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Let's keep the weekly music process going into 2017. The rules are simple: compose and produce a new piece of music each week. Your submission is due every Sunday at 11:59 UTC. You should aim for at least one minute of music, and should be created that week.

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experimtenting w massive


version 1 - experimenting w massive -


I wasn't really into this track this week. It actually came together considering that I was really not happy with it about two hours in, but still… meh.

What kind of genre would you call this?

Sunday, May 21, 15:45 - 18:00. Today is a painting day.

More arpeggiation. More ambience. Lots of modulation in hardware. Some beats.

So far, I have an EDM dance beat going on but I'm not really feeling it today. I may have to do more random noodling.

Total time: 2h 15m


Eeking this one in at the last possible hour... I'm not sure, but I don't really feel like I'm 100% done with this song. The sax squeals I'm happy with, but the other sax is just a rip off of a riff from a remix I did, so I'll need to change that up. Also thinking about some faster "free jazz" sax parts. I also didn't have anything in mind when I started this week's track, I just started programming and went from there.

For this song I used the following:
-DM - The Drum Machine
- Logic Pro (DAW/various effects)
- Alto Saxophone

*No movie sample this week, but the final version of this track may have one in the mix.


Very Unfinished. Must find more time and work daily.

An all-in-the-box piece this week, it started sounding to me like my old on-iphone-sequencer yoctonaut project, so I'm considering it a kind of reboot. Having listened to a lot of minimal techno at the end of the other week, I wanted to go for clipped/gated percussion sounds. In some cases I used Ableton's gate plugin, but in others I just shortened the length of the played sample in Simpler. There's a drum rack of a dry trap kit that's gotten a lot of Gate on the short cut preset, as well as high-pass and low-pass auto-filter (and it's side chained to the kick of the next percussion channel). A drum rack of 909 kick and hat got shortened at the point of sampling, and got a lot of high-pass filter on the kick. Two channels of Impulse (hand claps and percussion) got short-cut gate treatment, one with that preset, and one with a tweaked attack to shorten it.

The bassline is in Operator, for which I used three sine voices and some low-pass filter. It's side chained to the 909 kick pretty heavily.

The rest of the voices (a pad and two leads) are in Analog, mostly variants of heavily low-pass filtered sawtooth voices, one with an initial pitch modulation for percussive presence.

Sends: three convolution reverbs (two ambience or dry room, one a much larger hall space), one Simple delay, and one Filter delay. Everything got some auto-pan except the 909 and bass, with the 909 getting randomized volume modulation with auto-pan. No humanizer on this one! And the master got Full-Chain Master, as always.

The title comes from the fact that in (sub)atomic physics, 20 represents an island of stability for numbers of protons and neutrons in heavier isotopes

20 Island of Stability.mp315mb

Break at 2:45

Week 20 The Garden.mp318mb

Wasn't sure where this week was going, but I started with three tracks of identically voiced Ableton Analog synth, which had a kind of string section sound--I kept these to odd, non-matching meters, and then added two tracks of drums--a jazz kit (which I bitcrushed and then removed the bit crushing from) and 909 with 4/4 parts. I added synth bass, which seemed to propel things...but didn't seem right on its own. Late in the week, I tracked a bunch of bass...that I didn't end up using, and then Saturday night heard a different way of playing it, so used those parts. (As ever, 80s Epiphone Embassy II on the P pickup.) I'd recommended that a friend check out Birdsongs of the Mesozoic (particularly the Beat of the Mesozoic EP), and had Martin Swope's playing fresh in my mind, so I tracked some Epiphone Moderne through the Reuss Repeater Fuzz and Vox Wah (all the way up). At the last minute I put on some grand piano lines with Ableton's Simpler.

Only the trap set got M4L Humanizer. Other instruments got varying degrees of auto-filter, and bass is sidechained to the 909 kick. Almost everything got auto-pan, and the mixdown got full-chain master. Sends are convolution reverb (Berlin Powerstation impulse) and filter delay into simple delay.

Title comes from the Bàbi and Bahá'í concept of Váhid, or Unity--a group of 19.

19 Unity.mp314mb

Hang on to rays of light.

May 14, 16:15 - 17:35.

My main is to crank out a melodic EDM song in an hour.

