was going to make it less sugary pentatonic and more dark and emotional, but didn't manage to.

A krautrock jam in 3 parts (roughly).

A busy week of wrapping up a job search...and submitting a couple versions of a track to a cover tune project. As a result, I approached this week's track a bit more intuitively. I came up with a few drum loops (64-pad rock kit drum rack, and 64-pad fingers-on-snare), and did some intuitive guitar with Res-O-Glas through an effect rack of auto-filter with drive and buffer-shuffler for some randomness. Then I put some more Res-O down (Auto-Filter with drive and cabinet plugin)...and finally some Epiphone P-J bass (direct...maybe I should have rolled off lows here, but I didn't).

Sends: Convolution reverb, two different Echo plugins. Full-chain master on the 2-buss.

Title from the meaning of the root of lanthanum (element 57).

All sounds made from a hydrophone recording of Weddell seal calls under the ice in Antarctica in 1979:

WB19 06 The Devil's Fax Machine take 2 TAPE MASTER CDDA.wav57mb


thanks for setting this thing up!
greets d.

Smooth and mellow sounds this week. I'm working on another project that might take my time away from this but I should have a few more tunes soon.

This started off as a Volca Sample jam where I just layered 4 different kicks...

... this ended up as me trying to mix the damn kicks and bass so that all of this thing does not choke on itself.

Layered DnB styled track full of appregio's (various VSTs), cut drum loops and driven by a drum and bass drum track.

Cut this segment from a dawless jam yesterday with my friend Hugh (Kludge Med). He's on the Electron RYTM, I'm on the Korg MS2000. First jam together, hoping to start a new project heading in the acid direction. Thanks for the comments last week they really inspired me to go hard this week :)

Picked up my guitar for the first time in forever and made something I've been thinking about for a while. LSDJ Chiptune rock. Pretty happy with the overall result, but it was a struggle. Feedback on this appreciated!