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More space music. Three loops around the planet and away we go,

Primarily the Medusa with some Neutron sub bass and long Nord pads in the final third.

Happy with this one.

Edit reupped without the crazy (unintended) bass panning.

After owning my Nord Rack 2X for months I finally started to actually create some patches instead of lazily using presets, and I quickly realised that the envelopes are very slow at their longest, ideal for ambient pads.

This is a bit of one of them with the Medusa joining in towards the end using a home made MS70-CDR version of the Zvex Lo-Fi Junky, which I really want to buy but can't justify £170 on right now. Fairly pleased with it.

More soundtrack laziness. MicroGranny plus some FM pads and a bit of Streichfett.

Silent Hill 1.24mb

The polar opposite of last week, a fairly intense single Medusa patch consisting of a drone with the filter cutoff slowly being opened.

Makes me think of zombie movies.

A couple of minutes of ambience showcasing the Medusa's softer side. Bass from the Neutron and plinks from the PreenFM2.

Pleased with this one,

Just a simple loop trying out my new Bastl Microgranny.

Got my JX-03 back and there is something about the sound of it that just makes me think of John Carpenter movies.

This is all JX apart from some Yamaha RX21 (iirc) drum samples. Not too happy with the arp, but it was bashed out oretty quickly, so it'll have to do.

I've managed to get myself behind again :/

Another hip hop thing, piano from the Wavestation doing the bulk of the work, Neutron on bass, PO-32 on the drums and Blofeld for some pads.

Pretty happy with this, gonna try and get some lyrics and cuts recorded over it.

Another quick hip hop loop that I bashed out in the only spare hour I had this weekend. I quite like the Blofeld pluck sound. Needs some drum variations, but that will have to wait.

A quick hip hop loop made while playing with my new Modal Craftsynth 2.0

A couple of minutes of ambient soundtrack that I've been playing around with using some very slow random arpeggiation on the PreenFM2 and a self generating patch on the 0-Coast.

Pretty happy with this ambient-type thing. Lead line could do with some polishing, but that'll have to wait, away for the next week or so.

Blofeld on main pads, Medusa on more pads, PreenFM2 on the twinkly arp, PO32 for the drums, Wavestation and Nord Rack for the piano parts.

Might come back to this, I think it has some potential.

Finally! It's only taken about two months.

Quick hip hop loop using the PO32, Neutron and Medusa with the new 2.0 firmware. The updated smoothed wavetables are lovely, making these basic three note chords much more interesting thanks to a synced LFO.

A submission for Weekly Music 2019 17

Just playing around with the Nyx (badly) over some Blofeld chords.

Almost back on track!

Short hip hop loop made with the Tonic, Nord Rack, 0-Coast and Wavestation.

Two weeks late now... Don't know if I'll ever catch up.

Messing about with my new PO-32 Tonic synced to the PO-33 KO.

Finding it very difficult to catch up with my subs, almost no time for music stuff. This is pretty rough, really just a bunch of layered synth parts.

Getting to grips with the Medusa now though, the modulation matrix is particularly excellent, this uses one of the LFOs to modulate the shape of another LFO which is modulating the filter cutoff. LFOception!

This is becoming a running theme. No time so bashed this fairly uninspired synthwavey type thing out in an hour or so over lunch today.

Determined to catch up and not make it 4 late subs in a row!

Got a new toy late last week, a Dreadbox/Polyend Medusa. Had a fairly busy weekend so only just managed to have a proper play with it, and these are the results.

Trusty old PO-33 on the drums.

Music time has been almost non-existent again this week, so the best I can do is a tiny bit of boom bap I knocked up on my PO-33 on a lunch break. It's just a rough loop, but I love the sound of the wee machine. As a musical sketchpad it's amazing.

A couple of minutes of rough ambient nonsense, really just trying out some effects to get a bit more stereo into my stuff. Not entirely successfully unfortunately.

Who needs drums! Another dark ambient track, which I'm really quite happy with.

I think it's almost complete. Perhaps a little overlong, but I didn't want to rush it, it's all about mood after all.

I'm coming to realise that the thing I enjoy most about all this is the sound design. Think I'm going to try and get an ep of this stuff done.

Not had much time this week, but this came together pretty quickly.

Been a LONG time since l since I've made any drum and bass, this has got a distinct 2004 Cause 4 Concern vibe I think. Pretty happy with it although, as usual, it could do with some fills and drum variation, and a little trimming here and there.

The Neutron saw is fairly pleasing, with a sub under it it'd be chunky as hell.

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