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Sorry for "cheating" three weeks in a row by uploading One Hour Compo songs. I've had some busy weekends (seminars, traveling) and haven't really devoted a lot of Me time to music lately.

The theme was a creepy, misty forest ( so I decided to create something that resembled a creepy 80s synthesizer movie soundtrack. In this song, I used the Alesis Andromeda A6 and the Nord Rack 2x for all of the sounds (I didn't have my Analog 4 in the same room at the time, too bad!), along with effects from VSTs (Eventide Quadravox, Valhalla Shimmer, SoundToys EchoBoy, SoundToys Devil-Loc Deluxe, SoundToys Radiator, iZotope Neutron 2) on individual tracks, and iZotope Ozone Elements 8 on the master track.

Next week, I think I will dig deeper with musical expression.

Hi, I'm back. After not doing weeklies for many many weeks, I need to at least work on some projects to improve.

Composition cleaned up from the one posted at One Hour Compo.

Someone help describe the genre for this, I guess it's kind of like Glitch Chip stuff but I'm not really sure yet.

I created this with a bunch of synthesizers (Nord Lead 2x, Meeblip Triode, Roland SH-01a), Maschine for drums, software effects (mostly SoundToys and Neutron), and recorded/mixed in Logic Studio X.

15:50 - 17:50. I can't even begin to say how long I spent making this because I've had so many interruptions. I think I got set up, then got interrupted for 10 minutes, then I had to go downstairs to watch food and then I was back up, then I had to go back down again and it kept on happening, so I suspect that I've spent under an hour actually making the song and recording it.

Total time: Who knows

Sunday, Dec 10, 15:50.

Bill, a local musician, suggested that I run my guitar through the modular to see what comes out. I don't know if a lot will, because I don't have a ton of audio effects in my modular but who know?

Also, I decided to update software on my main computer for music thinking it would take only a few minutes. I was wrong. Almost an hour later I still haven't started my music, so I moved some of my gear and went to my laptop, so now I have a random assortment of instruments to use: a guitar, my modular, and the Meeblip Triode.

The irony is that as soon as I started typing this up, the installation ended up completing. Screw it, I'm settled in, I'm going to start.

Technical notes:

- Computer with two MIDI channels: one is going into the Meeblip, which is playing the bassline.

- The other MIDI channel is playing the drums and the drone simultaneously. The guitar triggers also a midrange synth that you can barely hear.

- Guitar playing the lead.

The weirdness of this song is more of a consequence of its construction (like it's dumb that I used a single MIDI channel to control both my drums and my pads) than anything else.

I wanted to make a generative patch on the modular so I could set it up and let it play while kids answer the door.

What I realized pretty quickly is that I don't have enough modulation options in my modular to quite get the effect I wanted. I still hope that the result is sufficiently spooky or haunting without annoying the hell out of us at home.

Sun, Oct 29.

I'd like to make a generative Halloween patch so I can play it when kids end up ringing the doorbell.

Sunday, Sept 10.

Learning objectives:

- Improve rhythm guitar timing and tuning

- Use synth chords

- Use synth lead countermelody contrasting with guitar

13:00 - 13:20: Noodling and exploration. In 20 minutes, I laid down initial stab chords, a beat, and some bass.

16:50 - 18:55: I resumed this. It's…. really dancey-like. I think I spent a little longer than average on production, but still not that long. Older versions had bad timbre + level matching between the guitar and synth leads so I fixed that up a bit. The song itself is really really simple and predictable, so if I wanted to work on this it would actually need to be on the composition to draw interest. I didn't actually add a whole lot of rhytm guitar to this.

Total time: 2h 25m


- Guitar

- Nord Lead 2x

- Future Retro 777

- My modular synth

- MASCHINE 2 (for drums)

Various software effects

The world is filled with bright lights. Heaven sees them too.

Sunday, July 30. 17:20 - 19:00.

Feeling tired today, so I want to explore a few simple chord progressions and lay down a basic synthpop song. I kind of wanted to try to combine rock/synth a little in this song.

The timing needed work, I ran out of time to work on this.

Total time: 1h 40m.