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I screwed up feeding schedule again, I hope it doesn't die

Tomato is doing bad. Pepper coming in. Harvested chives yesterday

I forgot to feed last night, got a little bit of hooch. Switching to morning feeding

I mixed the hooch in the afternoon, then tonights growth is first pic. No hooch.

Keep forgetting to take pictures at the interesting part. There was about 1 inch of hooch I stirred back in before incorporating the day's feeding

I forgot to submit the first day because I foolishly didn't think to make a streak. This is after day 2 feeding

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Finished yesterday's and a new one

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It's not done but I'm afraid to add more

Happy water Wednesday

Harvested the chives again

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pen is the ultimate test

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I refactored the upload code today so hopefully nothing broke


I harvested the chives from the starter plant for bread, I'm surprised at how fast they grow back

The tomato plant was looking like it had disease so my roommate cut off a bunch of the leaves

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I've almost finished the envelope

A submission for Daily Art Club

you can now paste images from clipboard into the edit page (for example you make a selection with snapshot tool)

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