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I made streak club work better on phones. Posting from mobile!

A submission for Daily Art

some practice before frog jam

A submission for Daily Art

got some late submits to do...

I worked on my color exercise generator some more, it makes colors related to other colors. I did this so I could practice picking colors by blending colors I already have on canvas. It's now uploaded here: http://leafo.net/paintcolors/ and source here: https://github.com/leafo/paintcolors

A submission for Daily Art

more color matchig

A submission for Daily Art

alright, very short drawing today. I coded a tool that generates random colors in HSV space with some tweakable parameters. I'm trying to figure out if it's a useful exercise attempting to match the colors. My painting on top, the generated colors below

A submission for Daily Art

not sure if this is a failure. I did 3 10 minute pieces by finding a random flickr picture and trying to paint it. The goal is to get better at recreating accurate colors (without a color picker)

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uh apparently I enabled porn mode 😳

made it though 7 days of 1 hour quickposes sessions, yeah!

A submission for Daily Art

this one was stressful.. bunch of the images had clothes

A submission for Daily Art

another day, another quickposes

A submission for Daily Art

1 hr 5 min poses again!

A submission for Daily Art

1 hour quickposes again, 5 minutes a pop. Lets see if I can do this for 7 days straight

1 hour of https://www.quickposes.com/en

that was grueling. I can't use posemaniacs on my laptop b/c I don't have flash :(

it's been a while since I last drew

alright, lets try weekly loop again. the last thing I added to loops library was a model loader so here's a model with the faces broken apart


midi + guitar


lyrics: ""


I got a new audio interface, and I only used 1 dsp on the guitar line in. sounds fine w/e


dedicatd to bob dylan


I bought rocksmith 2014, spent like 2 hours trying to get it working, then desperately used their jam mode to create the weekly beat. one take, full of mistakes. enjoy me not being able to play the pentatonic scale

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