Submissions from 2015-02-11 to 2015-02-12 (11 total)

I didn't do much, just spent an hour doing some code cleanup. The code has gotten pretty hairy with a lot of code debt. I'm currently trying to break up the giant object list stored in my monolithic Game class into separate Scene classes that maintain their own objects. It touches on a ton of places in the code, which shows me more refactoring I'll need to do. Not a lot of thought into some of how this is built.


  • Fixed collision detection (No more getting stuck in walls or stopping in single wide corridors)
  • Saving settings for Time, Stock, Music Volume and Raycasting Scale

managed to chop down half of the things i wanted to fix in my rpgmaker game so far! so this is whats left. that second to last one is killing me because it seems like it should be so easy, but ya boys a shameful programmer

Friends birthday so I made her a game.

So this is my sad attempt at drawing aliens with big mouths haha, they have holes in them!^^ I think they're cute though, so.. success?

Today I fixed some bugs and decided to take a little break from improving AI for a moment. Instead, I started to add additional functionality like a possibility for a random event (like earthquake or something like that) to occur after every day and food cost for population (people now consume food, so you have to gather it more). Tomorrow I'm hoping to create basic research system where you buy researches from a research tree using RPs (research points) and they will give you various bonuses. :)

Yesterday's update can be found here.
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It's a giant slime! What does it do!? What are those hands for!? Nothing, for now! I didn't have time to implement any features or animation today, so will have to settle for a boring still image of an unfinished boss enemy.

I'll keep trying on this tomorrow...

As the title says, a lot of different stuff today. I'll just make a list of new features for an easy overview.

- JSON based cuboids creating (see pic below)

- New blocks: dirt and grass

- New textures for stone bricks and rock (no 4 shades of green anymore)

- Support for multi-textured blocks (different textures for sides, top and bottom)

- Thanks to the JSON cuboids, easy cuboid creation

- Fixed an annoying texture bug which caused the textures to shift by .5 meters

- Fixed collision when jumping (it was previously possible to jump into the ceiling)