Don't know why I typed 150 into tempo field when I started this track, but I like the energetic result. Usually I go for much calmer type of music.

I still don't know whether I like melodies and arps at the second half or not, was going to make it less sugary pentatonic and more dark and emotional, but didn't manage to.

miaulement · 1 year ago

@thawkins thanks! Really enjoyed making this one.

thawkins · 1 year ago

What a fantastically lush opening! Really enjoyed listening to this one.

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Such an inglorious end of year and streak for me. Late submits and missing weeks. Didn't feel like making music in december, my cat died of cancer and it made me really depressed. Started this track a couple weeks ago as an attempt to deconstruct bass of this track -
Arrangement and mixing I'm not proud of.
Was going to start a track for the last week here, but apparently it's not late-submittable for some reason.
So this is my last submission here. Probably upgraded version of it will go to weeklybeats first week. Or maybe gonna find inspiration for another track.
Anyway thank you all for being on this site and streak, these were wonderful and most prolific weeks for me electronic music wise!

Poorly mixed drone sketch made out of samples I made at around 2014 in some granular vst and found now. Not proud of it.

Exploration of designing bass from scratch, usual fight on mixing stage which I don't know whether I lost or not. What do you think about bass sound guys?

Footworkish track in the style of Ital Tek(i hope so at least), definitely far from being a completed track, but a promising sketch. In comparison with my first submission here( ) , which is by chance also a footwork try, this sketch is clearly a level up! Thanks to this site and all of you guys who keep posting submissions and supporting this streak!

Also I should stop abusing late submitting and produce 2 well made tracks next week without procrastinating till the very end.

An attempt to write a track with only one bitwig's stock synth - polysynth, and without using presets, making all sounds from scratch. Except for drum track, which I originally was going to compose out of stock bitwig drum instruments, but failed and used samples for kick and snare. Hats and cowbells are E-Hat and E-Cowbell bitwig devices.

Also decided to write in dorian mode, never tried it before.

Lead and cowbell are kinda stolen/insiped by this awesome track -

A couple of evenings spent trying to achieve decent mix, another realization how awful I am at mixing, just don't know what should I do when it sounds bad, blindly tweaking eq.

Picture is just for fun and to remind myself not to spent bunch of time on silly automation instead of actual composing :)

Really late submit. Was trying to make something similar to vim's breaks and boards of canada inspired stuff. But I'm no vim :) It turned out it was a pretty bad idea to take different breakbeat samples with different sound and tempo, repitch them and try to chop and mix together. Should have taken one and work with it. And the track structure is primitive, at this point this track is just a sketch.

On a positive side, I really like how harmony, melody and bass are working together. The part at 1:44 reminds me of my bloody valentine sound and harmony, it would be great to remake this track as a shoegaze song with real instruments, Kevin Shields style guitar instead of pads, female vocals instead of melody.

Scheduled late submit. A local artist Raumskaya organized a remix contest to his track( ) on his youtube channel( it's in russian), and I took all the time till deadline which is today.

Spent so much time on it and so tired of it, so can't even write anything about it.

Made this in bitwig 8-track(got it with computer music magazine 01/2019, originally was going to buy cheap nektar midi keyboard to get bitwig 8track, but found out that I can get it with CM magazine instead, you can still get it despite they say it only worked till 20.02.19).

The whole track is built around harmony and melody from a bitwig library midi clip, I was looking through presets and clips and found this one that I really liked and started to try it with different stuff. Copied the same midi to another track, added random arpeggiator and liked how it sound with some commodore64 sfz, so decided that all other sounds should come from the same pack(which i got from bedroom producer blog if I remember it correctly). Later rendered arpeggiated midi and rearranged parts that I didn't like.

So all tracks are c64 samples except the pad, which actually a preset that came with the midi clip(I only removed the effects and added more FM). I also added modulated bitcrusher on top of it to make it more chiptune :) By the way, modulation approach in bitwig is really amazing, I really like that all stock synths and plugins look really simple due to lack of lfos, envelopes and other noisy looking stuff which can be added in separate really convenient and powerful modulation section.

Now after mastering(i.e. limiting 🐸) I realised I don't like how its mixed, the pad has some unpleasant quality, probably should have done some eq in hi-mids. And the whole mix sounds too harsh even to my taste. But whatever, its sunday night and I should go to sleep.

Also the track asks for some B-section with some other chord progression. I'm gonna return to finishing this track someday...

Late monday night submit. Was going to submit several hours ago, had this exact submit form with uploaded finished mastered file, decided to take a final listen in order to come up with something to write here about. When the track ended I realized that it should not be the end. The track wanted more! During the process of writing the first half I was thinking that this chopped piano samples remind me of one of my favorite tracks by Tim Hecker( ) and I started trying to achieve similar broken melodies. It took me hours to realize that I need to stop.

Piano part is some free lofi piano loop sliced in ableton's simpler. No arpeggiators, everything is written by hand.

The pad chord in the second half is Em9 which is lovely, but not sure if I mixed it correctly maybe should've lowered hi freqs or something like that.

The first track by myself on this site which actually sounds like a real track(to my ears at least :)

My first late submit, was going to make some track in the last hours before deadline at night, but in the process realized that I actually really like whats comes out and would like to work on it little bit more. So late monday submit instead of work. Spent much more time than should, realized how bad I am at mixing, should somehow learn it.

The first week I actually had to force myself to write some track at sunday in order to submit in time in the last hours. Haven't been doing any music during the week, a hangover, horrible weather in moscow(it even snowed a little) - I was completely uninspired but decided to submit something nevertheless.
Decided to explore NI komplete start, never tried it before. The track is mostly done with komplete start presets with little tweaks(of course I couldn't pass by the one called AphexTone)

Tried nanoloop app this week, have never designed kick and snare from scracth before. I like the restrictions this app provides, curious what other kinds of music I could make in it without using samples.

Asked a friend to show me how to make good stuff with arpeggiators in ableton, ended up with some 8bit reverbed sparkly pad. Was going to make an ambient piece out of it, but ended up with slowed down amen break on top, so it became some kind of trip hop I guess.
The distorted lead somehow turned to sound very similar to Astrobrite, which is one of my favorite shoegaze bands

Hi! a newbie here!
Being a mediocre guitar player I used Reaper for recording guitar and stuff for years, yesterday installed Ableton and wow what a great piece of music software it is! Been fiddling around with it yesterday and today spent the whole sunday writing my first track in ableton ever, and after somewhat completing it I found this great site!
I really digging the idea of constantly writing music and getting tracks done at least once a week, I have a whole hard drive of unfinished songs/tracks laying there for years because procrastination and all that stuff. The deadlines are awesome for procrastinators like myself, so I'm happy to be here and getting damn songs done!

About the track - i've been into footwork/juke music lately so I started with a footwork rhythm and then proceeded with some silly production :) I really like the result, I think it's a nice sketch for future development

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