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Compose and produce a new piece of music each week. Your submission is due every Monday at 04:59 UTC (Sunday 11:59EST). You should aim for at least one minute of music, and should be created that week.

Late submissions: Late submissions are open. If you miss a deadline you can still submit by clicking the week on the calendar to the right. If you submit late, your post will get a big Late tag, but it will still count for your streak.

(Description lifted from Leafo's 2017 description--thanks, Leafo!)

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revisited my plan for last week, swinging back more towards electronica (kinda aiming for the modern festival flavor based on a friends input)

hacked out the main groove (beat, strings, square bass, arp) in fruityloops and then built around that in ableton with some mangled live bass, the same MIDI drum kit as last week, some SymptohmPE and random synth to taste.

nothing mind blowing, but i think i hit my mark

6 minutes late damnit!

Was really struggling to come up with something .. didn't give myself enough time and nothing seemed to click until the last minute, so all in all this turned out pretty good in the end.

Late again. Been reforming my "studio" with new synths so haven't had much time to lay stuff down. This is an old piano piece i did which i thought i'd remaster with Odd timings and suchlike.

So I missed last week as I essentially submitted my song to an exclusive compilation... so I didn't post it. I hope to make up for it this month but it is not this week.

Feeling very all over the place so my song reflects that. At least I got it in!

Unfortunately this weekend was pretty busy, and though I had some time on Friday I didn't have the foresight to record stuff for Weekly Music even though I actually put together stuff so I just recorded at like 11 PM at night.

I'm doing a live set on July 20th so I'm starting to prepare some material. Here's a live practice of sections 1 and 2. I have ideas for sections 3 and 4 and then still need to write section 5.

lyrics a little less random this week; inspired by my dear friends description of coming out of a coma.

all Ableton this time, drums were "64 pad dub techno kit" finger played with no quantization.

SymtohmPE for synth bass and organ.

stock midi grand piano since NeoPiano stopped working.

clean guitar for some reason (i originally was leaning more electronica and planned on using it as a noise source with heavy effects then gapped/gated but got stuck on the way it sounded clean against the piano)

Very busy week, including prep for a Max/MSP show with mic feedback, so this week's submission is one of the test runs through the Max/MSP patch, with guitar. Kinda ambling and chaotic.

.aiff file captured to the drive, then brought into Ableton for level correcting, a touch of convolution reverb, and Full-Chain Master. And there we have it.

Title from the discovery of liquid mercury under this temple in Teotihuacan

Had a nice day out in Stroud yesterday, finished this track off later. Some might not like the aggressive mastering on this but I sort of like it. Okay it's maybe a bit too tough for this style of music. Living and learning.

The polar opposite of last week, a fairly intense single Medusa patch consisting of a drone with the filter cutoff slowly being opened.

Makes me think of zombie movies.

A couple of minutes of ambience showcasing the Medusa's softer side. Bass from the Neutron and plinks from the PreenFM2.

Pleased with this one,

Oh shit 2 minutes late... :'(

Pretty cool deep cruising techno. Lots of frequency work.

spent most of the week out of town, visiting a dear friend in the ICU and almost didn't get anything done- but another good friend hooked me up with access to ableton and a focusrite scarlett so here we are :)

I am cheating this week because I didn't really do music other than One Hour Compo.

However, I reused the baseline from my previous week's song in this song to make something completely different, so there was a little bit of continuity there in that sense.

This is a weird one. For a while I've been thinking of doing a piece composed of gestures on guitar, rather than playing notes--building a piece out of a vocabulary of incidental sounds. So this is a step toward that. I did several passes of Res-O-Glas (direct into the board) and several clips of Moog guitar through Vox Wah for drone texture. Arranging it...I shortened a lot of the Res-O clips to focus on scrapes and clicks (leaving in the switch-pop of a pickup selector switch, which still kind of sounds wrong...), time-stretching some clips, compressing others, and looking for repetitive patterns in them.

Four Res-O tracks are panned to fixed positions, while the Moog got auto-pan. Sends: two different convolution reverbs--a smaller room for the Res-O, and a concert hall for the Moog. Full-Chain Master on the 2 buss.

Title from this week's element, gold, apparently formed in the Earth's mantle.

Just Live and Push this time.

It's bloody hot in the UK and I just heard a thing on the radio about icecream vans contributing to global emissions. So here's a nice ditty inspired by hearing vans going around the town as a kid. You don't hear them any more.

Sorry for delay. Had a medusa, then sent it back owing to issues and the fact it didn't fit my set up so had to re-write this. Not my best effort, but it sounded nice.

Just a simple loop trying out my new Bastl Microgranny.

Chiptune yo. Here's more.

A very intuitive piece--I cobbled together three drum kits with syncopated rhythms, and composed a keyboard line...which I threw out after I picked up the Fahey-tuned Univox hollow body. There are three tracks of that, with varying degrees of fuzz. Not a bad hook...though very simple.

Sends: convo reverb and a delay; full-chain master on the master, and drum buss on the drums.

Title from the derivation of this week's element, platinum.

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