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Hello everyone. This is a goodbye message. I've been reading documentations and programming a bit for the last couple days, but I lack the knowledge to create a full 3d game. Right now I don't have enough time to code every day. I will continue to learn Java though and hopefully I'll return in the future and either start a different project or redevelop CONTINUUM ENGINE.

I've been reading a lot lately about different techniques used in game engines, including some optimization methods. I haven't realized earlier how complicated creating a 3d engine from scratch is. And I lack the experience and knowledge required for doing so. Therefore I'll either have to use a lot of external code, or I'll move to JMonkeyEngine if that doesn't work. But don't worry, I'll do what I can to finish CONTINUUM ENGINE (the game).

I fixed a bug. There isn't much else to say, because rendering still doesn't work. I'm pretty sure I'll have time to fix it tomorrow.

So I made something today. A couple lines of code and a little test of the engine. I also decided to release the title now. CONTINUUM ENGINE will be both the title of the engine and the game. There isn't much to see, especially because the draw() method is broken for some reason. I'll have a look at it tomorrow possibly. And now, All your base are belong to us

I got sick again. I also have a lot of work to do in the next couple days/weeks, not sure yet, but there will be little new content in that time. I did something today, but not really programming. Have I ever mentioned I love JSONs?

As I announced yesterday in the comment, Zoidberg came to the Dungeon. Not actually in game right now, but he will be. He'll be the weakest in-game enemy. I don't specialize in graphics, but I think he's not bad.


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Hello everyone, just a quick update now, gotta leave home in a couple minutes. I made an octopus. I think he turned out pretty good. What do you think about him?


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Sorry guys, but I'm really tired right now, so I decided to take a little break from coding. I made some textures today, I'll make some more texs and perhaps some sounds in the break.


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Again, no pics today, as I just began rewriting the engine. I'll make it easier to read, comment it and make it more versatile (support for 2d and 3d, not just 3D voxels). I already rewrote about half of the engine code and created some new code for static and physic objects. I'll also do better collision while rewriting. Once the engine is usable, I'll upload it to gitHub as an openSource Java LWJGL-based engine. I'll be updating the engine and improving it for the next couple months probably.

Only optimization today. And I just started working on my own version of frustum culling. Nothing more.

Something different today. Instead of the usual update on progress, I decided to talk about my plans for the future of Dungeon. I'll start from the top. I already have an idea for an actuall title, but I will use it once the story part of the game (yes, there will be a story) is finished, so probably somewhere around summer (but it may last much longer, as I work alone atm, I have big plans for the story and I will be skipping next grade, so I'll have a lot to catch up in school). Now for the mechanics of the game and the main idea behind it. It will be kind of a sandbox, with everything in it customizable and changable. But not quite in the way Minecraft works. The world is static, meaning the blocks in it can't be destroyed, nor can new be created in game (but it may change). All variables like gravitational acceleration, timescale, etc. will be customizable with the use of jsons. All blocks in the world can be created by the creator of the world. Every aspect of the block, except for the model (all blocks will use a 1x1x1 model) can be defined by the creator. Entities will work about the same. Creator of the entity will be able to define all it's parameters, including size, speed, texture, etc. Pretty much everything in the game will work like that. But because I don't want this to be simply an engine for easy game creation, I will include a lot of made-by-pi content. I think I said everything worth saying. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

Not much today. All I did was changing the level format. Now each level uses a json object and a png image. I also did some testing with optimization, but it didn't really work. And I fixed some of the enemy's bugs. All I have to do with him right now is jumping, which isn't actually necessary, but I'd like to have it, and some basic AI (follow and kill). Then I'll work on enemy jsons.

As the title says, a lot of different stuff today. I'll just make a list of new features for an easy overview.

- JSON based cuboids creating (see pic below)

- New blocks: dirt and grass

- New textures for stone bricks and rock (no 4 shades of green anymore)

- Support for multi-textured blocks (different textures for sides, top and bottom)

- Thanks to the JSON cuboids, easy cuboid creation

- Fixed an annoying texture bug which caused the textures to shift by .5 meters

- Fixed collision when jumping (it was previously possible to jump into the ceiling)

Hey, not much new today, just a couple more fps. 24 on a very resource intensive level (15 previously) :D If I ever manage to do 30 fps on that level on a slower pc (mine is mid/high end), I'll make something exclusive for all active participants of this streak.

I've tried some optimizitaion today and I got additional 10 fps on a very resource intensive level. I'll be trying different things in the near future. Cya

Hi, not dead yet. Though I'm sick, so I'd love to be. I think I found a way to optimize the cube rendering by a lot, so I'll do that as soon as I feel better.

Also, I think there is something in my code... Something hostile... And really, really stupid.

Hello everyone. Today I bring to you an overhauled level generating algorithm. Now levels can be generated of more than 1 layer of blocks. There can be theoretically infinitely many, but it wouldn't bring much. The pic shows the 4 pillar arena with 3 layers. All pillars have a "roof", as well as the Hill thing in the middle.

Hey, sorry for not uploading anything in the past 4 days. But now I'm back. In the last couple days I've made new levels, optimized a lot and added a hidden secret feature, which is currently disabled, but will be enabled soon. I also submitted the current version to MiniLD #52. Have a look and have fun:

After 9 days in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait.

Hello everyone, as I said, I won't have much time in the next couple days, so I made a new level. It kinda looks like a koth arena with 4 pillars, doesn't it? I wonder why there are 4 pillars...

Today, I've finally implemented gravity, jumping and collision with floor. And I think I fixed some of the enemys bugs. Not sure. Still can't get him to render properly. Gravitational acceleration seems to correspond to the earthly 9.83 m/s^2. I haven't been trying to make it realistic and I might make gravity more Quake-like. No pic today, as it is hard to capture acceleration on a still image.

Sadly I do not have much time today, so I just made new textures, which I would've made anyway. I'll do something bigger tomorrow. And for the next two weeks I won't have much time for programming, so I'll probably just make new levels and textures

Initialy I didn't plan to make a 3D game, but here I am, developing a 3D voxel based game (not a Minecraft clone though). Currently I plan to make it a fully customizable dungeon crawler. I already implemented generating a 3D level from a single png file. Collision works more or less, but there might be some bugs. I already started working on an enemy, but it doesn't work properly yet (AI/rendering doesn't work properly, not sure which one). Including a pic of latest version - 0.3. I'll upload the game once it's a game, not just a voxel engine.

This is also my first ever 3D game and I'm still learning lwjgl. Graphics made in paint.NET.