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A live improv techno song with Eurorack doing percussion (and growls, and some weird melodic stuff) and Future Retro 777 doing the bass. I was doing this while smoking ribs outside. Loop-based, but hopefully simple and fun.

I streamed this. You can check it out,

A really upbeat dance song made with my latest gear thingy, the Synthstrom Deluge.

All of the sounds and arrangement is done with that single box.

I haven't fully figured it out, so the sound design is not exactly ear-popping, but I was able to compose and arrange the entire thing using that box (with some EQ and Limiting post-processing in software after recording).

Considering that I got the Deluge a week ago, being able to compose something using only that piece of gear is actually pretty amazing for me.

BTW, as I mentioned last week, I released an improvisational album at If you like listening to the Eurorack jams that I post here check it out.

An all-in-the-Eurorack techno track that I made to try to exercise a new module, uPlaits by Tall Dog (which itself as a smaller version of Mutable Instruments Plaits). It's playing the repeated sequence that you hear throughout the entire song.

There are a few things I should have done after I tried a few takes - I think I should have applied a few more effects to the Plaits and maybe also set up another set of sequences to switch between. I think I'm kind of outgrowing the Stillson Hammer mk2. However I'm mostly happy with the arp sequence, the drums (BIA for the win) and the rather anxiety-inducing lead. Also, it's easy to accidentally self-resonate the Morgasmatron, so I need to remember not to do that if I don't want ear-piercing sines (like at the end of this recording).

I admit that I didn't really think of an emotional tone before starting, but overall it's an apprehensive emotional tone.

A Techno Jam on my Eurorack, because when people think of Eurorack, they think of techno. (Or Ambient, or sheer noise, but this isn't one of those). I also used a pedal (Elektron Analog Drive) for the first time.

I am going to the modular meetup today so I decided to work on this instead of my other more produced songs. It's still nice to be able to jam out on the hardware since you can get cool sounds so quickly.

Featured synth voices and effects:

  • Dixie II+ and Polaris (Bass)
  • Cursus Iteritas + Morgasmatron (Arp)
  • ES352 + Springray + Analog Drive (Lead)
  • Kick is from BIA and Hats from Plonk