Hi. I am draw. Some may call "artist". Some draws are good, others bad. Draws are hard. What is important is persevere. If you believe inspiration, follow for more nice quotes.


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A submission for Daily Art

an outfit i kept seeing in my head

maybe i’ll update this with some better drawings

A submission for Daily Art

what is facial hair on guys

A submission for Daily Art

the problem with drawing something good once is that it’s so difficult to do the same thing again

here’s a super cropped good face for today

i drew something that doesn’t look like shit praise the lord

also the design is turning out more how I intended in my mind

drawing a character for a short story

A submission for Daily Art

not bad but not okay

i used the wrong ink pen and paper to try this out on, oh well

trying to figure out my narrative

i watched part of this documentary called “shinjukuboys” about transmen or ‘onnabe’ in japan and it was interesting...

A submission for Daily Art

i redesigned her i think i’m headed in a better direction now

i liked what i drew at first but then i stared at it too long and now i hate it

hm...improving i guess

i’ve been slowly trying to train myself to draw using a minimal amount of lines on faces. trying to emulate that sort of like that eastern/anime style. its a little difficult considering how much I prefer realism

A submission for Daily Art

working on characters...

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