Hullo. I do the draws. Mostly Poke-mans or other weird things. Sometimes I write.

Things that appeal to me: food, tea, vidja gaems, rainy days, draygons, cartoons and the animes, and fluffy kitties.

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uploading what i drew today and yesterday because i'm proud of it

we took a trip to portland so i drew, but was unable to upload

i picked an odd angle and i don't know if i want to keep working on it or trash it

A submission for Daily Art

i think the panel redraws are helping oddly enough

you'll never guess who i drew

ignore the shitty panel redraws below the halfway decent picture

A submission for Daily Art

what do hats even look like

a picture with some effort put into it

A submission for Daily Art

i almost didn't upload this for today because it looked so shitty, but smo told me i should

remember that was a show

planning out how her anatomy might work

i gave her dinosaur arms and i'm not sure how to feel about it

god, faces are complicated. and i don't wanna stare at johnny's face longer than i have to. i present to you the face of a man with murderous intent

woah i actually spent like 30-40 minutes on this one. it was not easy let me tell you

maybe i'll put a bit more effort into this sketch when i'm not so sleepy

i unintentionally made it look terrifying, but i kinda like it better that way

another panel redraw

this is pretty fun i'll probably do a few more

someone suggested a while back that i copy work from my favorite artist to pull myself out of an artblock. so, just a sketchy panel redraw that i'm too tired to put more effort into

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