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you know what to do

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Mostly playing with cascading reverbs, delays and pitch shifts in this generative ambient track.

So another ambient track, but in a minimal vein this time. I thought about doing a generative patch, but this was a simple tune that just sort of came together really quickly. Sketched it Live using built in instruments and then used outboard gear to print it to loops/scenes. I am really digging Roland's SE-02. It was used for all sounds in this track. Printing the poly sounds was a PIA, but worth it.

A short ambient track.

Simple downtempo loop that turned into a full track. I should pull out ableton Push more often.

Continue to be short on time, so this is just a short ambient thing.

Part of a soundtrack for a horror genre exploration game.

Love this chord progression. Need to develop it more of course.

samples from a reddit sample pack competition:

sounds kinda artifacty, but it's past my bedtime


computer's malfunctioning, so here's a direct-from-keyboard recording instead.

based on the chords of the nine inch nails song. nice and easy so i don't wake up my roommate with the thunking sound of the keys.

i'll do a full cover once i learn how to sing.


i'm baaaak


actually a sketch using Vocaloid voices

sunday afternoon.mp31mb
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