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WEEK 30!?!?!?!? Last chiptune song for a bit, and now I move on to maybe doing full on rock music? I'll let you know how it goes.

Catching up, making up for a week I couldn't post. I'll be taking a break from LSDJ posts after this week. Moving on to other things!

Another chiptune romp. Wrote it while in tech week for a theatrical production!

Still trying to write a makeup song for week 27... I promise next week.

So I missed last week as I essentially submitted my song to an exclusive compilation... so I didn't post it. I hope to make up for it this month but it is not this week.

Feeling very all over the place so my song reflects that. At least I got it in!

Chiptune yo. Here's more.

Still trying to find the right sound for my guitar and the chiptune. Working all next month on this as well!

Bit of a set back with recovery from my surgery and my want to really get guitar involved made me late. Sorry all.

Oops late submit.

This month (and the next) I'll be focusing on chiptunes and lsdj.

Here is a simple chiptune track I made based on a song name recommendation. I didn't get to do any arrangement glueing so if it's choppy I understand!

Did this in one hour. PAX was long. I'll do better next week.

Gosh, what do I say about this week...

Started a new job so mental capacity was at a low. This track has a lot of potential but it is not at all there yet. Set out for electro and chiptune feel.

First time trying to write a break like this as well. Any comments or suggestions on what to focus on would be appreciated. Also sorry for the long name, it felt fitting at 11:00 PM Sunday.

Fell back into the chiptune vibe, and decided to make a quick one this week. Recorded the guitars myself straight in and used an amp designer and the rest is midi. (Maybe someday I will make an lsdj version.)

The name is an inside joke for a friend.

Picked up my guitar for the first time in forever and made something I've been thinking about for a while. LSDJ Chiptune rock. Pretty happy with the overall result, but it was a struggle. Feedback on this appreciated!

Week one here we go! For this year I am working on my EDM production. So all of these instruments and effects are brand new and the drum sounds are custom (part of my classes in synth sound design). This is mostly how I will write all of my tracks.

I feel like this is a great song to start the new year off!

Brand New.wav54mb