A track I have created using TR-909, piano, soul vocals and strings - everything lofi house needs!

This was heavily inspired by video game music and stuff by guys like FLOOR BABA and Nelward. Hope you guys enjoy!

Edit: Re-uploaded as an mp3.

This week I have decided to create ambient track.

Again, I limited myself with using only piano. With it I have created rhythm, melodies, pads and much more.


This week I wanted to hear something dubby and bass-heavy, with two bass lines going, and this is the result. Tracks: Drum Rack of a trap set played with brushes, with Auto-Filter for tone-shaping. Also a Drum Rack of hand drum hits, Impulse instrument of hand claps, and a 909 kick, all of them going through Auto-Filter to varying degrees as well.

Keys: Electric piano (MKI2 Crunchy) through LFO Auto-Filter for a wah effect, and Operator (Funky Organ).

Bass: two channels of 80s Epiphone P-J (P-pickup only) straight into the board. One channel got 50% of a Cabinet plugin, and the other got Auto-Filter (high-pass with drive) and compression to tame some variance.

Sends: convolution reverb, and a channel of LFO band-pass Auto-Filter into Simple Delay into Filter Delay. The percussion got automation to go to the delay channel at different times, while that was nearly constant for the electric piano. All MIDI instruments got M4L Humanizer, and everything except the trap set and primary bass got Auto-Pan. The master channel got Full-Chain Master for compression/limiting.

Title from the dub feel and ride cymbal.

here's what I've worked on this week. i've been assembling this track at a faster than normal rate for myself, so it looks like weekly beats motivation is working! 💪

the most notable part of this track is the key change from Am to Dm. i think it works? because they're closely related keys, and the D minor pentatonic arps help tie them together, but i'm not sure yet if it makes the track stand out in a good or bad way.

on my to do list for this weekend is to write down my progress since late 2016 in my producer's journal, and see what i can make of my output so far & what i still have to work on. please dont hesitate to give me suggestions for this track, if you have any.

by the way, this track is not mixed at all. i slapped a limiter on a couple bus channels and the master to keep things at a good volume. it definitely is overloaded in the 1khz range, making the piano stab wash out during the more crowded sections. i have to filter some of the other elements out of the way to make space for that.

the frog queens drunk army is passing through town today

Hey everyone - got my timelines mixed up, so my week 1 is a little late.

Just a simple beat I put together tonight using a sample from an old soul record I had sitting around. Chopped up the sample, added some drums/bass, and the threw a little synth solo in the middle for fun, didn't bother too much on the mixing/mastering end for this one.

Feeling meh on this submission in general, here's to a better one next week!

generated with kastle - recorded not edited - effects: chorus, reverb - live version 8.2

Kind of dark ambient this time around. ~2hrs in Live with this track. ambient drone is a loop from a prior song pitch shifted for fun.

Was going for as quick as possible song from jam to arrangement really. Didn't have a real musical idea in mind as I made this. What needs work on this track: transitions, more variation in beat, energy build up is kind of stale...

I'm looking for feedback/ideas for good transitions and energy building techniques that would work well with the ideas in this track. Also I suck at programming drum beats, so any feedback there would be great! Thanks!

It's been a cold and frosty start to the new year round these parts

i hope WIPs are ok because i'm going to be posting them a lot this year. i started this last night and i'm extremely surprised i got this far in 1 day, i hope to eventually get this track to a point where i can release it, it will probably be 5-6 minutes long

PS: wow!!! there are a lot of people in this streak compared to last year's. i'm really excited to share music with you all, let's have a lot of fun this year~

This is my first complete piece of the year after coming straigh from Weekly Beats 2016. Since I stumbled with this site with a short notice, I took an unfinished project from 2015 and reworked it into some kind of glitchy intro of sorts.

Tools of the trade: Ableton Live 9.7 and Max for Live. Broken beats built using samples from the Teenage Engineering PO12 mini drum machine. Just four tracks and two sends, with lots of automation. Quite simple arrangement with some rhythmic tricks to disguise my really simple melodies.

I don't know if I'd manage to do another year worth of songs, but I'll do my best. So far, I'm impressed with the talent of the people around Streak Club.

Have a great week, wherever you are!

My first completed song for any project on my new computer. I'm still getting use to using Logic, but overall I'm finding it a great DAW. I was using Acid Pro 4 on PC for most of my music career, so it's taking some time to get adjusted to the new operating system as well as the new DAW.

