Hullo. I do the draws. Mostly Poke-mans or other weird things. Sometimes I write.

Things that appeal to me: food, tea, vidja gaems, rainy days, draygons, cartoons and the animes, and fluffy kitties.

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haha i have such little patience for drawing today

big d

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today, we see moma struggle with remembering how to use an ink pen

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auuuuuuggggghhhh i'm done i don't even know what i'm trying to accomplish with this hairstyle

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i was frustrated with this picture yesterday, but looking at it again today, it's not so bad. on the other hand, the second picture is some sad attempt at drawing

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aha, i'm tired

i said i wanted to draw i character that would make me happy by just looking at them

i think i succeeded

frustrated with everything right now

i'm finally getting around to brushing up on my anatomy

i always work so hard on a picture when i draw a cute boy. coincidence? no not at all

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i hate when you spend too much time on a body so there's no fucking point in drawing clothes

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i tried a shading thing and it didn't

maybe one day i will have a pompadour so fierce

a little action figure we ordered back before christmas came in today and I love it!!! it's really good to use for proportions

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i'm tired ya'll

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throwing out design ideas for suitors for a dating sim game. i'll probably go with tweaked versions of these four

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