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i asked my brother to send me some pictures of himself so i can practice drawing. i started to feel like i overworked this picture but the brown background really adds some dimension to it. Spent maybe ~5-6 hours on this.

broke my streak but i didn't feel well enough yesterday to draw

drew in sketch book today. will upload later

incomplete lineart and sketch dumb. when i looked through some of my old artwork, it was horrendously bad. I have improved significantly over the years.

my cat was screaming while i did this

magical girl concept?

always a good day to practice

i always feel like i make the torso shorter than its supposed to be when i do these. its hard trying to train that out my brain

been a while since i've drawn a moderately chubby person. kinda weird since i look at one everyday (myself lol)

its getting warmer now, bleh

i need to uh....learn how to shade properly also i think i'm getting better at hands? baby steps.

trying to tackle this beast by breaking it down into shapes.

i'm so unconfident when it comes to drawing hands.

this is meh...

update : work went well! mostly did training today.

i start my new job tomorrow. sigh

watch me struggle to draw hands

i will come back and work on this. just kinda tired right now

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