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redrew 1st gym leader

can't believe thanksgiving is almost here

trying to break myself back in

trying to keep up

been more focused on writing for the past two days. scribbled this late

1440 total words written today

in the middle of coloring, i decided to name him jade. i also sketched out some other characters. tomorrow is november! gonna start writing then! wish me luck

whaaaat? it's the last day. fuck. well. wrote down some character notes. I'll end up doing some more prep tomorrow, but then it's off to the races. wish me luck (no one is reading this).

started inking this

jotted down notes. only a few more days now

recolored and redrew her.

getting down to the wire. jotted down some ideas today, but i've been spending more time away from it just to prevent burn out.

not much done today either, spent a lot of time resting because I don't feel so good. i'm thinking I may want to make some guidelines for character personalities eventually. I got like 4 days until November.

gesture drawings

didn't do a lot today, was very tired and exhausted. jotted down notes and other small things.

this is like version 4 on this map

no drawing today, kinda slipped away from me

did some more work on a story outline and worked out some technology details. One week left baby.

holy crap, i have completely forgotten what people looked like, i kept using this internal shorthand in my brain

not a super productive day today. I briefly considered changing up people's name to fit more with an overall theme, but i don't have the full motivation to do it right now.

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