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I got sick again. I also have a lot of work to do in the next couple days/weeks, not sure yet, but there will be little new content in that time. I did something today, but not really programming. Have I ever mentioned I love JSONs?

Not much today. All I did was changing the level format. Now each level uses a json object and a png image. I also did some testing with optimization, but it didn't really work. And I fixed some of the enemy's bugs. All I have to do with him right now is jumping, which isn't actually necessary, but I'd like to have it, and some basic AI (follow and kill). Then I'll work on enemy jsons.

As the title says, a lot of different stuff today. I'll just make a list of new features for an easy overview.

- JSON based cuboids creating (see pic below)

- New blocks: dirt and grass

- New textures for stone bricks and rock (no 4 shades of green anymore)

- Support for multi-textured blocks (different textures for sides, top and bottom)

- Thanks to the JSON cuboids, easy cuboid creation

- Fixed an annoying texture bug which caused the textures to shift by .5 meters

- Fixed collision when jumping (it was previously possible to jump into the ceiling)