Okay, it was more melodic than EDM, but I guess it fulfills the purpose. I am thinking that the part with the beats isn't quite as impactful as I want it to be, probably due to the fact that the kick is a bit too mechanical. Maybe more noise would have been good for it.

Total time: 1h 20m (the exact time for a One Hour Compo! It's almost like I know the exact time.)


Not at home for the weekend so I had to do a track with just my laptop and no controllers, synths, etc. So this will sound a bit different.

Week 19 Weird Stuff.mp37mb
Untitled 1.wav43mb

Threw this together Saturday afternoon in about 5-6 hours. Not a all the type of song I had intended to write, but it was a little sunny out earlier and there was some afterthoughts left over from last week's submission I guess. Is this reggae? Is it dub? Jazz? I'm not a huge fan of reggae (don't hate it, just don't listen to a lot of it), but I do dig dub and dubby sounds. I would have liked to done a little more change ups on the drums maybe. I'm back and forth. Your thoughts and feedback are much appreciated.

For this song I used the following:
-DM - The Drum Machine
- Logic Pro (DAW/various effects)
- Alto Saxophone

*There is a movie sample, but it's pretty mangled, so I don't think anyone would guess it. The other samples are more like foley sounds ran through delay.

Sax Chillax.mp34mb

live at grelle forelle april 2017 sound recorded w real tape and edited

last second every week, i don't even know what this is


Started planning toward a dark ambient piece, and then wrote a funky bassline. Whoops.

Drums: Drum rack of dry funk drums, with auto-filter high-pass with resonance on both the kick and snare. This also went through a bit crusher, which I automated to vary throughout the track. There's also a 909 kick in places, and some hand claps.

Bass: Epiphone P-J into the Focusrite, with a bit of convolution reverb. Sidechained to the kick.

Keys: Ableton Electric (Wurlitzer) getting Auto-Filter with drive and Auto-Pan for tremolo, Ableton Analog (Glass2 Hollow), Bastl Kastle

Guitar: Epiphone Moderne into the Focusrite, Ableton Auto-Filter (band-pass with drive) and Auto-Pan (tremolo).

M4L Humanizer on all MIDI instruments except the keys, Auto-Pan on almost everything for spatialization, and Full-Chain Master on the two-channel output.

Title...from the election in France, which was better news than not. And it's the anniversary of Dien Bien Phu, so there's that too, if you prefer.

18 Bien.mp311mb

brak at 2:50

Week 18 Trance X.mp39mb

A dark open air market, a blank stare, a fair exchange.

Sunday, May 7, 2017. 13:00 - 15:00. Looking at the Oberheim Xpander. This is a beast of a synth that I don't entirely get. It's from 1984 and it has a totally different UI than most modern synths - tons of menu diving.

At this rate, if I make one or two good sounds with it in an hour I should be pretty happy, as I haven't ever really gotten the mental model of it before.

OKAY SUCCESS I think I managed to figure the Oberheim out. It's playing the organ-like lead in this song.

Lots of weird stuff in this song overall...

Total time: 2h

Edit: The file didn't upload.


started it w 2010 - never finished ...


[UPDATE] Picked a cover image (see below), this one seemed to be the most popular. Also finished tweaking the mix, but if anyone has any further suggestions feel free to drop them in the comments.

Happy Star Wars Day and May the Fourth be with you! How would you describe this song? Dubtronica? Jazztrap? Pretty happy with how this track turned out, though I'm not really sure what genre you would call this.

For this song I used the following:
-DM - The Drum Machine
- Logic Pro (DAW/various effects)
- Alto Saxophone

*I think it's pretty obvious where this week's movie sample come from.

Alderaan Beach Party.mp38mb

first late submission, missed it by 24 seconds :(

stamp of approval.mp33mb

Just a normal Trance WIP

Week 17 Trance WIP.mp33mb



Not sure if this is the final title or not... or the final sax part, but the beat is pretty much where I want it. I may also add some scratching during the polyrhythmic section in the near future (if I spend any more time on this track). The vocal sample comes courtesy of VenusLove, pulled from I basically put this together for a friend's video he's editing of footage from this year's SAS Ladies Day.

For this song I used the following:
-DM - The Drum Machine
- Logic Pro (DAW/various effects)
- Alto Saxophone

*No movie sample this week, but one may get added later. ;)

Get Up Off Your Seat (feat. VenusLove).mp310mb
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