Submissions by Tubular Corporation tagged experimental

All sounds made from a hydrophone recording of Weddell seal calls under the ice in Antarctica in 1979:

WB19 06 The Devil's Fax Machine take 2 TAPE MASTER CDDA.wav57mb

Built around a chopped up sample of ambient sound effects from Dungeon Keeper (DOS).

WB19 04 Imp Rally TAPE MASTER CDDA.wav49mb

Submitting early since I have to work all weekend.

Minimal drone/glitch recorded live to stereo with no editing or processing.

EHX Freeze
Digitech MIDI Vocalist
Akai MFC-42
DOD R-825 compressor/de-esser
Ibanez AD-202
Behringer Virtualizer Pro
Cross-feedback between two mixers

WB19 03 FRB (second take) CDDA.wav81mb