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I've moved into a coworking space for my work needs! Onward...

Not much work done today, moving my equipment to a local coworking space. Onward...

Most of today's work was done on paper, but here are some digital scraps from today. Onward...

I recently picked up one of those seamless fleshy posable dolls -- I'm impressed with the musculature and articulation of this thing, but annoyed that the heads come separately. The legs are also a tad long, but being able to make this thing mimic the pose I'm drawing, then rotate it is a godsend. I can't afford to get the second one I want yet, but these things are going to do wonders for my studies, illustrations and animations!

I've been spending the last few days rebuilding my Wordpress with a combination of posts from my Tumblr and from my Portfolio. I could have just as easily imported my Tumblr archive, but I figure if I'm taking the time to rebuild my Wordpress, I might as well make sure everything is nicely up to date and edited properly.
I've also been testing a quick order form for when I do streams --

Today was a bit panicked because of the Tumblr Link Purge. If the link destruction remains, my major source of viewers for my streams are now going to be gone.

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Of course, I'll still be here, same streak time, same streak club! See ya tomorrow!

Was talking about Fighting Games with Penbee today. I like fighting games a lot, but I'm not great at them! Onward...

Using an ancient Bamboo Fun pad to jolt myself out of bad habits. Haven't used a tablet like this seriously in a very long time, so it is awkward.