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Let's keep the weekly music process going into 2017. The rules are simple: compose and produce a new piece of music each week. Your submission is due every Sunday at 11:59 UTC. You should aim for at least one minute of music, and should be created that week.

Late submissions: Late submissions are open. If you miss a deadline you can still submit by clicking the week on the calendar to the right. If you late submit your post will get a big Late submit tag, but it will still count for your streak. No reason to stress out about deadlines, do your best!

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Absolutely no time right now to work on a song, so this pathetic piece is just some sounds that meets criteria for making a "song" every week. Nothing good here.

Dry funk kit, hand drum kit, claps, marimba, bass, organ, synth. Tracked guitar, but it was a bit sloppy, and I cut it. (Hey, been sick this weekend.) The goal was to do something like a lost instrumental b-side of a Grace Jones session with Sly and Robbie, with Bill Laswell remixing.

29 Club.mp312mb

Summertime hot dogs and burgers.

I started this song in about 1.5 hours for OHC (I submitted it late). I got some encouragement to finish it, so I'll aim for that during WeeklyMusic.

Sunday, July 23, 2017. 11:15 - 12:30. Going to do this song over again and work on the performance parts. Re-recorded most of the rhythm guitar and redid some bass and added an ending.

I started again around 2-3 PM maybe? I forgot to record the new start time.

Including OHC time, I probably spent about 3h 45m on this, with a lot of it recording takes of the guitar parts. My guitar playing is still not that solid but recording it at least reinforces what I need to look at.


Yet another jam... I swear I'm going to get back into writing studio tracks. I've just been trying to do more live streaming, so I figure I'll kill two birds.
I like the sounds/settings that I used in this jam a lot, but I'm still unhappy with the mix. This time the sax seems too quiet in comparison to the rest of the mix. Also, I recorded it a bit hot, so there's a little digital distortion, which I actually kind of like, but definitely not my intention.
My intention with these jams is to release the best (my favorite) ones on bandcamp as free downloads named after the people who "vote" or "react" the most during my performance. I like the ideas presented in this jam, so I'll be re-recording this before I release it on bandcamp.


You may know that I like to experiment with different genres. This time I wanted to create a typical house track, but after Ive made the standard Kick & Bass, I decided to speed it up to 150bpm and let it being influenced by my usual style, uplifting trance. Thats why this track features a melodic breakdown with a synthesized lead arpeggio. Please note that this track doesnt have vocals.

Week 29 House im Haus.mp35mb
Week 28 Azur.mp39mb

after i was playing at #heroinesofsound festival in berlin i was invited to #medialoca radioshow at #rebootfm berlin - to present my actual work and latest releases

My cat passed away this week, so my ability to concentrate is a little shot. I really loved Timmy, he was a beautiful affectionate creature. RIP Timmy.

I received some direct feedback on the last piece, so I'm going to be a little more careful this time. Live guitar parts, live bass parts, fake drum parts.

Chords: Am Em F C / C Dm G F

Time: 16:00 - 17:45. Total time: 1h 45m


(Production notes soon)

28 Tides.mp311mb

Not my best improv jam, but not my worst (close). Adjusting to being back to work after vacation has been more tiring than expected, plus I had a gig with my other project, so I just got around to doing any of my own music until today.
Some cool ideas in this, but I feel my mix is off. The sax is a bit louder than I like it in the mix and the drums don't seem as blended with my backing synth lines. I was determined to get something posted to, so here it is. Made some alterations to my jamming rig.


In the middle of moving this week, so this is just an improv thing.

Decided to make something using exclusively samples from an old space rock album called Green by Steve Hillage. The tracks I sampled from are 'Ether Ships', 'Unidentified (Flying Being)' and 'UFO Over Paris'.

Etherial Flying Machines.mp37mb


A submission for Weekly Music 2017 28

looking to record and actually share music again. this one's mostly gibberish


Quick Idea for a trance track. The Melody needs sime twisting.

Week 27 Trance im Juli 1.mp31mb

preparing intro for heroines of sound festival in berlin - radialsystem


This one coalesced while I was thinking of other things, and ended up becoming a kind of atmospheric low-key dubsteppy kind of thing. Then when I went to track guitar after having tracked bass successfully, I had to embark on a 45-minute exploration of why my USB converter didn't seem to be passing audio. (In the was a bad cable. But I had also spent time messing up the converter settings, so I had to fix them again.)

Instruments: rack of dry funk single drum hits (lots of filtering on here to roll off highs), hand claps, Linn percussion, two different electric pianos, Mellotron samples, Epi P-J bass on P, and home-made Res-O-Glas guitar.

Two convolution reverbs (one short, with auto-filter to roll off lows one long), and typical delay cascade.

Title from the fact that 27 is the prime reciprocal magic square of 1/7.

27 Reciprocal Magic.mp311mb

Sunday July 9: Guitar practice/jamming.

I kind of lazied out this week, but some practice is better than no practice.

Total time: about 1.5 hours.


Was on vacation this past week with no time to work on music, so here's an outtake from last week's submission. I'll be back on my game this next week... hopefully.


An ambient thing. Took small loop and processed the heck out of it using paul Stretch, Vocal Synth, Ableton time stretch mostly.

sucks and i hate it

disconcerting forest demo.mp31mb

Whoops, guess I missed a few weeks... or maybe a dozen. Ended up burning myself out and was pretty busy so didn't have the time to make much music, but been working on a few things recently. This track's based around samples from Stars by Simply Red.

Held You.mp34mb

working on my album - and a remix version


8 tracks (drum rack of single-hit trap kit, handclaps, percussion, three electric pianos, guitar, bass). Funk. Half-way through the year!

Nothing special in production notes, other than my using the Glue compressor to side-chain the bass to the biamped/dual-filtered kick drum. (One resonant peak on the shell, one on the beater). The glue compressor gets a bit dirty on the peaks in a pleasing way. Also there are two different convolution reverbs with different small rooms for air on them.

Otherwise, lots of editing on the guitar to remove notes--not to hide mistakes so much as to make space.

26 Half Funky.mp310mb

A project me and al exec were working on the other day. not happy with the result tho, will scrap it and start a new project soon.

Week 26 Trance im Juni 2.mp39mb

Sunday, July 2, 9:10 - 11:50.

I am experimenting with using an iPad for working with software and external gear. The setup I'm trying at the moment is to use Modstep to control MIDI, and then recording directly into Logic Studio. I chose ModStep app for this process, since it's mostly pattern-based and therefore is pretty close to other pattern-based sequencers that I know.

This is a pretty huge mess of a song but doing stuff with hardware and iPad is kind of hard. I guess I'll upload this because it is an interesting live jam experiment.

Total time: 2h 40m, most of it trying to learn ModStep. There are a number of things it does strangely, like the fact that you can't record from its chord pads into the step sequencer that easily, but if I get some scenes set up it seems like it can at least do cool performance-oriented things.

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