Submissions from 2015-05-16 to 2015-05-17 (7 total)

I'm still obsessed with mybacklog and stuck with erik. Sorry to the people who miss my rpg work. But I'm nearing some form of end goal for my game manager, and once I hit that I won't be able to work on it anymore and it will force me back to the game :P

Today I fixed a few more bugs (it's amazing how many there still are) and revamped the gog api to work with their new better system. Rather than scraping html and doing regexes, I'm not able to query their server and parse json. Much easier. This means all of the gog games in my library finally got their proper titles - but I had to double check that nothing got screwed up in the process.

Humble is also working again. The changed package/bundle support had some issues there.

I've thought of a really simple method to handle syncing the game database. It's called dropbox :P Since the local information and the syncable game information are in separate files from the refactoring of the data I've been doing, it's as simple as configuring mybacklog to store the db in a shared location. I'll have to test out how well this works in practice, but it's a lot easier than coding some complicated method to handle syncing. With only a little bit of extra effort, I could even add a per-game config for where the save files are located, and have it copy those files to the dropbox folder when you click to stop playing a game. Boom. universal cloud saves. Minimal coding.

That leaves:

  • clunky game editing
  • hardcoded purchase location options (steam and gog are ok to hardcode since they use an api, but you should be able to record that you bought a game from wherever)

As the remaining features for MVP (minimum viable product.

What makes this project more fun than Erik: I have a clear understanding of what the MVP looks like. When I return to that in force I want to strip it down even more and figure out what that mvp should be.

Slight changes to walk cycle, plus some other new ones.

Working on additional characters and gameplay elements.

Still very tired so not much done today…

I tried to display something on the screen but failed. :|

I need to read the docs a bit more thoroughly.

So, I've written design notes for the past 2 days and worked on Twine 2 a bit.

Twine 2 is very nice, I hope it's stable enough now 'cause Twinescript is really nicer to work with.

I've nailed down 2 principles for my Twine game:


The more "turns" you spend in a place

The less choices you'll have somewhere else.

- As you play, you'll see same texts, with subtle/slight changes (same text will keep expanding as you make new choices). A growing menace will slowly take over... Your "Double".

I had a couple of gross bugs to fix in the tilemapper, so I took care of them. I also added the ability to remove placed tiles, so clearly it's ready to ship.

A submission for Make games. 112

Added collision logic when player overlaps item.