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"Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together." - Vincent Van Gogh

"Inches make champions." - Vince Lombardi

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I can't even enumerate it all here but the game is looking and playing WAY better. Stoked!!!! Maybe I'll even start posting screenshots here...

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Turns out I was really close to figuring out my issue with the new callable functions. I also confirmed there is not an easy way to test without deploying but the firebase team is working on it..

Also, I was able to complete 2 katas on

Got a ripple shader and an RGB displacement shader going today, and tackled a bunch of Game Maker issues along the way!

Having real difficulties debugging what should be a very simple shader. I've had trouble with shaders in Game Maker before, and now I'm having them again. It could be something fundamental in the shader set up I'm missing--I see posts about the "Use for 3d" box, but that doesn't seem to be present in GMS2. Something like that would correspond with the trouble I'm running into currently. Gonna give up and try again tomorrow.

Struggled tonight with the new callable functions. I need to figure out how to serve it locally because the deployed functions don't give much debugging help. Maybe I can give this a try next time:

...but I did a lot of brainstorming and away-from-computer game design.

It's always fun to put new art into a game. I had planned that I'd revamp the power that this art goes with once I got it in there, so I did the first pass at it. Definitely still a lot to be done for it, but it's feeling like an improvement already!

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I didn't directly work on my game but I did confirm that the new firebase https callable functions do not support local emulation. I hope this gets addressed soon because it means you have to deploy it before you can test it which will definitely see down development.

Also I watched JavaScript30 episodes 19 & 20.

My game will have a showing coming up, so I chatted with my team (just my artist, haha) about what to do for that.

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I added Vuex to my my VueJS app. Now to figure out how best to encapsulate the firebase SDK library from the rest of my code. If I can't figure it out easily, I'm just going do what is in this SO article.

Some weird ones showed up that don't make sense, but hey, I'm fixin' em.

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Two minor accomplishments:

  1. I was accepted into the Visual Code Live Share Preview so I was able to install the vscode extension and activate it. Hoping to schedule a "share" soon, only the host needs to be accepted to the preview.

  2. I was able to successfully deploy a test Firebase Callable HTTPS Function and call it from my web app. I think this will be a better option than embedding Node/Express inside Firebase Functions because the SDK handles a lot of the work.

Wednesday night basketball didn't leave me much time or energy for my side project. But I was able to upgrade my firebase functions project to the new v1.0 release and test that my two Rest APIs still work. Because my functions are pretty basic all I only had to update a few packages and change 1 line of code.

Now its time to try to stay awake to watch Project 19 of

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Spent tonight using CSS Grid and Flexbox to layout my component. Went better than using Vuetify's built in layout stuff (too much magic behind the scenes) but it took way longer than I would have liked. Shows that I need to focus my time on learning CSS. I've been wanting to go through this series on CSS Grid from Wes Bos, maybe should get started on it:

Also, Firebase Cloud Functions v1.0 released today, the new Callable HTTPS function appears similar to my rest api but easier. I'm going to have to check that out, it might speed development up on the server side.

Nothing to show yet, though o_O

The LÖVE bindings for Nuklear seem to work pretty well:

Didn't do any coding today, but talked a while with my artist about some new stuff to try. Did research on various kinds of gymnastics and dancers for inspiration for a movement-based power.

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Made another attempt at using the vuetify layout components. Got really close to getting the alignments I'm looking for but not all the way and it a lot harder than just using css grid and flexbox manually. I just need to let this go and do what I said last night: " I think I will use vuetify for the global layout and then do my own thing for the components."

On the plus side, I was able to figure out how to force 2 space indenting for all .vue files by putting this in your User Settings:

"[vue]": {
        "editor.detectIndentation": false,
        "editor.tabSize": 2

For some reason the files created by vue-cli used 2 spaces but any file I created would use 4.

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Tried to recreate my crude css grid layout with vuetify's grid system. I finally was able to get the general layout but it was a struggle. I think I will use vuetify for the global layout and then do my own thing for the components.

The icons ( that vuetify uses are pretty cool.

I spent several hours making a particle system work--I like the system, but it might not be useful for this game. A little frustrated at the "time waste" but mostly, actually, it was time well spent in learning and in, well, finding out that sort of FX that I wanted to try here wasn't what the game really wanted.

Played around with Vuetify and was able to bring some of my existing components into the project. So far I have a title-bar with a link in it that goes to the spelling list. Not worth a screenshot yet.

Balancing necessary but not as fun refactors and fixes with a few playful tweaks to physics, making one of the systems more complicated in a way that should be fun for expert players. Gamedev is fun :D

I'm also a game-focused composer, so I bought a new plug in and messed around with that for a while. I have a game music contract coming up, so I'm warming up as a part of that. As for my game itself, I drew some doodles for some new mechanics I'm gonna try soon.

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