Weekly Themes?

Hey everyone, I'm excited to contribute this year to "Weekly Beats". Quick question though...
What are your thoughts on having some sort of weekly theme? I feel like I remember people doing that over on the Weekly Beats site, but maybe I'm just imagining things.
Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there and see if anyone would be interested in something like that.


That was an aspect of the song a week subreddit too. I think it's a good idea, although I guess it's up to leafo


I just created this page, I don't mind if someone wants to help host with weekly themes. I had plans to even add this as a feature of streak club, where each week the theme is revealed. If people are interested in arranging that I'd be glad to set something up.

re: weekly beats themes, I think they were adhoc done on the forums. I know I never followed a theme for any of mine. I think that's cool too, if someone wants to make a theme thread here.

Yeah, I never really followed the themes in the past on the Weekly Beats forums, I was just thinking it might be fun to add an additional challenge to my personal productions this time around though. Maybe we skip the first week and come up with a theme for next week? Feel free to throw out suggestions on this thread and then either leafo decides what the theme will be or maybe we vote on the theme for the following week?
A couple ideas that pop up immediately in my mind would be either "winter/cold" or "resolutions". Any thoughts on either of those suggestions?

I like winter/ cold. Maybe we could come up with 12 and do one per month. My suggestion for July is "Wacky, wiley, wikileaks, willys". Whooo say that three times fast. Hmmm I think I have a new song idea.

as we are in winter having the coldest day in years - i am in - already done

Why July? Just curious.

I picked July at random.

Okay, I thought maybe there was some significance that I was missing. Haha. Cool.

ooops - i was wrong - i totally overread the july theme .... sorry for my reply ....

I'm hoping to start on my week #2 entry tonight and I'll be going with the cold/winter theme that I neglected last week.
Anyway, anybody else have any theme ideas that they'd like to throw out there? Let's hear 'em! :)

I would love a fusion week where we pick two completely unrelated genres and compete to create the greatest bastard of a song.

That would be awesome. Love that idea!

I agree this would be fun.

So seeing how Thursday is May the Fourth, I'm doing with a Star Wars theme for this week's production. I invite anyone else who is interested to jump onboard. Maybe we could put together a little compilation or something? Let me k now what you all think.