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This is some loops and sounds I noodled around with on the Yamaha QY100 and then later finished up on the computer and used all of my other regular gear.

I kind of wish it had more structure somewhat.

(edit) Uploaded in high quality here:

Really had to rush this arrangement and mix because I did not have much time this week. There's even a whole second part that I did not have time to work on at all, but maybe it's actually better as it is now than if I had worked on it too much.

High quality on Soundcloud:

This week I did a major rework-remix of an old track that I submitted here in 2019 when doing the weekly challenge.

I still did a jam session stream this week that you can find here:

Decided to rearrange a more energetic clip of this week's livestream.

High quality on Soundcloud:
Live stream and audio archive here:

Rushed track. This time I experimented transposing stuff to different scales-roots using the QY100.

High quality on Soundcloud:

On the road with a minimal setup, experimenting with this new piece of gear.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Going forward I am going to try and give names to tracks. Let's see how long until I run out of ideas.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Also listen to the full stream of the jam session on Youtube:
Or a different mix on Soundcloud:

This is - as usual - an excerpt from Tuesday's jam session that we stream weekly on Twitch and YouTube. It's actually two parts - a kind of random soundscape intro that smoothly (well, almost) transitions into a dubby, spaced out trip with a bunch of solos and soundscapes on top of a unchanging rhythmic riff.

Find it high quality here:
And also the full jam session:

This is an old jam of ours that I fixed up into a weird track. It reminds me of Grateful Dead for some reason, even though I have never really been into that band.

High quality on Soundcloud:

I was away this weekend so I made a track only using Reaper and it's built in synths and effects (mostly just the Delay effect).

High quality on Soundcloud:

Trying to get back on my bullshit and have some more faster motorik krautrock going.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Full jam session:

Spiritual successor to last week's track, again taken from our jam session this week. It's long but it's 2-3 tracks seamlessly blending to each other so I feel it makes this OK, right? :)

High quality on SoundCloud:

Also check out the full jam session on Youtube or Soundcloud.

Remiced and slightly condensed the intro from last Tuesday's stream. It's long but I guess the excuse is that it goes through 3-4 different moods so it's not just one loop going forever.

For a difference, I feel good about this track.

High quality on soundcloud:

I took an old project and tried to fix it. Not sure if it worked.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Re-arranged and mixed intro part from our jam last Tuesday. I am happy with it but also I feel like the drums don't sound correctly at all, and some elements are not nicely balanced.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Full jam session:

Another reverb experiment, this time based on a part of our jam last Tuesday.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Full jam session (with links to video):

An outtake from this week's Tuesday jam. Very quick and rushed because I spent a lot of time rebuilding my studio setup after replacing my main audio interface.

High definition on Soundcloud:

Full audiovisual livestream:

Quite happy with this one - once again it seems that the less time I have to make a track, the better it will be.

Better quality on soundcloud:

This is a part from our live stream on Tuesday, with some tweaks in arrangement:

My hard drive is almost full, so under the circumstances I needed to finish something older instead of creating yet another unfinished project.

Lossless here:

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