Gear talk

What everyone's favorite gear they are using? Anything weird and esoteric? My band is reclaiming a Quad 8 console we loaned to a studio for many years. The pre amps are very warm, similar to API's. I also just picked up a Eventide Space pedal. it can make some chaos for sure.

My OP1 is probably my favorite piece of gear, but I haven't used it for stuff at all yet. Maybe next week!

My OP-1 is what got me through the few weeks I did complete in WB2014 and WB2016!

It's so hard for me to pick a favorite piece of gear. With the J'owl project the sax is my lead instrument, so I guess I could go with that. :)
But I do love my Drone Thing from Electro-Faustus; running it though my guitar pedals. So I guess the Drone Thing would be the weirdest and the so not so weird.

I love my OP1 as well. It is my favorite synth since the Nord Micromodular.

my faves these days: little boy blue synthsizer, KASTLE pocket S. and dark energyII - still love my novation bass station and microKorg - as well a a selfmade bass guitar

My old Epiphone P-J bass with EMG Selects (because they were cheap) and flatwound strings seems to fit into nearly every track I do. In the software world, I make a lot of use of Ableton's Auto-Filter plugin.

I just bought a Kilpatrick Phenol. It's my first foray into the modular world. Prepare your ears for an inevitable assault of weird stuff.