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I was quite stuck for inspiration last night, but I stumbled upon these two chords and that provided enough juice to finish this track.

Any parallels to War On Drugs are completely coincidental and all names-places-personalities are strictly fictional etc.

Lossless on Soundcloud:

This is an edited-songified version of the intro part of our stream this week (

You can find it losslessly here

I feel it came out nicely as a really laid back ambient lounge something something tune, a nice end to this really busy week I have had.

(lossless version here

Even though it says 2021.01.21 I still worked on it this week so it counts, right? :)

This is the intro part from our streaming jam session that takes place every Tuesday evening 8.30PM Central European Time at

Past episodes can be found on this channel:

Another generative experiment, although I spent a lot more time on "finishing" this track.

I like how it sounds, let's see how I feel tomorrow.

Lossless on Soundcloud here

This was a really really quick track that I made to test out a generative plugin/rack I built for Ableton Live.

I put this thing on the rhodes, guitar and bass tracks, let it play for a while then recorded some drums.

Basically what I want to say is randomness is a great thing for kickstarting your insipiration if you are stuck. I hope you find this tool useful. :)

Continuing work on finishing the old project from 2 years ago. I must have re-done the bass 6-7 times and I am still not happy about it. No more time this week to mess around, so uploading it now.

Decided to finish this project I found on my desktop.

For this week I have a live set (with all the warts and cringy mistakes left in - I did adjust the gain on 2 tracks but nothing else) that I performed yesterday.

Also in high definition glory here:

Finally got monitors again. :)

I got lucky and had some time to polish up an old project and this time I took my time with the mix and structure to try and make a "real" song. It ended up being sort of like a melange of 2, because I am not very good at letting go and finishing stuff up early.

I think this could be a lot better, but I was basically working off an already recorded jam without access to the hardware I recorded all the sounds off of, which meant some doubling-transposing and lots of EQs.

Let's see if I hate it a few months from now.. :)

Early this week because my laptop goes in for repairs tomorrow. I feel the mix was a bit rushed and maybe a bit too busy with too many elements. However, this time I felt I almost got a real song structure in there (if you squint a lot).

Not super happy with this, but I was in a rush. I wish I had more time to fix arrangement and mix.

Chopped something up from today's jam.

Experimenting with TidalCycles, the Haskell live-coding framework. All sounds from Roland XV-5080, all MIDI from TidalCycles.

Testing out some new settings.. metronome was way off today. Somehow managed to record something and then saw that buffer size was set to 512, hmm.

Otherwise this came pretty easily thanks to lucking out on messing with the right knobs on the MS2000R.

I wanted to do other music related stuff this weekend too, so I decided to do a quickie and finish up an old project of mine.

That didn't come easy, but in the end I think there are parts in it that spark something. Wish I had more time to mix and mess around.

Here's a quick jam I cut up for brevity.

Didn't have time to do drums properly, but I'll do it sometime when I have time to pick this idea up again.

Posting this from warsaw airport. Made fully in nanoloop (which deleted my progress twice because I switched to another app or something), converted to mp3 using cloudconvert.

A submission for Weekly Music 2019 5

I was working on an old project today it is not finished yet but I better leave it be for a while before I mess all of it up. :)

Some mellow & hypnotic 90bpm krautrock.

A krautrock jam in 3 parts (roughly).