I needed to paint some stones again. In pixels, this time.

And a 1h study. I'm so bad at proportions.

"Fallout 4? I'm gonna build my own Fallout. With Blackjack. And Hookers."

Not really though.

Still a fake screenshot, but I've begun coding. Let's see how long it takes for a first prototype with the little sparse time I have right now.

Added new variations to the characters for the roleplaying game I am working on.

Messing around with making some exploding sprites. Sprites explode into individual pixels and can recombine to form other sprites. Right now it only works with small images because there is a LOT of calculations being done every update (each pixel gets tweened) so optimization will be key. Not sure how I want to handle this yet though.

I can do about 5000 pixels without any slowdown currently which is right around a 64x64 sprite. Needs work...

More experimentation with isometric pixel art and basic interface for a roleplaying game.

Originally, I wanted to paint something in the perspective of Ultima 7, one of my alltime favourite games. And then it got weird again.

She's not part of any game project, but I thought I should give her a name anyway!

I would so love to make this work: A complex game as local coop and the dialogue does not block the other player.

Fake screenshot

I was inspired by the cool temple wall art by MrTedders and wanted to make my own. His was done by hand, but I wanted to make something similar using the computer. I have a lot of interest in computer generated content and this case seemed like a perfect opportunity to use it.

I want to use these techniques to generate some interesting patterns for game development. Maybe not this particular pattern, but something.

I made this pattern with a bunch of what I called Crawlers. Basically a crawler is a little bug that leaves a trail behind it as it walks around and keeps track of where it has been. My crawlers follow a set of very simple rules to make their patterns:

  1. If the space in front of the crawler hasn't been covered before, move into it.
  2. If the space has been covered turn left.
  3. If the crawler has turned in a complete circle, it is stuck. It should then go back to the last space it was on.
  4. If the crawler gets all the way back to the space it started at, it dies.
There are also two special conditions that can randomly affect a crawler:
  1. There is a small chance that a crawler will randomly turn left that grows the longer the crawler has traveled in a straight line.
  2. A crawler may randomly spawn another crawler at its own location facing to the right.

Those 6 simple rules generate random patterns that look like this:

Messed with my exploding sprites code to allow sprites to teleport. There is an explody teleport and a more linear one.

Also, made a pixel orc. He is the one teleporting.

The graphics are of course also a mess. I think I should work a bit cleaner, at least for the walls.

"The flesh grows fast," he said.
"Yeah?! Let it come. My shotgun is hungry."
He sighed. "You should have grabbed that flamethrower."


Still trying to figure out an isometric/orthographic pixel style I can use for games.