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Kinda a half finished song was making with my friend today trying to find a sound for our new project. I'm mostly responsible for the synths,

Really dig the sound he got out of the guitar part - sounding like a rambling sitar. We tracked it out the parts in Ableton.

I have a feeling we will be making more beatsy world music so stay tuned ;D

Starting to think it might be helpful to start naming tracks lol. Story behind this one .. This song isn't entirely new, it's been progressing in stages for a while.

About 6 weeks ago I played a gig and came up with this instrumentation ... the guitars got recorded (sampled into MPC) on the day of the gig, and I think the rest of it got put together the night before, but the synth patches had been kicking around for a while. It was sort of a fun song to break up a dance music set, and the only song with any guitars.

So really all I did today is come up with the vocal part, record/sample it with a Shure 57 straight into the MPC, then try a composition and recorded it completely dawless. Kinda first time in about 10 years I've done any singing on a track, so it was quite the challenge. I've been enjoying singing and playing guitar a bit lately, and would love to 'find my voice' more, so I thought this exercise today was a valid/useful one.

Can't help but feel like I might of accidentally knocked off this vocal melody from somewhere, but not sure if it's just cos i've been humming it for a while. If anyone recognises it please let me know!

Soooo was all set to upload and then went ah ffs I gotta do another take it's too half arsed, and I'm super glad I did. The percussion, and synths are recorded in my usual dawless fashion, but then added two guitar layers over the top. They were seperate long improv takes, but then I just decided to layer them up, panned left and right. There's some super basic prodution on there, using Audacity. And actually had heaps of fun so yay for software.

It was the percussion and synth layers I went back and recorded again (not individually, just another take) , because it was sounding super shitty and tin canny, and the original was just kind of a boring take really. So after doing a bit of a wilder take, and adding the guitars back in, the composition (by luck) landed way better. I think i might do some more software stuff, just with Audacity .. and subtle stuff .. I really don't want to go crazy listening to things a million times making tiny adjustments etc ... like I used to with Ableton back in the day. I just want to listen through and go oh yeah that track up a bit roughly. If i get more time next week i might track out a few more of the instruments, maybe. ;D

Everyone's tunes sounding sick btw, y'all killin' it this year!

Feelin' the experimentation vibes of the beginning of the year. This began as a jam with a mate playing guitar, started kind of stoner rocky then started sounding like disco, then he had to head off before we recorded .. and it ended up as a beatsy synthwave sort of tune with a phasing (cross) sine wave lead. Recorded straight off hardware .. might try multitrack something out with a daw soon if I get time. Trying to up effects game, ran the lead and arp parts coming from the korg ms2k through Electronharmonix Cathedral pedal just to spice it up a bit.

Back to weekly music after a year off, haven't done any recording and not a lot of music in the last year. Back to trying to find my sound somewhere between acid and detroit techno, where things are a bit weird dark and not 100% in scales, but melodic and funky enough to be able to dance to. Kinda the territory i find interesting. Didn't exactly hit it but happy with the synth patches that came together in the process. Got like 8 variations of them now, heh, this is a couple of them ... akwardly put together in a jam, recorded on my zoom recorder straight off the hardware: MPC1000, Korg MS2k, and Mog Slimphatty. Composition sucks but did about 20 takes and had to call it ;D Going to try and work on composition this year!

This song ended up sounding a hell of a lot like a Bodzin song, haha!

I'm a week behind at this stage, plan to catch up though!

I like this one.. bit slower, kinda deep, a bit glitchy, techy but kinda acid housy, a bit groovy.

Pretty fun one. Trying to consolidate all mechanics lately. As in make stuff simple and line up but be powerful. Maybe that makes some sense, maybe not :) Pretty fun song anyway, a little on the lighter side of things.

Acid didgeridoo jams .. trying to get something deep and rambling.

6 minutes late damnit!

Was really struggling to come up with something .. didn't give myself enough time and nothing seemed to click until the last minute, so all in all this turned out pretty good in the end.

Oh shit 2 minutes late... :'(

Pretty cool deep cruising techno. Lots of frequency work.

The generic ultra pop song nobody asked for ;D

Pop song new wave

Just a happy little song that cruises along.

Back to 130bpm acid ;D
Trying to get a deeper swampy sound in my techno.

Something a bit different, a bit slower, can kind of imagine some new wave vocal line over the top of it.

Love weekly beats/streak club for getting my arse into gear! Have barely done anything music related all week and barely made it to this deadline. But I did and am now super amped again for tunes ;D

Here's a nice and mellow acid jam for Monday morning ;D

Pretty rushed piece of techno jam.
All over the place at the moment - was more focussed on updating my submission from last week to the real track which is a live one hour set. Hope you get a chance to listen to that one ;D

Struggling to upload my festival set from lastnight cos still at festival and reception sucks. Not loosing my streak due to technical difficulties lol. Will update soon!

UPDATE: Ok uploading now!! Not mastered ... sounds a bit dry straight off the desk. I have a microphone recording too that sounds a bit more lively will put in this mix when get a chance.

Big techno jam. Takes a while to get going but I really like the way this one finishes. I'm writing a live set at the moment and am probably going to start the set with something like the end of this song ;D

hard techno, getting toward psytrance hehe .. but pretty fun i hope. lots of panning lfos

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