For my first entry I ended up not really following the theme that I threw out there (winter/cold), but rather went with familiar ground, that being gritty beats and saxophone. I haven't played my sax in the past three weeks due to a bad cold/sinus infection, so it felt good to be back playing again (even if it wasn't my best performance).

This song was made using the following:
- DM1 - The Drum Machine
- Various Logic Pro VSTs
- Drone Thing
- Alto Saxophone

Next week I'll incorporate the theme somehow into my beat. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy.

This week I've tried my hand at some Nujabes style instrumental hip-hop production. Completely new territory for me and was an absolute ton of fun.

The main piano sample is this piece by Nikolai Kapustin. There were a bunch of other orchestral samples, but I don't really see the point in listing those off too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8UDy-8CBfc

I challenged myself to use a whole tone scale completely for this track. I really struggled to find a "home tone", but I think its' there.

I wanted to go in a different direction this week, and picked up the bağlama-tuned Heit Deluxe (like this one, but not as clean and in a red-burst), and came up with the main riff. I recorded that to the shaker, and ended up with about three minutes. During the week, I added percussion (tambourines, hand drums), hand-claps (MIDI), and a trap-set kick drum in an effects rack with two parallel high-pass filters--one to accentuate the beater, and one to accentuate the resonance of the shell. I also recorded a number of other guitar lines to respond to the initial one, and to extend its length a bit, editing them into a structure.

Tuning: GgDDAa, played with fingers. Each guitar channel got different degrees of Auto-Filter, one of them bandpass, two high-pass, with different degrees of drive. I also used a bit of filtering/drive on the hand claps and hand drums. Rather than auto-panning most things, I left most things statically panned, and just auto-panned hand claps and some percussion in time with the track, to set up a call-and-response effect. I did add a bit of delay on the claps, but most atmosphere is from two convolution reverbs (one small space, one larger)--my idea was to keep it as much like a field recording as I could.

The master channel got Full-Chain Master for compression/limiting.

Title comes from the history of the bağlama--since it comes from the saz used by the Azerbaijani Ashiqs, whose name is related to the Avestan root iš-, which means "to seek" or "to search."

I spent a while working up a great chord progression and vocoded vocal this week but didn't get around to finishing it so I'm officially calling an old WIP finished instead.

I went for a cinematic vibe on this track. While you listen, imagine walking down a city street late on a rainy night. Your mind starts to transform the scene around you out of the mundane into something epic. You get lost in the fantasy like a vivid dream, watching it unfold, until your awareness abruptly returns to the ordinary street with just a little bit more wonder...

I'm using more orchestral (string) samples in my tracks. The hard leads in this were created with Synplant which is a whole lot of fun for more organic synthesis. Convention would have insisted I force a second verse and drop into the track but it felt more natural for it to get in and get out quickly.

3 hour KRNE Beat MASTER 3.wav37mb

This week I finished another old project, from my early days as an Ableton user. I've struggled for a long time to finish this one, but suddenly I opened the project and it clicked.

It's a really simple and shamefull/shameless ;) exercise of pure 90's style sampling. And for you interested: It's the awesome Teena Marie performing 1980's "I need your lovin'"... Please do yourself a favour and listen to the original version.

So my humble contribution is basically a guy tweaking filters and trying to steal some funk. Total respect and devotion to the masters who gave us 70's disco and rhythm and blues.

I hope you enjoy it. Have a great week, everybody!

Experimented with vocals and they are slightly out of tune. Could have better arrangement, but I didn't had any time, so that's it.

So I really did try to follow the winter/cold theme this time around, but as I was working on this song, found it pulling me in another direction. And once I found the perfect sample to find into the beat, it was over. Guess I'll try for it again next week.
Eventually I may re-record the sax parts, but all in all I'm pretty happy with this one.

The recording of this this track was pretty much the same as the last, just went for less noisy and aggressive this time around.
Here's what I used to make this song:

DM1 (Drum Machine)
Logic VSTs (various)
Alto Sax

Can anybody guess which film the spoken word sample is from?

This sketch is less involved than last week's. I was really feeling this one until I had to lay down the bassline, then it started to feel like smashing my head against the wall. Very quick (5min) mix, this track deserves better and it has some good ideas but I don't have the time to fix it up right now.

This one took a lot longer than last week's.

*hours pass*

I've reuploaded this like 4 times now because I keep changing it because I keep hating it help how do I stop

rework of a piece i did to a slide show by vienna based photographer W. Salomon -who explores abandoned islands of venezia - added some fieldrecordings i made during a trainride