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A submission for Weekly Music 2023 11

I wasn't going to do weekly tracks this year as I'd been doing them since 2019 and wanted to see what happened if I was free of the discipline of doing a tune every week. But I found I was drifting somewhat and was missing the routine which I was finding didn't just help me get tracks finished but also had a positive knock-on effect.

Anyway, here's something glitchy I made this afternoon as I had the day off work. Not totally my thing but was fun to make and that's the main thing.

Like a lot of my tracks this started as something else and ended up being this private-eye glitch tune.

This came together quickly but fell apart in the final mix, but by that point I'd decided this was not 100% but as with anything creative it's all good experience. Better to do something than nothing.

First track of the year is some click-n-cut action.

Just smashing a piano* and chopping it up. I really like the sound of this even if it's been done to death elsewhere.

  • the piano in this instance the absolutely superb Arturia PianoV 2 VST.

This was going somewhere but would really need more TLC. I like the idea though and will explore this style further down the line.