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The guitar-only approach is still speaking to me. For this one, I'd started with a sparse intro, and responded to it intuitively. There's a lot of space in it, a number of pauses...but emotion as well.

Guitar: PureSalem Mendiola, three tracks (bridge, neck, both). Convolution reverb. The usual Wide&Warm audio effect rack preset.

The title comes from a chain of association starting with the formation of the Delian League in 478 BCE. Delos is an historical site, and according to wikipedia, this is the name of the harbo(u)r.


A submission for Weekly Music 2019 50

Lots going on this week, including patching for an upcoming show. But here's a track, built up in response to a vague sense of syncopated rhythm. Drums: Ableton's Brush Rack, Acoustified, 20, Impulse of handclacps. Keys: Ableton's Electric (MkI2 Crunchy), Simpler Grand Piano, and bass.

Title from the symbol for this week's element, Nobelium.