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"Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together." - Vincent Van Gogh

"Inches make champions." - Vince Lombardi

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Not much to see from looking at the image, but I got some track processing going on! In fact, the image might be deceptive since most of the work went into underlying game logic.

The code isn't the greatest, but it works: GitHub blob

My next step is to get some visuals up and running.

In personal news, I came across these two posts online. They've been extremely motivating!

I've been using on and off for the past few years, maybe this year I'll make it a habit!

(What follows is a summary of yesterday's progress.)

I'm working on a rhythm game inspired by learning swing dancing.

Design-wise, I was thinking it'd look like footwork diagrams or something. However, I'm still trying to get the "template" rhythm mechanics in place.

I found this guide on Reddit to be the most helpful re: implementation.

Here's as far as I got yesterday: GitHub

Not much to show yet. Soon though!

Displays all sprites in a spritesheet.

Next up is selecting sprites and placing sprites.

I began an new project, this time 3D with hex tiles.
Working on pathfinding right now, works ok, I guess


Hey, I'm new here, and this is my first submission. So, yay, I guess! Idk why I'm saying this none of this matters.

Aaaanyways, today I added a fake 3d effect to my game. Basically, how it works, is it stacks multiple sprites on top of each other with a slight offset, creating a neat 3D effect!

If you want to actually see how it works, here it is:

And it looks like this:

Next, I want to make a .vox file loader and then I want to make the models look solid. Then, I can work on my game!

Anyways, thanks for reading! This place looks cool!

I changed my steering implementation to not always snap the sprite's orientation to the velocity vector. This was causing issues where slight bumps (asteroids, lasers) were making the agents freak out. Instead, now the sprite is on a separate game object that can turn independently from the 'engine', and always tries to face the player. It's a little unnatural to see a rigid vessel like a spaceship having decoupled movement and 'vision', but I rationalize it as the invaders have developed advanced thrust-vectoring engines that let them essentially hover and turn on a time.

Oh, I also changed the orientation to landscape, which gives me quite a lot more screen real estate, which was sorely needed.

Added some more steering behaviors. The first one was a "path follow" which actually isn't so much a steering behavior, as a planner for the Seek behavior.

Next was "Cohesion" which is the opposite of Separation: it induces entities to stay together. This is added to the 3 red dudes in the following video. Notice how they 'try' to stay together, while the other main groups spread out.

Nothing new on the game front, but, after I wrapped up my Ludum Dare 41 entry a few weeks ago, I decided I should take some time and refine/refactor the handful of utility scripts that I find myself always reusing when I make games. Tonight's efforts revolved around refinements to a few of my 2D Projectile functions. There's nothing mind blowing here, but, if you find yourself doing the same thing more than once, you ought to make a reusable function for it

Trace Projectile - Given a projectile's initial position and rotation, create a list of Vector3 of points that trace out the projectile's trajectory -- Useful for rendering flight paths with a LineRenderer component.

Calculate Projectile Firing Solution - Calculates the firing angle needed for a projectile with the given speed to hit a target from the given firing position.

Line of Sight - Given an origin and target, determine if the target can be 'seen' by the origin

Started working on some basic steering behaviors for enemy AI:

I kinda already started this with the missile (seeking and obstacle avoidance), but they were totally coupled to the missile class. Tonight, I pulled them out into a generic architecture. In addition to updating Seek and Avoid, I added Separation, which keeps enemies separated.

Without separation:

With separation:

Unfortunately, the separation kinda overrides the avoidance, so they are quite prone to colliding with the asteroids. This is a known issue and limitation of steering behaviors. Usually it is solved with weights and/or priorities, but it always ends up requiring tedious balancing of parameters to get it to 'feel' right. I'll have to cross that bridge eventually.

First things first: Ever since I added the post-processing effects, my GIFs are wayy to big (10-15MBs) for sharing. Even cutting the FPS down to 10 doesn't help much. So I'm going with Streamable videos. I'm curious what other people think of this, or what their preferred formats are.

Moving to the actual work I accomplished today:

Added a nifty shield-hit effect:

Added some missiles!:

Didn't post for the last couple days, but I actually have been busy! I added some post processing effects that make the game look ... better? I hope. The lens distortion is probably over-done, but I think it fits well with the circular nature of the game.

I also added the basics of a combat system: shields block normal blasters, but ion-type weapons defeat shields:

After spending virtually every waking moment from Feb through the end of April on my (last) class for my Masters degree, I'm finally back to game development.

Actually, there was a little thing called Ludum Dare 41 in there too. Check out my game:

But now, I'm finally back to my own games. I'm going to put Space Roguelike in Space on hold for a bit while I actually finish a game. Why? Because I realized that I had bitten off a bit more than I could chew. I still think that I can technically create all the systems and components I need, but I don't know if I have the skills or inclination to make a compelling and balanced roguelike.

So without further adieu, I'm starting a new (but actually old) game!

Yea, okay, I worked on this exact concept about a year ago, but it was really hacked together, and I never really got out of (or even into) the prototype state. I went back to the codebase, and realized that (for a number of reasons) it's unusable, so I'm starting fresh. My goal is to release this game by 'the end of the summer', whatever that means. Wish me luck!

You know, I'd originally been only posting when working on my game, and I definitely fell off of that streak after showing it publicly last Friday. But I just started a contract on Weds doing gamedev for money--that should count shouldn't it??? I'm gonna go back and post retroactively there.

Getting a hold on someone else's code for this project I'll be working on has been gnarly, but I'm starting to see the light.

Programmin' on a game for $$. A whole new world!

I can't even enumerate it all here but the game is looking and playing WAY better. Stoked!!!! Maybe I'll even start posting screenshots here...

A submission for Daily Gamedev

Turns out I was really close to figuring out my issue with the new callable functions. I also confirmed there is not an easy way to test without deploying but the firebase team is working on it..

Also, I was able to complete 2 katas on

Got a ripple shader and an RGB displacement shader going today, and tackled a bunch of Game Maker issues along the way!

Having real difficulties debugging what should be a very simple shader. I've had trouble with shaders in Game Maker before, and now I'm having them again. It could be something fundamental in the shader set up I'm missing--I see posts about the "Use for 3d" box, but that doesn't seem to be present in GMS2. Something like that would correspond with the trouble I'm running into currently. Gonna give up and try again tomorrow.

Struggled tonight with the new callable functions. I need to figure out how to serve it locally because the deployed functions don't give much debugging help. Maybe I can give this a try next time:

...but I did a lot of brainstorming and away-from-computer game design.

It's always fun to put new art into a game. I had planned that I'd revamp the power that this art goes with once I got it in there, so I did the first pass at it. Definitely still a lot to be done for it, but it's feeling like an improvement already!

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