Submissions from 2018-01-11 to 2018-01-12 (24 total)

just a lil portrait sketch of my crush as an rpg character x)


Not feeling well the last couple days & I fell behind on daily art/dev posts, Catching up tomorrow. So I wanted to show off some work I did for Mutant Studios next game. 3 colors/character 32 colors max at once, palette swaps for players/level.


A submission for Daily Art

STILL SICK- but feeling much better and I'll probably be 75% better by tomorrow.

Started working on a design for a maker coin for an upcoming class I'll be teaching at a local maker space. Maker coins are small 3D prints that are used to test different types of filaments. They're like little paint swatches and are good for organizing filaments.

Also I sketched a nasty little pig b/c I've been in a bad mood all afternoon.


A submission for Daily Art

Btw, all the art for this commission is in grayscale, which is new, so awesome! I expiremented with some different clothing detail types, and it looks a lot better imo.

experimenting with nes pallette/resolution

I tried to sit down and finally learn the basics of modeling in Blender to help deal with my burnout, and I did a reasonable job of it. I built this model of Apparition today and intend to build more models for reference and to dust off my old modeling knowledge from back in like 2008 or so when I was first using Maya. I also finally got my little Huion tablet delivered-- it is... strange. I haven't used a pen tablet like this since I was a little boy. It is taking some getting used to, but I will be needing this for when my main computer acts up. At least until I can replace my Surface with commission work or something.

I fell into the "playing with brushes" tar pit in Krita. So here is a random doodle and a smudged cave-like thingy.