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i'm really bad at posting

i forgot i drew lmao

i drew like 3 different hair styles and outfits and now I can't decide

i got my 2nd covid shot yesterday and I was too out of it to really do anything. messed up my streak, but I'm back

had an idea to try some different colors. i think the blonde helps her eyes pop...

tweaked it a little

still trying to work out this design. growing on me kinda?

i got really caught up drawing faces...first pic is supposed to be a genderless/ambiguous person

i did this late and drew on the wrong layer, lmao.
trying to redraw some old characters from memory. sucks.

i'm strugglin

yoooo i'm back! i had to go through a move but now me and my cat are fully unpacked in our new place! I'm gonna start getting back into real drawing, but I have to knock the dust off my hand first

i have to brush up on my anatomy

hmm making progress

there's a lot of... life stuff...happening. found some time to draw today though

not quite finished

thumbnails on paper. will upload later

wooooah drawing

its gonna take me a few tries to get their designs the way i want

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