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I didn't do much, just spent an hour doing some code cleanup. The code has gotten pretty hairy with a lot of code debt. I'm currently trying to break up the giant object list stored in my monolithic Game class into separate Scene classes that maintain their own objects. It touches on a ton of places in the code, which shows me more refactoring I'll need to do. Not a lot of thought into some of how this is built.

A submission for Make games. 7

Kind of a slow day today. All I did was some very minor code cleanup and a few small bugs really. Most significant is storing the cutscene in the map file rather than in the mainloop, so that when I change maps it plays the appropriate cutscene. I had hoped to build out the conversation system (moving from a very precise micro-managed cutscene script to a more reactive conversation system as I mentioned in a previous update) but I didn't get around to it today. Still, the streak continues, which makes me happy.

Staying familiar with the code is one of the most important things to do I think, even when progress is slow.

Tomorrow, super bowl, but I might do some light coding during the slow parts.